I discovered a winner last night. A new restaurant. Marylin’s at the far end of Grinnel across from the parking garage. Once Finnegan’s Wake.

Terri White was singing. I went to see Terri. Walked in the door and was shocked! The place was packed! People liking both Terri and the restaurant.

Short and sweet.

The food excellent. Not expensive. From $5 to $18. Meals more. I had fish and chips. Two large pieces of fish. Great fries. Cole slaw. $15. Could not finish. Too much food.

Happy Hour 1-7. 2 for 1. Top brands.

Staff cordial.

Atmosphere bright and cheery.

I will be returning.

Not done yet. It was like old home week. Everyone out for the first time. The room imbued with the Key West spirit.

Saw Terri obviously. Sat at the bar with Donna. Sally de Haven, Dr. Fred Covan, and Laurie Thibaud. Lynda and Bob Frechette back for a while. Bob recently up and about after some serious post surgery problems. Looked great. Lost 25 pounds. Sometimes there is an upside to an illness.

Ran into Aaron and Karen as I was walking to Marylin’s from the parking garage. Been a while. It was good to see them. They were on their way to somewhere else.

The House vote on the January 6 commission was impressive. All the Democrats voted for it. Thirty five Republicans crossed the aisle to join them.

The Senate votes today. Anticipated the Republicans will not support the commission. A disgrace!

Most Republicans in Washington are behaving like ignoramus thugs. Democracy/government not important. Winning is. Even if to the detriment of the nation.

The Senate Republican vote will oppose to protect Trump and Mc Carthy. It will keep Trump out of trouble for the moment re January 6. It will help Mc Carthy in his quest for the Speaker position.

Israel is over flexing its muscle. It is destroying an area and its people. Enough is enough.

Netanyahu over 10 years has become an almost despot. Definitely an authoritarian figure. He and Trump birds of a feather.

Netanyahu could also trigger a Middle East war. The Arab nations are not united in now wanting Israel destroyed. During the Trump era, Israel began doing business with many Arab nations.  The image portrayed is Israel is still hated. Not true. Money has a way of changing opinions, making enemies friends.

I get confused on occasion. What I am about to share is not reverse discrimination, but something akin to it. You get the feeling something is not right.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now giving interviews “only to black or brown journalists.”

Only as to local journalists? National ones included? No one knows yet.

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “MARYLIN’S TERRIFIC

  1. The GOP might as well call us all fools and idiots to our faces. We all saw what happened on Jan 6. Those inside the Capitol at the time had no idea about how bad the attack would get and must have feared for their lives. To try and whitewash it all now is unbelievable.

  2. Republicans nowadays have NO interest in Governing. They only choose to complain and criticize.

    They want to moan and groan about personal rights and freedoms, yet take every opportunity to suppress anyone and everyone who will disagree with them on just about any subject.

    Hyprocritcs and azzholes

  3. Anticipated the Republicans will not support the commission. A disgrace!

    The partial list of things the so called Republicans did not support or defend.

    – Truth
    – Standards
    – Decorum
    – Independent thinking by same party members
    – The Democratic Republic before, during and after Jan 6th.

    The sad part is they will be reelected. America is broken because AMERICAN’s are broken.

        • There are always people who will deny the obvious, some with their heads in the sand, others with an agenda. That’s how we got Trump in the first place and then how he (Trump( was able to subvert democracy and reduce America to where it is now.

          If you don’t like it, at least shut the F up and let those of us who DO care, do something about it.

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