Good friend Don Teich e-mailed me re Alonzo’s. Remodeling. Expected to reopen mid-October under same ownership.

Don and his lovely spouse Chris are Syracuse area friends. Also Key West friends. They visit 3-4 times a year. I look forward to their next visit.

Humberto running around somewhat like Dorian did. Here, there and everywhere. Except Humbert no where near the explosive power of Dorian.

Humberto not yet a hurricane. Expected to become a category 1 today.

Humberto has missed the Bahamas. It is heading towards the U.S. mainland. Will run off shore for a while and then turn northeast out into the ocean.

The report so far. Never know. As I am prone to say, hurricanes are fickle. All over the place unexpectedly.

I am getting too old for these Syracuse games!

Clemson beat Syracuse 42-6 last night. Pure torture to watch!

The first 5 minutes looked like Syracuse was going to make a game out of it. No way. It was brutal.

DeVito requires more seasoning. A sophmore. Syracuse’s quarterback. Played a bit last year. No Eric Dungey, however. At least not at this time.

The offensive line sucks. DeVito was sacked 8 times. Unheard of!

DeVito is responsible for shortcomings also. He rarely drops into the pocket to pass. Instead runs back. Then nailed for a significant loss.

Syracuse’s rushing game left much to be desired. Gained 15 yards on 42 carries. Syracuse could not convert when it should have. Four trips to the red zone resulted in a mere 6 points. Two field goals.

A big game and big night for Syracuse. Third largest crowd in Syracuse history, 50,248. Even the Goodyear Blimp showed up. Unusual. Rarely makes it to the north country.

Sports can be surprising. A result not as expected. Last week, Maryland destroyed Syracuse about as bad as Clemson. Everyone thought a big year ahead for Maryland. Turns out it may not be so. Little Temple walloped Maryland yesterday.

The Border Patrol complains they are unpopular. No wonder! They are!

One commented yesterday that “people actively hate us.” They do Trump’s dirty work. What do they expect.

ICE is similarly disliked. For the same reason.

The Border Patrol and ICE are marching in the steps of Hitler’s Gestapo.

Trump should have left Iran well enough alone. They were performing per the Agreement. Trump had to play anti-Obama big shot however and break the Agreement. Note that the several other nations involved did not.

Trump now wants to talk with Iran. Negotiate. Iran is saying up yours! You started this. You wait till we’re ready, if we ever are.

Saudi Arabia got drone bombed last night. Half its oil fields were destroyed.

All nations have been quiet. Even as to whether it actually was Iran who did the bombing. Only Pompeo has spoken out. He is certain. He says it is Iran.

Gas prices may go up.

I have to laugh. Trump campaigned on “I know how to negotiate!” Iran may not even give him the chance. As the saying goes, you sleep in the bed you made.

The international word is that the U.S. and Israel might enter into a mutual defense treaty. Netanyahu is up for reelection next week. He apparently believes he needs another public relations shot.

Trump has over done with Israel. The U.S. has stood with Israel from day one. And always will. All the things Trump has done were not required. Just as a mutual defense treaty is not required. The U.S. would be immediately with Israel should Israel be attacked.

The talk re a mutual defense treaty is nothing more than a political ploy.

Eric Holder was a distinguished Attorney General under Barack Obama. I did not always agree with him. That is the way it is, however.

I totally disagreed with Holder following 2008. It became obvious the banks were responsible. They had committed all kinds of wrong. Even criminal wrong.

They should have been prosecuted.

Holder said no, banks are too big to prosecute, all kinds of economic upheavals could occur if banks were held criminally responsible.

And so except for some hefty fines, no bank has ever paid for its sins which led to 2008. Yet millions of Americans lost their homes, savings and jobs.

Holder was questioned in the past few days on a talk show. He was asked if Trump should be prosecuted after he leaves the Presidency. Holder said he “was against prosecuting Trump post Presidency.” It would not look good and the country would suffer from a Presidential prosecution.

I do not buy it!

No one is above the law. Everyone expected to comply. Even a President. Especially one that has been so flagrant with his wrongdoing. His very actions show disrespect for the Nation and its people.

We have prosecuted governors and prominent legislative leaders. Even judges. Why not a President?

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I’ll bet if Humberto does hit Alabama, ‘Sharpie’ will provide substantial relief funds immediately, even if ONLY Roy Moore’s house is destroyed

  2. I completely agree with you Lou, NO ONE should be above the law, especially a President. Eric Holder is wrong on this. I believe the American WOULD look good if they prosecuted Trump for having broken any Laws. In fact we would look BAD for not doing so. There are those that would say it would tear us apart, but could that be worse than the shame we would always feel for letting a corrupt politician get away with having done so, particularly one so flagrant?

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