Republican walls are slowly but surely breaking down.

The most recent is the Arizona “audit.” The Maricopa Board of Supervisors has had it with the Arizona Senate’s audit of the 2020 election results. The gauntlet has been thrown.

The Board spoke out yesterday. In a long letter to the Senate, referred to the audit as a “sham.” Generally condemned the audit. Claims the audit is causing Arizona to become a “laughingstock.”

In recent weeks it has been Liz Cheney. She is on a mission. As well as others.

The Republican Party is self-destructing.

I have more to discuss and analyze. No time, however. My morning was eaten up at the hospital. Tonight is Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I have to get ready for the show.

Michelle Goldberg’s Opinion piece re Kushner’s failure with his Middle East Peace Plan, the Lt. Colonel who wrote a book critical of the military’s agenda rooted in Marxism which he self published. It is #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List.

Forty eight shootings in Chicago over the weekend, Bishops should keep their noses out of politics, and 3 Florida insurance companies dumping Florida policy holders because hurricane season is around the corner.

Only the beginning. These topics and more will be part of tonight’s show. Join me. A fun filled interesting time. Show begins at 9 sharp.

Enjoy your day!

8 comments on “CRACKS IN GOP DIKE

    • Republicans will be just fine. But it’s great that the Dems are so concerned and worried about their destruction. It’s all they can talk about. 2022 will be great.

      • Doesn’t seem to me that Republicans will be “just fine.” The facts indicate they are eating themselves alive and repressing everything and everybody around them. All the while denying the obvious.

  1. Those “auditors” are busy scanning the ballots for bamboo, rice, secret invisible water marks and chicken scat.

    • Desperate deviants, not interested in the truth, just some sort of illusion of their narrative.

      Just like the illusion of Hilliary’s illegal emails, which after years of looking, NOBODY has found.

  2. Hillary’s missing emails always seemed mostly like some sort of clerical error to me, rather than a sinister conspiracy.

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