That is the question yesterday, today and for many days to follow.

The title to Devon Corneal’s blog in Huffington Post says it best: The “…right to bear arms is not more important than a child’s right to grow up.” In the blog itself, Corneal stated  children are not “…shooting galleries.”

After yesterday’s events involving the Newtown school shooting, everything else seems unimportant. However, forward movement is required.

My TV/Internet show the Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. I got the attention of the ladies with my comments regarding Michigan’s proposed restrictions to a woman’s reproductive rights. The ladies were aroused!

Tonight, the Lighted Boat Parade! An annual Key West Christmas event. Boats decorated to the hilt with lighted Xmas decorations. Most having a Key West slant.

I could have watched the parade from the Pier House deck with lovelies Stephanie Kaple and Jean Thornton. I declined. Too cold and too late for me.

Tuesday morning my first blog talk radio show! I am excited! One half hour. Seven in the morning my time.

Disregard all previous instructions given. Tomorrow I will have a new and simpler set for you to listen and/or call in. Call in! If not, I am going to feel foolish not having any one to talk with on a talk show.

One of the topics will be the Newtown school disaster and Second Amendment gun rights.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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