Trump misspeaks frequently. Twice this weekend. Once re Alabama, the other Poland.

Misspeaking is a faux pas. A faux pas is misspeaking.

I ran into a problem re the two attributed to Trump. How is the plural of faux pas spelled?

I continue to live and learn. At 84. Amazing.

The plural of faux pas is faux pas. Spelled the same.

Back to Trump and his 2 faux pas.

Trump was showing off his intelligence re Dorian. He said Dorian was going to hit Alabama. Never in the cards. Never considered by the experts. Never mentioned.

The National Weather Service publicly spoke out to correct Trump. The Service advised that Alabama would not see any impact from Dorian. The reason being Alabama was too far west for Dorian to reach.

The other Trump faux pas involved Poland.

Eighty years ago, Germany invaded Poland. The beginning of World War II. Poland treated poorly under Nazi domination.

Actually, Poland had 50 consecutive years of foreign domination. Soviet Russia followed Germany.

Poland scheduled a commemorative event this past weekend to acknowledge the 80th anniversary of the invasion. Not a celebration of joy. One to acknowledge Poland survived Hitler’s attack and brutality.

Trump was to attend the event. At the last minute, he decided it was better for him to remain in the U.S. and follow Dorian. He did so effectively. Trump spent the 2 days playing golf at one of his courses.

He sent Pence in his place.

Over the weekend, Trump was asked a question by a reporter about Poland and the event. His response a typical Trump faux pas: “I have a message for Poland…..I just want to congratulate Poland.”

Congratulate what? Trump was not aware the commemoration was not a celebratory one. Rather, a dark and traumatic time in Poland’s history.

Trump’s conclusion re the Polish event consistent with his position that he went to Wharton, is educated, and well versed in history.

Raining big time in Key West this morning. Can’t be Dorian.

It is anticipated Key West may have some minimal rain and winds. Too early, however. Dorian is still over the Bahamas. Following which it is turning right up the Atlantic. It may scrape the U.S. coast line. However beginning somewhere on the Florida mainland.

I have seen some 30 years of hurricanes and tropical storms in Key West. Irma the only one that left me with a somber feeling. Can’t shake it. Writing the book Irma and Me did not help alleviate the feeling of dread.

Key West and the Florida keys are fortunate that Dorian will not hit the area.

Maybe some rain and wind. Perhaps flash floods and surges. All that even too much. I doubt anything of significance.

Never made Dueling Bartenders last night. Decided to skip over to Roostica for dinner instead. Rosstica’s broiled chicken outstanding!

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.Lots to talk about. Especially Dorian. Little re Trump. I will be touching on events not involving Trump.

We need a break.

Join me for a quick moving half hour. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!




    • Astounding after nearly three years of childish and un-american conduct on the part of Trump there’s still a minority who continue to defend him. Now I understand the debacle of post 1940 Germany but here on US soil?

        • No one is accusing you of complaining. It looks like to me that you were just TROLLING in a unnecessary way to make the president himself look bad for constantly lying about important stuff, not just while campaigning for office and courting his gullible and blindly complicit base.

        • No one is accusing you of complaining. It seems to me that you were just TROLLING in a unnecessary way to make the president himself look bad for constantly lying about important stuff, not just while campaigning for office and courting his gullible and blindly complicit base.

      • Looks to me more like Biden is trying to appeal to the Republican vote, after all they’re the ones who seem to prefer lies rather than truths. Now Biden has to develop the “dumb” and “racial” statements too, if he wants Republicans to vote for him.

        • I though HRC lead the field in the dumb and racial statements or was it Obomo with all his “investigations” of us just plane citizens.
          What a deplorable though.

            • Don’t even try, SF is just trolling above his weight and would probably just respond with some other immature grammar school off point comment in just another attempt to start a fight. I don’t think he realizes how foolish he sounds when he posts his garbage.

  1. Glad to see you are eating a lot EAST of THE COW KEY bridge were the parking is cheaper and the meals just as good as Duval. Hope the elected officials notice that even City folk are leaving for good food and low price parking.
    We who live here and eat here.

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