Your America, our America, is changing inch by inch. Several inches in a day sometime. The speed may not be as swift as coronavirus. However for a government, it is moving rapidly.

Two recent examples.

Sunday and today. A reflection of the politicization of the Supreme Court.

A lawsuit was brought to flip the Pennsylvania election results from Biden to Trump. The method simple. Petitioner’s argument involved the Constitutionality of mail in ballot voting. The State Supreme Court in effect ruled against the petitioner and in favor of Biden.

Note there were 2.6 million mail in ballots. Biden won the State by 80,000. If the mail in ballots are rejected, Trump would win the State.

Justice Alito got involved on the part of the Supreme Court. He initially gave the petitioner till December 9 to respond. September 9 is tomorrow.

Today September 8 is considered “safe harbor” day. The day a State certifies its voting results. It frees a State from further challenge.

Somebody was sitting on their ass on the petitioner’s side. No responsive papers had been filed.

Sunday Justice Alito changed the response time for petitioner to today. He amended his order re the September 9 date.

Supreme Court Justices rarely do such. They play by the rules. At least, most of the time.

If responsive papers are filed today, Biden could lose Pennsylvania. In the final analysis, it would make no difference. Biden without Pennsylvania still has enough Electoral College votes to win.

Justice Alito should have done nothing. By drawing the time back one day, he gave Trump’s people notice of the pending default. The message loud and clear. File your papers timely.

A month ago, I wrote re Justice Alito. I am not going to repeat his many negatives again. He is a far right conservative. Thinks he is more intelligent than others. Rarely votes with the liberal side of the Court.

He is in the mold of Justice Scalia. Both men great legal thinkers. Who from my perspective interpret the Constitution erroneously.

Going to be interesting to see what happens today.

The other change and without question a scary one, is what occurred at the home of Rebecca Jones.

The villain in this story is Florida Governor DeSantis.

Jones was a data scientist employed by Florida. Her responsibility was to keep track of Florida’s coronavirus cases. The numbers came up bad for Florida. DeSantis wanted them revised to reflect a lower number of cases

Jones refused and was fired for her refusal to give DeSantis “better numbers.”

Jones now runs Florida Covid Action. A dashboard for Florida Covid information.

DeSantis must have a hair up his ass. Recently, the Florida State Police conducted a raid at Jones’ home. They were there to seize all her computer equipment.

She was asked if anyone else was in the house. She said my husband and children upstairs.

The officers drew guns. In due course, the entire family was facing drawn guns.

Your America, my America. Would you believe? Both events. A reflection of the politicization of the Supreme Court and a politically motivated dope type raid on Jones’ home.

Rudy Giuliani has coronavirus. A patient at the Georgetown University Hospital. I believe in his fourth day.

No wonder he was infected. Running all over the country, neither social distancing nor wearing a mask.

He could be a “poster child” for defeating coronavirus if when he is discharged he starts wearing a mask and social distancing.

Legendary Chuck Yeager died yesterday. He was 97.

Perhaps the U.S.’s greatest pilot.

He was an Air Force test pilot.The first to break the sound barrier.  In October 1947.

Six years later, he flew at twice the speed of sound.

Yeager was disappointed he was not selected to be one of the first astronauts. Never the less, he assisted them in their training.

In World War II, he flew P-51’s. An ace, he shot down 12 German planes. He was involved in the Vietnam War. Flew 127 missions, this time as a bomber pilot.

Yeager retired from the Air Force in 1975 a Brigadier General.

The movie Sophie’s Choice opened this day 1962. A harsh movie. Heavy.

The time World War II. Sophie and her 2 children were in a railroad box car heading for a Nazi concentration camp.

When the train arrived and people were let from the box car, they first had to pass a German officer. With each person, he would point to the left or right. One way life and work as a laborer. The other death in a gas chamber.

The officer signaled both ways for Sophie’s children. One to live and one to die. He pointed specifically where each was to go.

She argued to save both. The officer finally told her it was her choice. Sophie’s choice. At that moment she had to decide which one would live and which one would die.

She made the selection.

A rotten despicable choice for any parent to be required to make.

The movie was tough to take. The book worse.

An interesting comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice. Read the wording closely: “I watched the City Commission discussion about how to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. By New Year’s all bars, restaurants and hotels will be shut. Airport closed and U.S. 1 blocked. Still will be too little, too late.”

Please watch my blog talk radio show this evening at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I’ll be hitting them hard tonight!

Enjoy your day!



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