No question. Coronavirus moves at warp speed. Its cures lag behind. The drive for corrective measures create hints of and in some instances actual improprieties. There are those who seek gain from the suffering of others.

Want to be tested. Need a test like yesterday. Forget it. They are not available in sufficient numbers.

Yet persons of influence/wealth can be tested quickly in some instances.

A disgusting episode has come to  light in the past 24 hours. Involves professional basketball players.

The game that led to the NBA canceling the balance of its season occurred last week. The Utah Jazz involved. Its center Rudy Gobert had been tested. The result positive. While the game that evening was ongoing, it was stopped. Followed by total cancellation of the season the next day by the NBA.

Within a day or two, the entire team was tested. How many players on a pro basketball team? Ten, twelve, fifteen? Whatever, 58 “employees” of the team were tested.

Sounds fishy to me. Reeks of preferential treatment. I can see lay help, spouses and families in the testing mix.

The mass testing was kept quiet. Until yesterday.

At a Task Force briefing, the President was asked if non-symptomatic professional athletes were getting preferential treatment. Were the well connected going to the front of the line?

The President answered he did not know. Such things do happen in life. Some people do go to the front of the line.

Makes me wonder. who else is receiving preferential treatment? Regardless of what the President has said, he and his family? His children and their families? How about Congresspersons? Certain Senators and Congresspersons?

People have a right to know. Lets find out. Each should be media checked to determine if any have been moved to the front of the line. There are records. Everything is computerized. A few buttons pushed and voila answers.

The cry will go up it is against the law to reveal medical records. Not in  a crisis situation such as coronavirus. Everything should be open and subject to inspection.

It pisses me off that where life and death are involved, some can take advantage and get preferential treatment while others die.

The Trump family seems to always look for a way to make a buck. Using Dad’s position to acquire businesses. Businesses that Dad will benefit from when he is no longer President.

Jared Kushner seems to be involved in everything.

Testing for the virus an obvious problem. There has to be a better way. Kushner seeking it. Improperly, with conflict of interest hitting him squarely in the face.

The revelation of NBA players receiving preferential treatment is a mere 24 hours old. So too is the information regarding Jared.

Jared has formed what is described as a “shadow task force.” It operates out of the White House in a room above the Oval Office.

Jared and “his people” got serious about getting involved in the testing problem a week ago wednesday.

Jared’s task force people are different from the President’s Task Force people.

Jared believes private enterprise is capable of succeeding where the public sector cannot. His thought appears to have his group come up with a workable plan for drive by testing and certain medial products relevant to the virus. A privately owned corporation.

The corporation appears to be Oscar. Jared’s younger brother Joshua is principal of Oscar. Also involved is a Dr. Kloss. Kloss is Joshua’s father in law and an emergency room doctor.

It has been reported that Jared’s group is “causing confusion.” Some Task Force members do not even know the people on Jared’s task force.

Jared claims his “entrepreneurial approach” will be up and operating in select cities by friday. Friday is tomorrow.

Conflict of interest and personal gain do not appear to be of concern to Jared.

In January, German scientists developed what turned out to be a valid and quick test. The WHO thought it was. They offered it to everyone. No problem in delivery. The test became swiftly available and test results obtained without delay.

Sixty countries accepted WHO’s offer. The U.S. did not.

The U.S. has said recently WHO’s test results were not dependable, etc. The C.D.C. would come up with its own.

We are still waiting. This again is supposedly the week.

In the meantime, the test has proven reliable where used in Asia and Europe.

Trump and Republican figures have a disdain for international organizations, alliances of any kind, and foreigners in general. Results in help from overseas are considered more terrifying in many minds than viruses from overseas.

When Trump became President, he had holdings in V. F. Corp. and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The companies are involved in testing.

Did Trump dispose of his stock at any time? No one knows. It’s like his tax returns. Can’t tell unless you can see them and Trump refuses to provide them.

Testing for the virus has been a failure from day one. Has personal interest caused the problem?

Three situations having the appearance of impropriety. Sort of like if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck,  it has to be a duck.

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  1. Trump himself seems to be working VERY hard to become the (ugly) face of the CaronaVirus. I think he’s going to end up owning this alone!

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