The next time Putin says, “I have nuclear weapons,” Biden and the leaders of the other free nations who have them also should stand and say, “We have them, too!”

Zaporizhzhia is the site of Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant. It is located in the Ukraine.

A huge blaze was extinguished at the plant earlier today. Officials claim the plant is operating normally, Russian forces are in control.

The nuclear facility is run by the Ukraine state enterprise Energoaton which also operates three other plants in the Ukraine.

Russian soldiers had earlier attacked the nuclear plant with all sorts of military equipment. A huge fire ensued.

An official was quick to advise he no longer had communication with the plant managers, control over the radiation situation there or oversight of potentially dangerous nuclear material in its six reactors and 150 containers of spent fuel.

Note it is a war crime to militarily attack a nuclear facility.

Russia denies involvement in the atack. Claims the “monstrous attack” was perpetrated by Ukrainian soldiers.

The potential for a nuclear disaster remains. Who knows actually what is going on within the facility? Importantly also, is Russia speaking the truth?

Recall Chernobyl in 1986. Thirty six years ago. A spill/leak occurred. At the time, the nuclear facility was under the control of the Ukraine. Russia came in and took it over.

Russia initially denied that there was any escape. Some time later, Russia admitted such had occurred.

Chernobyl at the time was a community of 14,000 people. Today, 1,000.

I do not trust Putin and his henchman. They may be lying re any radiation escape. If one occurred, it would be Putin’s fault. The world would hate him more. His further time as Russia’s President limited.

Experts are telling us any escape would be ten times worse than Chernobyl. All of Europe would be affected. Including Russia which abounds the Ukraine. Cities would be destroyed, people die by the millions, future generations born afflicted with physical deformities, etc.

I suspect Russians would attack the Kremlin in mass and drag Putin outside to let the mob kill him. He would have earned such an ending.

There can be no question Putin is insane. No normal person would endanger his own country as well as neighboring ones as he may have done.

Somehow, someway, Putin must be taken down. I appreciate the NATO nations, which includes the U.S., do not want to touch off a nuclear war.

Understood. Yet how will the situation be resolved?

Somehow kill the bastard.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I agree with you 100%, Louis. It seems the only way to stop Putin is to take him out. He is the definition of maniacally evil. The world will be a better, safer place without him. I just hope he hasn’t already done irreparable damage before his demise.

  2. Lou, you were wondering what Pelosi was doing with her hands during the speech. She was tearing up an imaginary speech. Reliving her glory days under Trump. Now you know.

  3. To stop Putin, Biden needs to stop being a puzzy. We destroy a Ruzzian city for each Ukrainian city. Easy math. Or else stand by wringing hands while a country is destroyed.

  4. if Putin could be persuaded to resign, FOX News would be likely offer him asylum and Trump is, I am sure, only to willing to rent him Mara Largo, for the rest of his life. Why don’t we ask Rudy to broker it, or maybe Manafort (if Roger Stone isn’t already on it). They all are familiar with the area, having spent much of the Trump presidency working with all the people involved.

  5. I dislike war as much as anyone, but talk is what you do BEFORE a shot in aggression is fired. The USA and NATO are making a mazzive mistake in not declaring a no fly zone. Showing fear for Russian reprisal is no way to deal with Putin. This will only get worse if unchecked.

  6. Hey Lou, The war will have to wait until Monday for Biden. He is again back in Delaware for the weekend. Penn Professor Biden is probably working on his lesson plan since he misses “teaching and writing”. Professor Biden believes giving a few lectures is the same as being a teaching professor. This administration is like a bad episode of Gillian’s a island!

  7. Hey Lou, Gordie is hurting my feelings with his name calling. I realize it’s typical of liberals to name call instead of debating the issues. But Gordie isn’t being nice!

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