There’s a relatively new lets get together “social” site. A “messaging” one. Called WhatsApp. Simple to use.

Generally directed at strangers who have similar interests as the one initiating the message. Like lets get together and kill some Jews tonight! Or, Palestinians!

Within hours, groups agree to meet at a designated place and time to wreak havoc. Most of the groups in the first instance unknown to each other.

An example occurred last week. An Israeli group placed a message on WhatsApp that 6 pm was the starting time for a clash. Time and where to meet, etc. spelled out.

This particular event involved a planned clash in Bat Yam. Bat Yam a community on the coast of Israel. The town has many long time Palestinian residents who have lived peacefully for years in the nation of Israel.

There was a theme to the message: “Together we organize and together react…..here we know how to defend Jewish honor.”

Extremists on both sides in the Israeli/Hamas problem have discovered and are using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

Things move fast. Especially something like WhatsApp. Could be popular on U.S. soil within a week. A quick way for insurrectionists to get together for example. Even BLM groups. Any group. Run the message, plan and execute within a matter of hours.

Last year, Trump worked hard for an Israeli/Palestine solution. One problem, however. He only had Netanyahu to the White House to discuss the matter. Communication with the Palestinian representatives was limited.

An “agreement” was reached. Jared Kushner took the point for Trump. The agreement: “Peace to Prosperity: Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People.” Trumped called it the “deal of the century.”

As recently as two months ago, Kushner crowed: “We are witnessing the last vestiges of what has been known as the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

A typical Trump success story. It blew up. Today’s news says it all.

Poor Donald. The chickens are coming home to roost. The New York Attorney General advised her civil inquiry into the Trump organization was now also a criminal one.

A step at a time. The walls are coming down.

Cracks are appearing in the Republican dike. The most recent the Maricopa audit.

An Arizona State Senate move. Their baby alone.

The GOP Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is sick of the whole thing. The line was drawn in the sand.

Both the Senate and Board of Supervisors are Republican controlled.

The Supervisors sent a 13 page letter to the Senate advising the audit was a “sham.” They generally condemned it advising the Board would cease all cooperation with the Senate’s audit efforts. The Board further stated the Senate audit had made Arizona a “laughingstock.”

Virginia Senator Tim Kane, a Catholic, has jumped into the Bishops/Biden Communion fray. He said, “Just as I don’t believe Catholic clergy should dictate how I do my job representing a pluralistic society, I don’t presume to suggest what Church doctrine should be.”

The Bishops have forgotten government is none of their business as the Church is none of government’s business.

What happened to separation of Church and State?

Chicago had another bad shooting weekend. Forty eight shootings, 5 killed. Two police officers among the 48 shot.

Insurance companies and banks are birds of a feather. Both whores.

The hurricane season begins in less that 2 weeks on June 1. Hurricanes an annual problem in the lower Keys. Insurance companies were aware of this fact when they sold the policies.

It was announced that 3 insurers are cancelling or not renewing Florida coverage provided to 50,000 customers. The 3 companies also said why: The hurricane season is approaching.

Whores? You better believe it. The companies had no problem selling the policies during the “safe” season and pocketing the premiums for such time.

There should be a law!

The 3 companies are Universal Insurance of North America, Gulfstream Property and Casualty, and Southern Fidelity.

It is anticipated that some of the policies will be rewritten at a higher cost and with less options available.

A tragedy of sorts last night.

Preparation for Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou takes up most of the afternoon and part of the early evening. I am generally done and ready to go by 8.

Last night was no different.

I laid down at 8 to watch TV till 8:50 when I need to start punching the buttons to get the show ready for the 9 o’clock opening.

I fell asleep!

Woke at 9:07. Foggy. Knew there was something I had to do. The show!

I rushed to get going. Was on about 9:10. I moved!

One minor problem. I was still half asleep. Mumbled through the first 5 minutes. Advised my audience I had fallen asleep.

Shame on me! My show was limited to 20 minutes and I do not know at the moment how many listeners I lost.

I have been doing the show about 8 years. The sleep thing happened once before. Same fact pattern.

The game plan is for me to go out tonight. Terri White is singing from 5-8 at Marylin’s. Hope I make it.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Lou if you call insurance companies and banks whores as a group- what do you call attorneys as a group. ??

  2. I remember when many of my northern friends told me that I, and anyone else, were all crazy to build houses in a vulnerable place like this and not to expect them to endorse using their tax dollars to bail me out when the Keys got inevitably hurricaned.

    • Are you in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina Alabama, Mississippi, Delaware, Texas, New Jersey or any of the other places that have recently been devestated by weather events (like hurricanes) that have needed to be bailed out, which mostly NEVER came!

  3. The Palestinians want their land and homes back that the Jews took from them during and after the 1948 war. They were sure that the Jews would lose that war so they evacuated, planning on returning after the Jews were wiped out. But that is not how things worked out.

  4. Lou, Are you sure about WhatsApp? I have used it for a few years while chatting with my daughter. From what I see it is another messaging service but more secure than most. Less likely to be hacked?

    I guess most anyone can download and use it though…

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