As of 5 pm yesterday, all bars, night clubs, and restaurants in Key West were ordered closed.

Party time ended swiftly. On St. Patrick’s Day no less.

What was will return when the virus passes. The world will come alive again. In the meantime, we all have to be careful. Better safe than sorry.

The Governor closed all bars and nightclubs state wide. Restaurants will be permitted to remain open. No alcohol to be served. Restaurants must only operate at 50 percent capacity. People must be seated with a 6 foot separation.

A stupid move on the Governor’s part. Shut it all down! The idea is to keep people home and not out and about. Might not be a problem in the end. People will be out of work and have no money to spend. Even with government assistance money will be in short supply.

Information is generally swift on TV and the internet. So much going on that not everything is shared.

The Key West Citizen is useless. They only publish every other day. For more than a year now. Finances.

The best place for local news is KONK Life. I refer specifically to the KONK Life E-Blast which appears every day on the internet. Subscribe to it. It’s free.

Guy de Boer does a wonderful job!

Sometimes, I see what others do not.

I predicted sunday that the House bill would not be acted upon by the Republican Senate monday. Here it is wednesday and it still has not been acted upon.

The true problem is the Republicans want to favor corporate interests above those of the working class. The Republicans want to really make the working class second class citizens this time.

Another prediction. Better phrased as a concern.

I reported 4 weeks ago when all this started that ammunition sales had increased 400 percent in one week. This weekend it was reported that gun sales have surged.

Why? My sense is people are concerned about themselves and their families first. Properly so. They trust not the government. Blame Trump.

With everything closing down, they fear what may come. Food scarcity, thievery, etc. It will be each man for himself.

Don’t say no. An inevitability in the making.

A coronavirus update, some observations.

A world wide report. As of yesterday, the virus had doubled world wide in 2 weeks. Now more than 200,000 cases. Deaths reported at more than 8,000.

Some Republicans still do not believe coronavirus a significant danger. No big deal. They consider it a media generated frenzy.

Wait till they or a member of their family get sick. Even worse, die.

McConnell is the perfect two-face. His duplicity exceeds Trump’s.

The House bill from friday still has not been voted on by the Senate. The bill provides protections for the working class.

McConnell failed to keep the Senate in session friday night. He let them go home till 5:30 monday. Mnchin and Trump had approved the bill friday night. Over the weekend, certain Senate Republicans, the President, and McConnell came out of the woodwork saying more had to be done with the bill. A bill the nation is “desperate” for.

Nothing happened monday. Yesterday at noon, McConnell said many changes were required. By 5 pm, he was telling his dissident Republicans to “gag” and pass the bill, there were other bills ahead they could work to achieve the benefits they sought. Like more for corporate America and less for the working man.

Will the Senate pass the bill today? The one we felt confident would be passed monday night. Or, more bullshit?

Blame for the condition the U.S. is in is being placed at the feet of Trump. He waited too long. Too long to acknowledge the problem, too long to act.

I have mentioned more than once in recent days Italy’s move in staying all mortgage payments. One way way to help people get ahead of the crisis.

I suggested it should be done here. Even going one step further. All tenant rent payments should be stayed. Renters need help also. If the landlord does not have to make a mortgage payment, the tenant should not be required to pay the landlord.

It will all balance out in the end. The banks will survive. They always do. The government right now is dumping trillions into their pockets and want to provide more.

Give the working class a break!

Which now brings me to the U.K. My thought re not having tenants pay rent for a while is being pushed in Britain. Johnson wants rent payments to be stayed.

The matter is under serious discussion. All facets being reviewed. No mention of Italy’s suspending mortgage payment plan yet. I suspect the U.K. might adopt both parts of the plan.

At 10 this morning, the stock market was down 850 points. Another 1,000 day drop in the making? God forbid, 2,000!

The market is no different than the people. Each can take a beating only so long.

Note, it is only beginning. The worse is yet to come.

The hotel industry is getting hit big time. The Trump family may lose a dollar or two.

The occupancy rate in New York City dropped to 74 percent following 9/11. Dropped to 79 percent following the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2009. This past week found some New York City hotels with occupancy running 5 percent.

The writing is on the wall. Major hotel chains see it. They are furloughing employees by the tens of thousands. Many are closing on a scale en masse.

Italy keeps moving ahead. PornHub is providing free porn to Italians. Something to do/watch while at home.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has suspended its “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Lou, Lou, Lou,
    You cannot find any good with Trump and the Republicans despite all the great accomplishments for our country especially in regard to the extraordinary efforts to fight the Chinese Virus.. Shame on you. You have turned into a demented old fool, and your rhetoric is boring!

  2. A good thing is Trump’s pointing the figure at Communist China. They knew in early January that the virus was spread between people, BUT told the WHO there was little if any trans mission between people–A LIE. Do some research or that issue.

      • Again as I have done in the past please tell us all how you arrived at a “BS” conclusion. I am not here to pick a fight, but to present a other points of view. Photos from space still show long lines at medical buildings in China.
        It does not sound like it is over. Unless you have some information to show this is “BS” I will have to think you are a Chines agent similar to the one arrested here in KW last year.

