The day has arrived. It was inevitable. Whites now on the road to being treated as blacks have been for years. Blacks shot by police at routine traffic stops, police exercising over zealousness when entering the home where blacks reside, etc.

Recall last May and Rebekah Jones. She was employed by the State of Florida as a data scientist. Her responsibility was accumulating coronavirus data.

Governor DeSantis did not like her reports. They showed an increase in coronavirus cases. In effect, made the Governor look bad. He wanted her to fudge the numbers. He needed “better numbers.” Lower ones.

Rebekah refused. She stood her ground. In so doing, she spoke truth to power.

Rebekah was fired. She went public. A whistle blower in effect.

Since that time, she has started her own business keeping track of coronavirus cases. She works from her home.

Recently, the Florida State Police raided her home, drew their guns, and seized her computer.

Someone had been hacking the Florida Department of Health’s emergency alert system. The police were seeking evidence Rebekah was the culprit.

After coming through the front door, they asked if anyone else was in the home. She told them her husband and two children upstairs. One of the police officers drew his gun, went to the foot of the stairs and asked if anyone was on the second floor. Rebekah’s husband answered he and the children. They were told to come down which they immediately did.

By this time, the guns of all police officers were drawn. Pointing at the family, including the children.

The police took Rebekah’s computer. She claims she does all her communicating over the phone. They did not take her cell phone and router. Nor the computers of her husband and children.

The confrontation was a tense one. Ominous. Frightening. Not a family event.

The home had an ongoing video system inside. All that transpired is on film.

The similarity to black treatment over the years clear. A family in their home. Police with an order to get some computer equipment. The manner by which the police conducted themselves could have resulted in someone being shot. Perhaps killed.

Suppose one of the children coming down the stairs got frightened and tripped, or merely tripped, and fell into the father The officer near the steps with gun drawn might have thought the father had a gun or was a danger to the officer. The officer shot. Killing or maiming the father and children.

All over a home computer.

Police have been doing this for years and getting away with it where blacks are concerned. Most state laws are clear that if the officer believes he is in danger, he can shot without consequence.

Sort of a what is good for the goose is good for the gander situation has developed. If it can be done to blacks, why not whites also. Rebekah’s story could be the beginning of many similar ones.

Now for the best part. All this is on video. Rebekah’s home was wired.

Rebekah is concerned she may be arrested. Her attorney tells her the charges that could be levied carry 5 years in jail.

Rebekah does not have the kind of money required to  defend herself. She went to Go Daddy. Within 24 hours, she had raised in excess of $100,000.

Ivanka and Jared. One of America’s best known couples. They recently purchased property in Florida. It appears they will be living there.

The property is on what is known as Billionaire’s Bunker on Miami Island. The island sits on Indian Creek between Miami and Miami Beach.

They purchased only the lot. Cost, $31 million. And no house!

Shark fishing was a major Keys industry in 1930. Centered around the Big Pine area. The Hydenold Products Co. had a plant on Big Pine. On December 8, 1930 for example their 11 boats brought in 111 sharks averaging 300 pounds each. Big business.

Sharks had value. The skin was used for leather, the liver oil, and the fins soup. The Big Pine Key company mentioned did the processing. The sharks were skinned. The hides salted and sent north to the company’s home factory in New Jersey. There the skins were made into a tough leather called shagreen.

The shark industry no longer exists in the Keys. The value of Keys sharks today is in sports fishing.

Covid-19 is rampant nationally. The Keys are getting their share.

As of last friday, Monroe County has has had 3,604 new cases. Two thousand twenty were in Key West. More than half.

We have a problem. And many local businessmen don’t care. Their concern is money. Money over the health of their neighbors. The U.S. 1 blockade should be restored and all bars, restaurants and hotels closed for a certain period.

The virus must be killed! Other wise even if the vaccine is effective, the problem will remain with us.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I am deviating from Lou’s topic today. I apologize.

    As we blissfully go along with the media’s coronation of Joe Biden as the President-Elect, I wonder how many Americans realize how close we are to turning the general election, and the country, upside down. The state of Texas and 16 other states have brought a suit to the Supreme Court that asks for the Electoral College electors from four swing states to be disqualified. If that were to happen, the Electoral College would be unable to deliver the required 270 votes to either candidate when they vote in just a few days on Dec 14th.

    What would happen then? The Electoral College would be dismissed without naming a President-Elect. The process would be replaced by a “Contingent Election” in which the next President is elected by the House, and the VP elected by the Senate. Well, that’s not so bad, right? There are more Dems in the House than Repubs. But wait. Each state gets only one vote, no matter how many Representatives they have from each party. And there are more states with Republican Governors and legislators than Democrats. Are you following me here?

    Fortunately, the lawsuit brought by Texas and others is regarded by the experts as a “Hail Mary”, and is likely to be rejected by The high court. We should all hope so in order to avoid another judgement from the bench deciding who shall be President. I find that to be scary.

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