Trump continues exhibiting the propensity to surround himself with persons having questionable backgrounds. This time a Texas lawman under indictment for securities fraud, accused of bribery, and abuse of office.

The star this time Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The Lone Ranger he is not.

Paxton 72 hours ago brought a lawsuit against the four battleground states (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia) to have the election results in those states thrown out. The claim is that the pandemic caused the legislatures of those four states to make last minute changes that ignored federal electoral regulations. If Texas wins and the results of the four states are not valid, then the state  legislatures would decide who the electoral college voters should support.

The result would be Trump as the legislatures of the four states are Republican controlled.

The suit brings the theme of Star Trek to mind: Going where no federal court has gone before.

A wild lawsuit. Don’t think it is going anywhere. However, you never know.

Since the suit is one state against others, it goes directly to the Supreme Court for decision.

Eighteen states have asked permission to join in or filed amicus curiae briefs.

Now to Paxton’s background.

He was indicted 5 years ago for securities fraud and accused by aides of attempted bribery. The indictment is still pending. There have been multiple appeals and astute legal maneuvering to keep the case from reaching the trial stage.

Several former state employees filed a whistle blower lawsuit against Paxton They accused him of intervening in legal matters to help a friend. The friend a real estate investor who also made a $25,000 donation to Paxton’s 2018 campaign.

Early in the 2020 Presidential race, Paxton played a key role in Trump’s fight against expanding the use of mail in ballots.

Some believe this lawsuit is to place Paxton in a favorable position for pardon consideration.

Still with the Rebekah Jones home police invasion, a former Florida state employee has spoken out. He is Ron Flipkowski. He has resigned his position as counsel to the Sarasota County Republican Party. He is a Marine veteran, as well as a former state and federal prosecutor.

Flipkowski said the only justification for what occurred at the Jones home that he can conjure for the raid is to silence “people who are trying to tell the truth.”

In a writing, he wrote, “Even if facts alleged are true, I would still call her (Jones) a hero…..I also find Mr. Piccolo’s statement that the Governor was unaware not credible.”

The photo of the police in her home was tweeted by Jones and  already has had in excess of 300,00 viewers.

Rebekah is a woman who was stomped upon. She obviously is not taking what has happened to sitting down. She is not a DeSantis fan: “He sent the gestapo.”

Remember the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) in the first stimulus package. It has been reported that $4.3 million went to what are considered “hate groups.”

Examples include The New Century Foundation. The organization formerly ran a white supremacist website. The group for decades has maintained a position that U.S. immigration policy should be to keep America white.

The group received $51,600.

Another is the American Family Association. It opposes “homosexual agendas.” Received $1,399,000.

Trump’s constant attacks on the election, both before and after, has created/exposed a part of the Republican Party that advocates the bloody overthrow of the Biden election.

Facebook has serious problems. The U.S. government and State of New York want the company broken up claiming it violates the anti-rust law and constitutes an illegal monopoly.

Key West’s New Year’s Eve will not have the Drag Queen, Conch Shell and Pirate coming down at midnight nor any other time that evening. All part of the program to cut away at the 50,000 tourists that would normally attend.

An exciting day ahead. A doctor visit.

Enjoy your day!



      • Well qnon, I agree with you. I think we all need a break from this deranged fascist president and his constant anti democracy attempts to overthrow one of the most honest elections in our nations history. Time to stop this coup and restore decent government.

    • And despite the votes of an estimated 161 million Americans, the result of the 2020 election rests with just nine people; the justices of the Supreme Court.

      • Two of witch gained their seats by dubious means

        Sad isn’t it?

        This after what was by most accounts the cleanest election in recent history, recounted and certified by bipartisan legal election boards all over the country.

  1. Trump can’t get elected without cheating. A coup, is cheating. This is what America has become, a country without enforceable laws or regulations.

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