Big words! Spelling bee material. Perhaps too long. Whatever, daunting.

All three mean basically the same thing. Fear of friday the 13th. Today being that day.

Paraskeoidekaphobia your basic fear of friday the 13th. Greek derivation.

Triskaidekaphobia a bit more than a normal fear. The scientific name. Generally requires psychiatric attention. The symptoms persistent, irrational, and unwarranted.

Friggatriskaphobia another way of describing everyday fear of friday the 13th. Of Greek derivation, also.

Those who fear would rather spend the day in bed. The day being the most superstitious of the year. Those who suffer the malady view nothing but ill omens permeating the day.

Several reasons why friday the 13 so coniered. The two most popular causes involve Christ. Jesus died on a friday. Thirteen persons had dinner at the Last Supper the night before. Some fear the day because Judas was at the Last Supper.

So feared was friday the 13th that no weddings were performed on the day during the Middle Ages.

Today’s admonition: Don’t walk under a ladder and avoid a black cat walking in front of you.

Humberto still coming. Though not yet fast enough to officially have acquired the name. It will before it is done, however.

Presently a mix of rain and wind not sufficient for designation. Though it will move to a tropical storm today or tomorrow over the Bahamas.

A tropical storm can do damage. I have seen it occur here in Key West. Winds are between 39-73 mph accompanied by heavy rainfall.

Damage wrought nowhere as great as the category 5 which hit the Bahamas earlier in the week when winds reached as high as 200 mph.

Humberto will continue northwestward after passing the Bahamas. Key West safe. Humberto will hit landfall around West Palm Beach and continue northward along U.S. coastal lands. It could also avoid making landfall and run north in line with the U.S. seaboard. Surges could be a danger, however.

More coming. Three or four more storms already have left Africa. Too soon to determine if any will actually become a hurricane or hit U.S. lands.

The Democratic Debate last night.

The best of the three so far. Apparently those participating have to develop an experience factor.

If I had to select a winner, it would be Biden. Not fantastic. Did what he had to do however and it so doing looked good.

Julian Castro made an ass out of himself. He took on Biden. Not in a very professional manner. Tried to demean and embarrass him.

Biden handled the situation well. Following the debate, it was discovered Castro had his facts wrong.

He deserved to be embarrassed.

I admired Castro till last night. You just don’t beat up on someone. Especially Biden. He warrants respect.

The candidates have to stop beating up on each other. Beat up on Trump! Don’t give the Republicans fodder to throw at whoever will be the Democratic candidate.

Castro reminded me of Kamala Harris. She nailed Biden during the first debate. Harshly. Her numbers went up the next day. Down soon after. People do not like icons defecated upon.

I thought Corey Booker an excellent candidate. Especially if Warren ends up the Presidential candidate. A black male for Vice-President. Almost a sure bet.

I got totally turned off to him last night. It has been building in me. He is a sneak. He hits the opposition sweetly and many times nauseatingly.

He was riding on Castro’s shirt tales last night.

Three debates, three sets of moderators. All stunk. Performed their jobs poorly. They seek to play gotcha.

Ohhhhhhh tomorrow! Syracuse plays #1 Clemson. A 27.5 underdog.

After last week’s shellacking by Maryland, I doubt Syracuse has the capacity to beat Clemson. You either have it or don’t. That is the way it is.

I am irked with my ability to get the game on my TV sets at home.

Syracuse plays in the ACC. The ACC now has its own sports outlet channel. ACCN. One problem. Whoever you get your TV service from must be carrying ACCN.

Comcast my server. Comcast and the ACC apparently have not made a deal. Pisses me off no end!

I have been spending more time home evenings. Generally working on the Italian book. I have decided to give it a new turn about 1/3 the way through the book.

I am never going to finish at this rate. I am beginning to wonder if I want to.

Enjoy your day!



    • I am not a meteorologist. However I comment re hurricanes because they are a part of our life in Key West. Every year! About 3 days ago, I read that Humberto (when he becomes such) was on line to be a tropical storm going over Georgia and Albama. Since that time, I do not recall seeing Alabama mentioned any further.

  1. Not much to be said about the economy which has been on a roll since way back in the Obama years. The only cloud on the horizon is the trade turmoil and uncertainty created by our chaos President.

  2. The stock market is just another version of Vegas. Traders always talk of good “plays” and when you buy some they warn you that you could lose some or all of your money.

    • except that the Stock Market effects the economy and touches just about EVERYONE in America. Las Vegas is a fantasy, the Stock Market is reality.

  3. Castro beat up on Biden possibly as a favor to Elizabeth Warren. Warren and Biden are very friendly. Watch for Castro to possibly be Warren‘s running mate if she gets the nomination.

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