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Today’s blog will be short. I have an early morning doctor visit and series of medical tests.

Two items of concern. The farmer subsidy announced yesterday by Trump and the altered official transcripts of the Trump/Putin press conference following their private meeting in Helsinki.

The tariff wars are already killing American farmers. Trump announced yesterday he was providing $12 billion to subsidize farmers for their losses.


Besides soybean, potato and corn farmers, other are being hurt by the tariffs. Lobster fishermen, auto workers, etc. The subsidy does not cover them

The $12 billion already exists. It sits in a special fund to compensate farmers when they are unable to sell their produce. The fund is going to be dipped into big time now. A farmer group representative said in effect not enough money. Losses already total $13 billion.

The bureaucracy to process these payments will be crazy. I suspect a fiasco/disaster as is being experienced with the parent/children immigration situation.

First payments will be available in September. What do the farmers do till then?

Nebraska is a farm state represented by U.S. Senator Ben Sasse. He said yesterday, “This administration’s tariff and bailouts aren’t going to make America great again, they’re just going to make it 1929 again.”

Few days go by that the President does not shout out FAKE NEWS. Always directed at the media.

The government is expected to be honest with its citizens. The truth, good, bad or indifferent. Trump has been caught with his pants down. Big time.

Recall last week the press conference involving Trump and Putin in Helsinki following their secret 2.5 hour meeting. A reporter asked Trump if he/Russia had supported Trump in the last Presidential election. Putin answered in effect yes. They liked Trump. The reason being he wanted to bring Russia/U.S. relations back to where they had been. Where was that? We have not had good relations with Russia since World War II.

The world heard and saw the question and answer. It was shown worldwide on television.

Washington released the “official” transcript of the press conference. Guess what? The question and answer were deleted. Skillfully. Could not tell. The “official” video was also altered. The question and answer removed.

Fake news?

Our government lying to us. Trump lying to us.

Watch out America!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Farmer Welfare – OUTRAGEOUS they are now probably the largest number of deadbeats(?) on the welfare rolls? So we needto drug test them too?

  2. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” That is the best one can say for our relationship with Russia during WW2. Remember how Patton wanted to keep going east and invade Russia after the Germans surrendered?

    • If you want your tomatoes picked you need low wage (illegal) immigrants. Why should farmer (mostly trump voters) not suffer their actions? Why should the rest of us need to pay for this? 12 BILLION, would help sooo many veterans, etc.

  3. The large corporate farms receive the most subsidies of course, their lobby is strong. The scale is huge and has been going on for a long time. The subsidies in some other countries are greater than ours.

    • But this isn’t about “other countries” this is about welfare here in AMERICA, even if Trump doesn’t really seem to REALLY care about making AMERIKA all that great anymore. Don’t change the subject.

  4. But you DID try and change the subject by suggesting that “The subsidies in some other countries are greater than ours.” an issue not at hand, regardless of that totally irrelevant fact, which had NOTHING to do with the predicate about farm subsidies in THIS country And now you are bringing up another totally different subject “comprehension issues” again trying to change the subject, ironically proving your own quilt on this new subject, as well. Talk about me as a fool, also a subject change and nothing to do with the discussions.

      • No, you are wrong again. Your statement about “other people do it,” is in this instance, nothing but a cheap attempt and diversionary tactic, meant to pacify the subject of unprecedented subsidies in THIS country. Besides, as your mother used to say, “if Johnny jumps off a bridge, doesn’t mean you should too.” As are your attacks on me.

  5. You like to show your cluelessness. What was said was all part of the discussion. All info comes into the mix. Its called perspective.
    I think you followed Johnny and hit your head Michael.

  6. American farms were issued an average of about 15 billion dollars per year for the past 7 years. Farm subsidies started almost a century ago. Since its become a standard governmental function its not about to end any time soon.
    I clearly understand why people leave here.

    • you also seem paranoid and delusional patrick, I only made one simple comment “kind of nasty even from you patrick” maybe you should take a deep breath before you accuse others of your own personal behavior

  7. Your personal behavior has been worse than anyones except for mickey.

    Nothing I said then was nasty, just truthful.

    • you have not shown anything that makes you a good judge of yourself let alone anything that makes you a judge of others especially in someone else’s house or blog. just being a bully does not give you any such rights especially when your personal behavior is generally to always be nasty to others, regardless of what you think or say. please get professional help.

  8. You’re probably trying to get me to seek professional helpLinda hoping that they would lock me up for awhile, well, I ain’t falling for it. [smiley face]

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