Dorian’s decimation of the Bahamas has made it possible for Washington windbags to be heard in full voice.

It never ceases to amaze me how Washington can speak about a calamity, assure all will be done to help, and then fall far short of accomplishing its promises.

It happened with Puerto Rico, Florida’s Panhandle, Michael, and Irma.

It is the old story. Money talks and bullshit walks.

Trump has assured in the past few days that the U.S. will help the Bahamas. So far the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency has sent $250,000 to the Bahamas. A pittance!

What is needed immediately is obvious. Water, food, shelters, chainsaws, and plastic sheeting. Does not take a genius to recognize the needs.

Can’t jump right in, however. Washington says required needs must be evaluated. I do not understand why. A category 5 hurricane tells us what is required. Everything!

The U.S. does not work that way however. It first has to assess and evaluate. While daily telling the world it will help, nothing moves. A “disaster response team” is in place. Its purpose to determine need and then react to the need.

Areas for “pre-existing assets” to be set up have been determined. Miami, Houston, Barbados, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

When it has been decided what the Bahamian needs are, the goods will be sent to those areas first and then onto the Bahamas.

People are hurting today. They have been hurting ever since Dorian first came over the Bahamas. Now time will be spent evaluating needs. Then the necessary items sent.

In the meantime, people are without water. The most basic of needs. Food, power, etc. How long it will take to decide and provide, no one knows. If it takes one day too long, it is one day too much.

Instead of Trump and his cohorts talking a good game about helping, the U.S. should get to it like yesterday.

We are all God’s children. We should help each other in moments of calamity. We were going to do so in Puerto Rico, the Panhandle, places that Michael brought ruin to. Even Irma. Two years ago, Irma hit and people in some areas of the keys are still living in tents, without water and power.

Once again, talk is cheap. Lets see if Trump and Washington can do a faster and more efficient job helping the people of the Bahamas. Even though they are not “our people.”

I have a feeling the U.S. will be as helpful with the Bahamas as it has been with U.S. areas and territories.

Last night, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Great show! I apologize for my modesty. It was a good one, however.

Much to discuss. Dorian, sick immigrant children Trump wants to send back, immigrant children part of a mumps epidemic in the detention camps, the banning of the crossbow in 1147 in an effort to ban war, and a China today/Japan 1941 comparison leading to World War II in 1941 and I am not sure where the U.S./China tariff war will take us.

Big political evening ahead! Tonight, CNN for 7 consecutive hours will interview the remaining 10 Democratic candidates re climate change. Starts at 5 pm.

As much as I love politics, sounds a little long.

Walmart deserves a medal! Several of them. And a slew of new customers.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced yesterday that Walmart will stop selling ammunition for handguns and military style weapons, completely end the sale of handguns, and discourage anyone from carrying weapons in a Walmart Store (even in open carry States).

McMillon’s position re guns takes courage. Something lacking in most major CEO’s.

Walmart is deeply in robot use. The latest group are referred to as “creepy robots.”

Robots will be used to scan shelves. During normal open hours. The robots going down aisles mingling with customers. The robots function to roam the aisles looking for items out of stock or out of place. The robots would then alert a human with the information who in turn would remedy the issue.

The use of the “creepy robots” began this summer in 350 Walmart stores.

The New York City measles epidemic has ended. Thanks goes directly to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. A hard ass. However, he gets the job done.

The New York City outbreak was the largest in 30 years.

Measles was declared eliminated in 2000. It was if the rules had been followed. Get the measles vaccination!

Some did not. Generally on religious grounds. In 4 Brooklyn neighborhoods which made up an ultra Orthodox Jewish community.

The Mayor handled it well. Declared a public health emergency, spent $6 million, put together a staff of more than 500, mandated vaccinations.

The epidemic consisted of 654 cases. An epidemic is declared over when 2 incubation periods (42 days) go by without any new cases reported.

Trump and his wall!

Remember during the campaign. He was going to build the wall and Mexico was going to pay for it! The wall not yet built. Mexico will never pay for it.

Trump in a corner. Everywhere he goes for the money, he runs into a brick wall! Neither brick nor a wall. Sounds good, however.

During the last 2 budget periods, Trump has cried out for additional monies for the military budget. He claimed it had been ignored for years. More money needed.

He got the money. Huge dollars 2 consecutive years.

It was announced last week that Trump was taking $3.6 billion out of the military budget and moving it over to fund the border wall.

The Pentagon advises 127 military projects will be affected.

Most Presidents want to be war Presidents. I could never understand it.

Trump seems to want to be one. Together with John Bolton, wars are planned and threatened all over the world.

Four months ago, Trump sent 3,500 troops to the Colombian/Venezuelan border. They sat on the Columbian side. Trump claimed he was considering attacking Venezuela for humanitarian reasons. The people were starving under Maduro.

I don’t know where Trump had been. The Venezuelan people had been starving for 7 years under Maduro. They were starving several years before Trump even took office.

Russia did not approve of Trump sending the troops to the border in contemplation of invasion. Putin sent Russian planes and boot soldiers to Venezuela. China indicated they stood with Russia in regard to whatever might be done.

Trump blinked.

I am not sure what happened to the 3,500 U.S. troops. Russia’s planes and troops still in Venezuela.

The real reason the U.S., Russia and China are interested in Venezuela has nothing to do with people starving. It has to do with oil. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world.

Though not certain, I suspect the U.S. troops are still in Columbia.

Venezuela complained to the United Nations recently that training camps for military plotting had been established in Columbia. Venezuela claimed the U.S. was involved. That the U.S. intended to use Columbia as a launching pad for regime change efforts and sabotage operations.

The U.N. has not made a decision as to Venezuela’s charges as yet.

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  1. To maintain sound mental health and perspective we must accept we are of little concern to the very people we pay to look out for us when we need them most. Sure they will make promises, invoke the name of goodness and speak to the virtues of giving. But when reality surfaces they make bean counters at insurance companies look good.

  2. The people of the Bahamas will have to do what is being done in the Keys. Groups of citizens banding together to go in and gather up the storm debris that will otherwise be there forever. Bless them.

  3. Walmart may have decided to stop selling certain forms of ammo in it’s stores, but like so many other times with guns and ammo in Walmart stores, they will likely start reselling those “banned items” again as soon as everything dies down a little.

  4. Do you think Walmart will no longer smell like deplorables now that the ammo is gone? Or is it the China Import smell goner replace the Ammo smell of working Americans?

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