We all know Kyrsten Sinema is one of the U.S. Senators representing Arizona. A Democrat. Front page news re the social infrastructure. She and Joe Manchin birds of a feather in that regard.

Very few know the real Krysten Sinema. Today’s blog will hopefully expose the real Krysten Sinema.

She is her own person. Dances to her own tune. Definitely different from others.

Revealing a person is easy. Merely set personal beliefs and things accomplished. Outs a person’s true nature.

She voted against the $15 minimum wage. Strange for a person who grew up living in a gas station. She refuses to eliminate the filibuster.

The sense is she is trying to be a maverick. In the John McCain style.

She is against any tax increase on corporations and the wealthy,

There is a definite backlash developing against her in Arizona. Many Arizonians who voted for her are now sorry they did. They feel she does not care for them. She is lucky she does not have to run again till 2024.

Most of her fundraisers are at the behest of and sponsored by business lobbying groups.

New York Times opinion writer Maureen Dowd wrote about Sinema in a 10/2/21 piece. Titled: Sinema Stars In Her Own Film. An article from which I shall be picking.

Dowd begins the Opinion with comments about both Sinema and Joe Manchin: “We have gotten ourselves in a perverse situation where Sinema and Manchin rule the world.”

“As Hemingway wondered in The Snows of Kilimanjaro, what are those leopards doing at this altitude?”

“Democrats were incited at Sinema – again on Friday” when she flew back to Phoenix in the middle of nail biting negotiations on the scope of Biden’s social policy bill.” Sinema’s excuse was she had a doctor’s appointment concerning her ailing foot. She failed to note she also had a fundraiser in the evening at a fancy Phoenix resort.

Dowd adds insight to some of Sinema’s proclivities.

The woman is an athlete. Nicknamed the “Ironman Triathlete.”

Sinema openly describes herself as “bisexual.”

She claims no religion. She was sworn in as a Senator on the Constitution, not a Bible.

Dowd views Sinema as a Republican in Democratic clothing.

Sinema frequently is injured because of her athletic endeavors. Dowd describes her in those situations: She “limps through the Senate like a silent film star.” One top Democrat described her as ‘The Greta Garbo of Congress.”

Dowd writes Sinema is not shy about drawing the spotlight  “swathed in fur stoles, bedecked in pink, purple and mint colored wigs, bedazzled in glittering stilettos.”

It gets better.

On one occasion, she presided over the Senate in a pink sweater reading “Dangerous Creature.”

She put a picture of herself on Instagram following her “defiant thumbs down” over the $15 minimum wage, “sporting a hot pink newsboy cap, matching oversized glasses and a ring that exposed the statement ‘Kiss Off,’ but jn a more vulgar way.”

Sinema “dyes the front of her hair purple or whatever.”

Dowd reports Sinema grew up in a “gas station.”

Dowd raises the question whether Sinema is “simply being opportunistic?”

Dowd observes Sinema “fights for corporate power and lower taxes for the wealthy and getting more money for pharma,” but does not say it. Her actions reveal it, however.

In her closing paragraph, Dowd succinctly spells out what is at stake in the U.S. and implies Sinema does not understand: “Americans are hurting, and everything is on the line.”

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. In federal court on Thursday, Ivan Harrison Hunter, a member of the right-wing, anti-government Boogaloo Bois, admitted in federal court on Thursday, that he traveled from Texas to Minneapolis in May 2020 to participate in the Floyd protests. While there, he fired several rounds from his rifle at a Minneapolis police station while masquerading as a Black Lives Matter protester.

    Just one more example of this phony antifa problem, carried out by the right wing during the BLM protest era.

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