  3. Several credible and reliable news agencies are reporting that the US is still struggling to develop it’s own cronavirus test kits, even though the WHO’s kits (refused by the USA) are adequately working and are now being used around the world with good success.There is no word yet about what is happening with the 500,000 kits sent here by the Chinese billionaire, Jack MA, or the 1 Million masks he sent. Maybe we could get Jose Andres to distribute these along with the various food relief efforts he’s doing. Both of these guys are doing something, at their own expense, while our Nero pontificates.

  4. Lou as smart as you are- you sometimes do not appear so.
    Key West Citizen is published Monday- Saturday, no Sunday addition.
    I receive my copy every morning in my driveway.

  5. The House coronavirus aid bill that Lou has been concerned about was approved by the House Saturday morning and approved by the Senate today. Not exactly lightning speed, but not bad for Congress. After all, it does take some time to read a bill, hold discussion and hearings, etc. Remember when Nancy Pelosi famously said “Congress must enact the bill in order to see what’s in it”.

    Meanwhile, the Senate is preparing a much larger relief bill, and the House will have it’s opportunity to reciprocate.

  6. Nice of you to minimize this issue in another of your attempts to give cover to a job done poorly.

    We have a crisis and the US Senate took a day off, actually two days off. Then when they did come back from their nap, they chose to slow walk any effort, awaiting you (and others) to come up with lame excuses, while Rome burns.

    You realize that less time was relegated for the FBI to investigate Brett Kavanaugh’s very real allegation for criminal wrongdoing than the time they took to get around to voting on emergency measures regarding the people out of work (and ability to pay their bills), don’t you? More likely you do, but chose to ignore that in your rush to spin yet another dumb move by your favorite pols.

    • Darn! Did I say something that was incorrect? I hate it when I don’t get my facts right.

      BTW, how did the FBI and Brett kavanaugh become part of a discussion about the COVID-19 virus? I tried to follow your logic, but just couldn’t. Sorry.

        • Cudo’s to the president for doing the job he should be doing? It seems strange to have to acknowledge a baker for baking bread. But I suppose it was an effort for him to do something useful for other than himself+ and for that we can, and should. Even though most of us suspect it was done only for bragging rights in this election year.

          • Let us not forget what he did for himself. Getting the FED to drop prime interest rates to zero. He will need more than bragging rights- remember it is the economy stupid? –Recession 2020

          • I agree. We must have government organization and leadership during this crisis. And it must be the government we already have. Not some government we might wish we had. So let the leaders lead, let the legislators legislate, let the bakers bake bread. There will be plenty of time in the future to sort out the wrong moves from the right ones.

      • The Brett Kavanaugh recount was a time frame example to illustrate how short a time the Senate took for something THEY felt THEY needed to get done quickly for the good of the country, compared to them dragging their feet on a much more urgent issue, for the good of this same country, and now you want to ignore that comparison, to make your very forced point. Which shows just how hypocritical your spin really is, by that comparison alone. Hard to imagine them taking the weekend off during the Kavavaugh confirmation, and then getting around to a vote on him maybe an additional three days later. No, that urgent issue was slammed through COMPARED to this urgent issue you wish to want provide political cover for. Shameful and cheap JG.

        And yes, your spin was just YOUR spin (the “incorrect” part) of which you pretend to be so conveniently ignorant and forgetful.

        Why to we always have to explain these things to you?

        • Ummmm. Well. Okay, I guess.
          I’ll have to remind myself to always look back at the Kavanaugh example whenever bills are up for a vote in Congress. Of course the pas$age of legislation and a confirmation hearing are completely different animals. But whatever.

          • Who you kidding JG (or whoever you really are)?

            Stop trying to gaslight, you’re not very good at it. Only a fool or a tool would try and praise the Senate for having obviously dragged their feets in a crisis. Pointing out that in other instances they rammed things through in far less time, is an appropriate response, regardless of the specifics. Attacking the details is just shamelessly changing the subject. That makes you look far more foolish. Better you should keep your mouth shut.

          • John Galt, please ignore these braying sheep on this COMMENT section. Some of us can stand to read opinions that differ from our own. Also ignore their self righteous and lengthy blather, telling you how they have the “right” opinion.
            Party On.

            • Nonsense, you come on Lou’s blog with these obvious gaslight theories that challenge common sense or established facts and ALWAYS want to hide behind your own pompous interpretation of “opinion.” Then when ever you are challenged with logic, facts or even other peoples opinion, you cry like a baby and accuse everyone of insulting you, calling you names or whatever.

              Sometimes it looks like all you are doing is annoying people with the sole purpose of creating a case where you can claim abuse.

              Grow up, or go cry somewhere else!

  7. The Governor closed all bars and nightclubs state wide. Restaurants will be permitted to remain open. No alcohol to be served.

    I’d like to know the logic in that. How about soft drinks?

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