Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released this date 1938. The first face and words were those of the Wicked Queen. She looked in the mirror and asked…..Who’s the fairest one of all?

I saw the movie sometime in the late 1930s. I was probably 4 or 5. At a neighborhood theater in Utica. The Rialto. With my cousins Phil and Louis. Both a couple of years older than me.

The Wicked Queen scared me.

Movies in those days ran two films back to back. The second film was Gunga Din. My cousins wanted to see the Snow White film again. So we did. In those days the films were run continuously and the theaters did not empty out between shows.

Last night began with Buonasera Venezia at the Bottlecap. A Sons and Daughters of Italy fundraiser. The group does a good job. The place filled inside and out.

Liz was with me. We got there a late. Everyone eating. No seats anywhere.

I can eat standing. Liz cannot. She had a bad hip operation and is waiting a second one. I who fall all the time have to hold on to her to make sure she does not fall. The blind leading the blind!

We did not stay.

I decided on Spencer’s. The Reach’s fancy restaurant. Had not been there in several years.

The food and ambiance excellent. The open porch sits on the water. Beautiful! Steaks outstanding! Service excellent!

Pricey. If a local, the 20 percent discount makes up for it.

Ran into Peter and Holly Diamond. They were finishing dinner when we arrived. Liz and the Diamonds old friends. Josefina stopped by to say hello. One of Liz’s regular girl friends.

Syracuse/Virginia at noon. Virginia ranked #9 nationally. Virginia a 6 point favorite.

I will miss the game. Steve Attis’ services today. Begin at noon at the funeral parlor with a New Orleans funeral parade to St. Mary Star of the Sea Church. Donald and I are going to march in the parade.

Trump continues to screw the American public. Maybe the world.

His desire to weaken Dodd-Frank will result in a boon to the banking industry. Dodd-Frank was passed to ensure the financial world’s wrongdoings which lead to 2008 would not happen again.

It will, if Trump is successful in getting rid of most of Dodd-Frank. The only one benefiting will be Trump’s friends, the banks.

As a society, we never learn. We always let the fox back into the hen house.

Even the famous and somewhat powerful delayed by Trump’s immigration/refugee executive order. A former Norwegian Prime Minister was delayed when arriving in Dulles for an hour. My apologies, his name escapes me. He was in the U.S. to attend the National Prayer Breakfast. He carried a diplomatic passport.

The passport noted he had been in Iran in 2014. The cause of his delay.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that change in male dress was occurring in Key West. Men wearing sport jackets. Locals included.

The proof in the pudding was a picture in this morning’s E-Blast. Paul Tuppino is a conch, icon and one of Key West’s leading business persons. He was at a KWFW function at the Casa Marina. Wearing a white sport jacket!

Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard sophomore on this date in 2004. He launched what is now Facebook that day. Active monthly users on Facebook average 1.7 billion.

Zuckerberg  in effect invented the safety pin and a better mouse trap at the same time.

My readers, a Louis compliment. The comment page can be difficult. Some days horrendous. Whether attacking me or someone else.

Today’s exchange unbelievable. Not one nasty comment. The issue at hand discussed intelligently and fairly. Thank you. I did not think it possible.

If it never happens again, I will still remember that one day when everyone was nice to each other and thought prevailed over discord.

Enjoy your day!


2 comments on “WHO’S THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL?

  1. Mr. Petrone,

    I shake my head when I think of the hard work, decades of struggle and sacrifice that go into making a nation safe from abuse by private and public interests. The Labor Movement, to which I have been involved for over four decades, endeavored to not only bring fair wages to the working class, but safety regulation, fair work practices and the like.
    Similarly, organizations over the decades provided advocacy for environmental protection, child labor enforcement and legal recourse for the underdog. For Trump to strip away all the hard work of the many who diligently and unselfishly toiled for the benefit of all is unconscionable. Trump pretends to advocate for the working class, based on his actions that is just not so. Trump is a member of the “Club”, the Magnates the Corporations and such that historically abuse for huge profits. Regulation and laws are designed to keep the honest more so and the violator to pay for crossing the line. Has middle America forgotten history, the many who made huge sacrifices to fight the good fight, Trump is above all that, sacrifice for others? I think not.Trump blows his horn about his duty to protect the public, I guess he only can see threat based on personal bias. Statistically the threat is more likely from within at the hands of those who will exploit and do damage for profit.

    • That is why Trump loves him some Putin. They are fellow Oligarchs and democracy is but a mere inconvenience.

      Amazing how they snookered half the voters though. That alt-news, made-up BS buys some minds when it paints a world that some people want to believe in despite reality. It shows $$$$ really can buy votes.

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