The Ukraine war has taken over the news. Everything else forgotten. Even here.

I feel guilty.

Today, a Key West update.

Rallies world wide. Huge. Impressive.

Key West had a rally thursday night in front of City Hall. Impressive also. About 200 people.

The group consisted of locals and people who left the Ukraine and settled in Key West.

Many flags flown at the rally evidencing support for the Ukraine: The Ukraine, U.S., Florida, and Gay Pride among those being flown.

The Ukrainian flag was blue and yellow. It has been given a permanent place of honor in front of City Hall. It henceforth will fly there together with flags already flown.

I mention again the rallies worldwide. Never have I seen such a gigantic reaction to anything.

The Russian rallies out of sight. I keep hoping the Russian people will revolt, rush into the Kremlin and drag Putin out to the nearest pole to be hung.

Putin must have a comic strain in his body. He stated this week he wants the world to protest in support of Russia. No question. The man is demented.

I was out and about thursday. The most I have been in almost 3 years. A haircut, manicure and lunch at Hogfish.

I had not been to Hogfish in three years. It was like old home week.

The place is larger. Bobby has added at least 50 more tables with a minimal amount of actual enlargement.

The place was packed. Primarily tourists.

The food the best it has ever been. I have always loved Hogfish’s lobster bisque. To die for! A thick soup filled with a ton of little pieces of lobster.

A meal in itself.

I should have stopped with the lobster bisque. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, however. Ordered also hogfish fish and chips. The hogfish outstanding. Huge deep fried pieces.

My waitress said, “Hi, Louis! Where you been?” Nice to be remembered.

Recall Camille’s? Thirty years ago when I first came to Key West, Camille’s was a small restaurant on Duval next to Aqua. Breakfast and lunch. Always packed. Customers sat close to each other like sardines in a can.

A good 15 years ago it moved to a much larger building on Simonton. Same menu. However added a few items for its new dinner offerings.

Now closed. I assume Camille’s a victim of COVID as many other Key West businesses.

One thing tourists are quick to order is Key Lime Pie. Key West has always been known as the home of Key Lime pie.

This past week the City Commission voted Key Lime pie the official dessert of the City of Key West.

I always thought it was.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. The President spent 175 days here covering 11 trips. Even after leaving the Presidency, he visited.

On this day in 1948, Truman left on a flight to Washington after a 10 day visit: “I’ll be back here if I can make it.”

Bum Farto back in the news. On a day this past week in 1976, he disappeared. His disappearance gave rise to a new item in the T shirt business. Tens of thousands of T shirts labeled: Bum Farto Where Are You? have been sold over the years.

It’s nice to have written a Key West blog again!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I remember Camille’s, when it was on Duval back in the day. Long lines, great atmo. We tried it a couple of times after it moved to Simonton, food was still good, but it just wasn’t the same vibe. Lot’s of things in KW are that way, but not Hogfish, or Schooners. Both of those seem to have kept their charm.

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