WE WON!!!!!

We met the enemy and they are ours.

Bocce last night. We played the #1 team. Hell’s Rangers. The name alone brings chills. It is mid season. Hell’s Rangers till last evening had lost only one game. We ranked in the middle of the standings. We beat ’em! Took 2 of 3 games.

Don’t screw with the Don’s Place team!

The first game was close. We won. They beat us decidedly in the second. We won the third by a respectable number.

Next week, we will play the last team in the standings and lose. We play to our competition.

Lunched yesterday at what I call the old Paradise Cafe. Now located on White, just off Eaton. I had a yearning for Cuban cheese toast with tomato. Topped off by a large cup of Cuban coffee.

I was tried. I don’t know why. All the caffeine in the Cuban coffee should have had me flying high. Spent the afternoon napping.

Syracuse football tonight. Louisville the opponent. At the Carrier Dome. Seven o’clock. Shown on ESPN.

I am not sure whether I will be watching the game from JDL’s or Don’s Place. Louisville a 4 point favorite. I believe Syracuse will lose.

Fantasy Fest is around the corner. Thirteen days to Goombay. You can sense it. It’s in the air. People getting ready, people talking.

As you are aware, I am an historical nut. John Guerra wrote an interesting article this morning in KONK’s E-Blast. It had to do with the assassination attempt on President Truman in 1950. I was in high school at the time and recall it vividly. The attempt played out much differently than the recent guy over the White House fence episode.

Today is a day of historical sport note. On this day in 1951, Bobby Thomson  hit the “…..shot heard round the world.” A three run homer in the ninth. Resulted in the New York Giants winning the National League penant over the Brooklyn Dodgers.

I was in high school at the time of this event, also. I was stacking groceries in a super market after school. The game was being broadcast on radio throughout the store. It was an exciting moment. Everyone went crazy! Customers and staff alike.

Karen and Dan, I would like to speak with you. Actually, Karen. Let’s make sure we meet at Don’s Place sometime this weekend.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you Lou! Sure we can stop in at Don’s this weekend, just let us know when you’ll be there.

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