Brief mention was made this morning of the one and only drive-in theater ever in the Key West area. It was on Stock Island and opened January 1, 1953. Now long closed.

Brought to mind my experience with drive-ins. They were a part of my life for a number of years.

I began going to drive-ins when I got my driver’s license. Seventeen years old. Oh, the joy it brought!

One went not for the movie. Rather to neck.

Then there came the time one was married and with children. Difficult for young parents to go out. So we took the children along. Yes, to the drive-in. They were dressed in their pajamas when we left the house.

Following some soda and pop corn, they were ready to sleep. Parents came prepared. Pillows and blankets on the back seat. We put the kids to bed.

Mom and dad did not neck. We could do that at home. It was good to get out, however. We cuddled.

Cars were made for necking and cuddling in those days. The front seat was wide. Today’s front seat counsel was not part of the front seat.

Drive-ins are returning. Suddenly appearing across the country. The result of the COVID pandemic. Safe and secure. One article claimed correctly that drive-ins were “a safe way to escape from the realities of coronavirus.”

A bit of Key West.

On this day in 1953, Key West began a program to inoculate younger than 15 with gamma globulin to protect them from paralytic cancer.

Parents did not complain. They were happy to see their children protected.

How times have changed!

On this day in 1950, Tennessee Williams bought a house at the corner of Duncan and Leon Streets. The price $13,000. Today, somewhere in the area of $1 million. Subsequent owners have kept the property pristine pure.

The time was 71 years ago. Duncan was the last street in Key West in that area. Sprawling salt ponds in front. Williams said he bought the house because he always wanted to walk out his front door and see water.

No water to see today. Key West expanded that area. Blocks of homes now to the front of the Williams’ home.

Lisa lives 1 1/2 blocks from the William’s home on Duncan. When Williams bought his home, Lisa’s was part of the salt ponds.

Williams’ Duncan Street home was his residence for 34 years.

William Hackley’s entry for this day in 1856 contained what has been an ongoing complaint of his. The “new” sewing machine he bought several months earlier.

A “lemon.” He continues to have problems with it.

A week ago, he reported it was working ok. Today, on the bum again. The wheel is not working properly. He suspects the cotton might be too rough.

The Dairy Queen is one of the most popular places in Key West. It is located on United just below White Street.

Built in 1951. Still going strong 70 years later.

I used to go frequently when Robert and Ally were small. Now I go alone stopping in on a hot day for a small soft chocolate cone. I have to eat swiftly. Even in the cool of the air conditioned car, the ice cream melts rapidly.

Kenny Chesney performed in Key West last night at the Key West Theater. His live show simultaneously ran on Sirius XMO.

Chesney bought a lovely huge home on Caroline Street about 10 years ago. Did not stay long. Sold it after a short period of time. He was upset someone was checking his mail to see who was writing him, etc. The information then spread throughout Key West.

Chesney was inflamed at what he properly considered an invasion of his privacy and put the house up for sale.

Southern Florida is where stone crabs propagate and live. Their only residence world wide.

I love stone crabs! Consider them the finest of meals. If I were to be executed tomorrow and had my wish for a last meal, it would be stone crabs.

There is an annual Blessing of the Stone Crab Fleet. It is a southwest Florida tradition.

Takes place in Everglades City at the Rod and Gun Club.

The blessing is a tradition that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities. The purpose of the blessing to ensure a safe and bountiful season.

A festive family party day. Floral petals are strewn on docks along side the boats, a coconut guava cake contest, a frog jumping contest, food and live music.

Strange things happen. One occurred today.

I read Google News religiously every morning. One of the news items this morning was Trump had sued Twitter in a Florida federal court to compel Twitter to restart his account. He claims Twitter was “coerced” by members of Congress.

The facts are Trump was removed from Twitter in January based on Twitter’s belief Trump was “a risk of incitement to violence.”

The lawsuit has been referred by one person as a drunk shouting “let me back in the bar.”

Google News relied on two non-USA news sources. The Jerusalem Post and WION. The Jerusalem Post name speaks for itself. WION is India’s global news network.

Something was not right. Why didn’t Google reference any American sites? Were there any?

I checked. The usual American sources were all over the internet with the news. Strange that Google for whatever reason relied on The Jerusalem Post and WION.

Nothing wrong with it. A change, however. My curiosity is piqued. Why?

Arkansas Senator Krysten Sinema not a popular lady today. Not even in her home state Arizona.

Some interesting media comments re how she is viewed at the moment.

“She is the biggest radical in Congress.” “Corrupt.” “Scoundrel.” An obstructionist “sacrificing…..the future itself.” “Snake in the grass.”

Sinema and Joe Manchin have been heaped upon jointly. Joyce Behar of ABC’s The View: “They will be the ruination of this nation. Those two.” They “must be brought to task.” Democracy “is really on life support right now because of these two people.”

There are many dictators or wanna be dictators in power today. One is Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. He announced his retirement from politics yesterday. The Philippine Constitution bars a second term.

He refuses to run as Vice President in effect as Putin did several years ago when he was confronted with a similar problem.

One thing he is correct about: “The overwhelming sentiment of the Filipinos is that I am not qualified.”

Speculation is his daughter will run for President.

Duterte is definitely unpopular. The primary reason his 5 year program of killing extra-judicially suspects in the “war on drugs.”

People like Trump and DeSantis should be proud. COVID deaths have topped 700,000.

Syracuse/Florida football this afternoon at 3:30. Can’t wait! Syracuse a 4.5 point underdog.

Enjoy your day!

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    • Post all you like, even though there are times we do not agree. I have experienced the same problems you are having with your daughters and a granddaughter. I have told those who want to visit stay away. I will not see them. Most still came. From as far away as Washington State. I refuse to see them, go out, etc. At 86, I am too young to die. Perhaps you might feel better to know no one who should not have come got sick.

  3. You, Marcia and anybody else should do as you say. You can’t fix stupid and stupid doesn’t respect anyone but their selfish selves.

    They are going to do stupid stuff and don’t care what anybody else thinks as long as they can get away with it – or they die!

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