A trial began this week in federal court in Washington that requires close watching. It is the first trial of a January 6 insurrectionist.

Its outcome will reflect what “people” think about those who participated in the attack on the Capitol. No professionals, police, etc. arriving at a conclusion. The jury, a combination of ordinary people, will decide.

The jury was finally drawn yesterday. Opening statements made yesterday.

The defendant is Guy Reffitt. A Texan. A member of a Texa militia known as the Texas Three Percenters.

The prosecutor referred to Refitt as the “tip of the mob’s spear…..a leader.”

Reffitt was one of those in the forefront going up the steps. He had zip ties and a pistol. He recorded what he was doing as he attacked. Not very bright if he had thought he might be on trial some day for his own actions. Perhaps he was recording what he anticipated was going to be a “victory” for the insurrectionists and wanted his participation to be properly recorded in history.

Two of his recorded comments.

“We’re taking the Capitol before the day’s over, ripping them out by their hair.”

“I just want to see Nancy Pelosi’s head hitting every step on the way out.”

Appears to be a strong case for the prosecution. You never know, however. The jury has the last word in the matter.

I was not able to do yesterday’s blog. I was totally exhausted. I was having trouble functioning.

My fault. I had overdone things tuesday. Up at 5 am to begin work. Knew there was much on my plate. Did the blog, researched for and later in the evening did Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Spent some time at the hospital doing medical tests. Caught the last half of Biden’s address.

Should have gone to bed at that point. Did not. My curiosity wanted to hear what the political pundits had to say. Remained up till 3 am.

Definitely foolish!

Having missed the opportunity to comment yesterday re the Address, I do so this morning. Briefly, however. You have heard all or most of it already.

Three observations.

Something seemed wrong with Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi. Harris was hard faced throughout. Not her normal course. No smiles. Looked to me like she was sick and needed to get to a bathroom fast.

Speaker Pelosi’s conduct. She did not appear to be herself either. She was closing her hands into a fist and and rubbing them against each other. Looking at those seated before her and while looking at no one. She had an almost constant smile. Great smile! Had never seen her so happy. She repeatedly tried to engage Harris in conversation which Harris appeared to ignore. Finally, the Speaker kept shuffling the papers before her, taking periodic quick peeks.

I thought wow, are the punsters going to have fun with both ladies after Biden is done.

Not one broadcaster spoke to their conduct. Nor in yesterday’s news.

Perhaps it was me and not the ladies.

Empty seats were another problem. I have never seen so many empty seats at an Address. Around 25 percent. Why?

Finally, the heckling by Representatives Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene during Biden’s comments re protecting veterans.

Too much disrespect in politics. Good people will not remain, good people will not run in the first instance.

More than 1 million have fled the Ukraine. There will be millions more.

Two weeks ago life was normal in the Ukraine. Life does change in a second.

Bess Levin commented in a recent column.

“The most pressingly scary, in the hierarchy of things, are people shitting their pants over right now, is the fact that the President of Russia is a power-hungry megalomaniac who harbors imperial ambitions so much that he decided to attack a neighboring country.”

Levin went on to comment the world is opposing Trump, major sanctions being enforced, and the Ukraine putting up a much bigger fight than Putin expected: “Obviously, these are welcome developments. The problem is, remember the part about being a power-hungry  megalomaniac? That type of person tends not to take failure in stride.”

All of which raises the question whether Putin would nuclear react to NATO members who might enter the war on behalf of the Ukraine?

Texas held its primary for the November elections tuesday. Beto O’Rourke and Gov. Abbott won for the Governor’s seat. I hope Beto whips the hell out of Abbott!

If Beto wins the election, he will be the first Democratic governor since 1994.

Worse than Abbott is his Attorney General Ken Paxton. He is in a close primary. There may be a run off.

His opponent would be George W. Bush. The newest member of the Bush dynasty to run for a major seat.

Enjoy your day!

13 comments on “TIP OF THE MOB’S SPEAR

  1. This Guy Guy Reffitt should be able to get off easy peazy. A;;’s he has to do is break into tears and claim self defense, feeling threatened and feared for his life.

  2. AP has reported, that despite FOX news insistence that so many people in America are collecting unnecessary government subsidies, Unemployment checks payed out is now lower than ANYTIME since 1970.

    This mantra on the right is just another example of Republican scare “push” politics. The truth is honesty is not their game.

  3. Hey Lou, I just heard the United States is still buying Russian oil. Why are we doing this? Why not (even temporarily for a year or so) reopen the US pipelines or allow fracking again. If this is true, it terrible the US is continuing to line Putins pockets!

  4. You asked that same question yesterday using the name Sandy, Why do you keep posting the same lame questions using different names? Are you a Russian political disinformation bot, or are you just a troll wanting to start arguments.

    Besides, Lou has probably already asked his energy advisers to look into curtailing the purchase of oil the United States buys from Russia for many years when you didn’t care who we bought it from.

    Or, you could wait for Dunham’s report to come out, which is happening any day now and it will reveal everything. That’s due now 6 weeks ago when you promised it would, for sure, no doubt about it, watch FOX news and be shocked by what Dunham has found in Jill’s locked box of secrets.

  5. as stated, ” Too much disrespect in politics.” is the result of how much disrespect the politicians have shown the ruled folks. That is you folks.

  6. The problem is mostly those “folks” who invade other people’s blogs (like sandy does on this blog) with dishonest and misleading crap for the sole purpose of disrupting and “messing” with them, even bragging about that.

    sandy is so self unaware and comprehension of reality, blaming everyone else for his own inferiority, instead proving it with constant bafoonity.

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