He does the ridiculous! He then lies to cover it up!

Our President. Donald Trump.

He writes with a Sharpie. The pen gives him that bold signature we always see when he holds up an Executive Order.

It was never contemplated that Dorian would hit Alabama. Not part of expert consideration.

A few days ago, Trump announced that Alabama was safe, would not be hit. Problem was no one ever said Dorian was going to affect Alabama in any way.

Trump must have picked up on his error. Yesterday, he was flashing an official U.S. weather map. One specifically intended to reflect Dorian’s movements.

The map was published 8/29. Yesterday, 9/4. Trump had the 8/29 map in hand. It showed in white the outer parameters of Dorian. The white parameters gave no indication of an Alabama hit.

However someone had extended the cone using a black Sharpie to show the storm would hit Alabama. Someone had screwed with an official document by so doing.

Trump showed the corrected version on the internet. As if to say, I was correct it would hit Alabama!

He took a beating all day that someone hard marked up the original. He further was questioned as to why a U.S. Weather Bureau office in Alabama had immediately said on 8/29 that the President was wrong. No way would Alabama be involved.

Our President is never wrong. Five days later he is on TV with the corrected version claiming he was correct.

Amazing, the man cannot even correctly bungle something up. White lines, the added black Sharpie lines.

When questioned, Trump said he do not know where the black line came from. Repeated his lack of knowledge 3 times in a row.

The only positive that comes out of this scenario is that we can say with confidence he knows where Alabama is. Nothing more.

Tampering with an official weather map is illegal under the U.S. Code. Punishable by a fine or 90 days in jail.

I doubt Trump will be pursued criminally. He is the President!

Some pray, some do not. Some talk to God, some do not.

The power of prayer can be strong. There are those instances when it can be misapplied.

Marianne Williamson is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. A bit weird. I have been watching her closely during the campaign. Initially, I was impressed. Her words wholesome. Her direction uplifting.

I have come to the conclusion she is a bit of a nut.

She has taken the position that Dorian did not hit the U.S. because of “prayer.” The “power of the mind” kept Dorian away.

Apparently the people of the Bahamas did not pray sufficiently. Such is why they were hit badly.

Williamson said, “Two minutes of prayer, visualization, mediation for those in the way of the storm” prevented the storm from hitting U.S. shores as it did the Bahamas.

I pray, though infrequently. I talk to God often, however. Especially in those instances when I want to know why something adverse is happening to me.

However, I cannot accept Williamson premise that it was prayer that saved the U.S. To do so means alternatively that God wanted to punish the Bahamian people. I am confident they pray also.

Key Westers are a good hearted people. They forget not. Especially the help that came from all sources 2 years ago when Irma befell the keys.

Dorian hit the Bahamas. Key West immediately recognized its obligation to help. A group “Key West Cares” has been formed. Purpose to get aid quickly to our neighbors a mere 50 miles away. First money. Then water, food, etc. Money works quickly initially.

A second meeting was held yesterday at City Hall. The Commission Chambers packed.

Peter Batty and Mark Rossi 2 of the group’s leaders.

Amazing how persons of different strokes come together in a time of calamity.

Peter Batty is a Deacon at St. Mary By the Sea Catholic Church. Mark Rossi is the owner of the Red Garter. A gentlemen’s club/strip joint on Duval.

Batty made an interesting comment: “Between the two of us, we can cover everything from the sacred to the profane.”

Dorian dropped to a category 2 yesterday. Back up to a 3 today. Dorian will skirt the Carolina’s today. Perhaps even turn inland a bit.

Surges of up to 8 feet anticipated.

Dorian certainly throwing his weight around. And for a longer period than normal.

New York Time columnist Eugene Robinson wrote yesterday in view of Dorian, “Climate change is real. Welcome to the new normal.”

I doubt I shall ever forget Irma. It left its mark on me.

Irma hit Key West 2 years ago on September 10, 2017. For several days prior, it was coming straight at Key West. No deviation. Anticipated to be a category 5 when it hit.

Too much for me! I got out!

Left 5 days before Irma arrived. It was September 5 when I began heading north on U.S. 1.

All indications were Irma was going to hit the lower keys and then ride up the west side of Florida. So I put into Pompano for the night figuring I was safe on the east coast.

The motel evicted me the next morning. Irma had changed her mind and was going to come up the east coast.

I decided I was going to get as far away as I could. Far far away.

I decided to drive up the Florida Turnpike. It runs up the center of Florida. If Irma changed its mind again or continued to change its mind, I would be safe. Plus, I was getting out of Florida. My goal Atlantas, Georgia.

A long drive from Pompano. Got there late at night. Was lucky to get a room at the downtown Marriott. Forty seventh floor. One wall window floor to ceiling. Beautiful view!

I was safe!

Turned out not. Two days later, the Marriott threw me out. Irma was coming!

Note it had yet to hit landfall in Key West or the lower keys.

What to do? Jean Thornton! She and Joe live in Birmingham, Alabama. She said if I wanted, to give her a call and stay at their home. I did.

The trip a success! Fun! Myself and 5 other “escapees,” 2 dogs, and Jean and Joe together for 12 days. A party!

When I returned to Key West, I saw the damage wrought by Irma all the way down the keys.

Thought I was leaving late enough so the water and power would be on. They were. Went off within 48 hours for a few days.

Only part of the Irma story.

I wrote a book about my experience. Irma and Me. Very very interesting. What I have set forth thus far only a small part of that experience. Some funny, some sad.

I sat glued to the TV screen last night from 5-11. Watched the remaining 10 Democratic candidates being interviewed by CNN. The topic climate change.

Got to tell you something. Mayor Pete Buttigieg impresses me more and more.

Have to hustle. A manicure at noon.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I agree with you about the prayer thing after disasters. Always happens after some horrible thing, a plane crash, a shooting, etc. Someone is interviewed and says, “God was looking out for me”. WTF! How does that sound to the families of people who died? I shake my head every time. What nonsense.

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