If Trump had been President when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, Japan would have been settled in on the west coast in January.

As irresponsible a job as he is doing with the coronavirus crisis, many people love him. A poll on the internet this morning shows Trump’s favorability rating with regard to his handling of the crisis in excess of 50 percent. Up from somewhere in the 40’s last week.

Would you believe!

I cannot understand!

He gets “better” by the day. Written facetiously, of course. Yesterday he attacked the Governors. Who in my opinion are doing one hell of a job.

Natural disasters are the responsibility of the federal government. States alone cannot handle them. And coronavirus may be the greatest natural disaster to ever have confronted our country.

Trump continues to pass the buck. He always does. It is never his fault. Yesterday’s comment in response to State requests for helping with medical supplies an example: “We’re not a shipping clerk.”

Local health systems are overwhelmed. Life saving supplies in great demand and low supply. The federal government the only entity that can help. Critical medical equipment is needed. Otherwise the epidemic will be worse. Can’t say out of control since I already believe it is.

The President is leader, savior and everything else when it comes to protecting the country. Trump should be a George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He is not. With no chance for redemption which scares the hell out of me.

This is the day!

I wrote yesterday of Jared Kushner’s entrepreneurial scheme with his brother Joshua, Joshua’s corporation Oscar, and Joshua’s father in law Dr. Kloss. Private drive through testing sites. For profit. Jared and family profit.

Jared said such would begin today at selected sites. Will it happen? Or will “the happening” be consistent with those of his father in law the President?

The Trump Presidency failed to prepare for the virus. True, he could not have know it would occur when first he took office. However, he failed to prepare for the inevitable. Within 2 yeas he cut back all federal budgets that would have been concerned with the problem. Also because of the budget cuts, experienced medical staff whose specialties were epidemics were let go.

No problem, Donald. Understood. You needed money for the wall.

I am not referring to a vaccine. I refer to the basics that we are now in short supply of. Swabs, testing solutions, test kits, N95 face masks, and ventilators.

The lack of sufficient ventilators strikingly exhibits what is to come. A Sophie’s Choice situation. Due to an insufficient number of ventilators, doctors will have to decide who will live or die.

Where are the testing kits? Weeks now. This was supposed to be a 4 million kit week.

Many, most, I don’t know…..However, it appears the government is unaware of what it has or certain departments are prohibited from releasing such information.

The need for ventilators and respirators is critical. In 2-3 weeks, the tipping point may be reached.

It was announced yesterday, the Pentagon has respirators and ventilators. It is making 5 million respirators and 2,000 ventilators available.

What else is there? Has to be some and more of everything. Seek and ye shall find!

The third piece of critical legislation was passed by the Senate yesterday. The biggest part. Initially thought would be $1 trillion. We are now told it will be closer to $2 trillion.

The Republican Senate passed it without consultation with the Democratic House. It now sits with the House for consideration.

This is the bill that will pay each person $1,200 twice and $500 per child twice. Then, no more.

This bill will also bailout the big corporations with billions of dollars. Small businesses will be given loans that will be forgivable (means maybe not have to be paid back).

I do not like the whole thing.

I favor giving working persons money. Someone has to pay their everyday bills, put food on the table, etc. Two payments will not be enough. The virus problem will be with us for at least several months more.

It is the big corporations I have a problem with. Those we bailed out following 2008 did not use the money to help workers. The corporate hierarchy and the business itself used the money to personally benefit the big officers and shareholders.

It has to be different this time around!

Perhaps not even provide the big corporations with a bailout. The Bankruptcy Law has built in safeguards where the businesses can reopen and not have to pay creditors for a number of years.

I believe the working force has to be kept alive and vital. When the dust settles and work is available, they can easily do so. Not having significantly suffered during the down turn.

Small businesses another story. They have to be helped. Not sure how at this point.

I finally heard from Anna!

She is alive and well. Confined to her home 24 hours a day. All of Italy is.

Anna has a large elegant apartment. Ten thousand square feet, 2 floors. For real. As a result of the crisis, she has taken one huge room and turned it into a gymnasium. At 83, she is still concerned with her figure. She admonished me not to get fat.

Anna wrote that no one is permitted on the streets with 3 exceptions. A statement from a government agency permitting the person to be out and about to go to work, buy groceries and go to the pharmacy.

Police vigilant. Everyone watched. Failure to have such a letter and being on the task identified results in automatic arrest. Anna says no sympathy or excuse. Jail 30 to 90 days. The law is being strictly enforced.

The numbers indicate that the virus will have a greater impact on Italy than it is having on China. More sick, more dead.

The bodies of the dead have become a problem. Forget the cemeteries. No room. Crematoriums in many cities are overwhelmed.

Army trucks are being used to transport the bodies to other cities to be cremated. Large convoys of trucks.

An example is Bergamo in northern Italy. Military trucks operating daily transporting bodies to several other cities.

Morgues are collapsing.

The obituary page clearly spells out the volume of dead persons. Obituaries taking up 10 pages. An average of 150 obituaries each day.

A 95 year old woman advised the number of dead was far worse than during World War II.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson not fully recovered. Out of the hospital and isolation. As far as it goes for the moment. They are now self quarantined.

Tom’s sister reported, they are “not great, but still ok.”

Tom says energy a problem: “Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads to a nap on the couch.” Tom further reports the headaches are gone. However, the “blahs” continue.

The lights are out on Duval. Like Paris during World War II. Few people on the street day or night.

I have not seen it yet. I am into my 9th day of self-quarantine. Those that have describe the feeling as “eeri.”

I hope to drive down to Duval over the weekend to take a look. Remain in my car all the time. I am beginning to develop a need to get away from the house a bit.

Key West is the southernmost point in the U.S. Only one way in and out is U.S. 1. One hundred twenty miles.

Only one coronavirus case so far. Died. Announced yesterday. A visitor from another country. Assumed the virus was brought in with him.

The Monroe County Commission has voted to basically close the Keys to visitors beginning 6 pm sunday. At that time, all hotels and lodging facilities will be closed to everyone.

The exception will be monthly and multi-month rentals. Those persons will be permitted to stay.

Closing down the hotels, etc., provides an excellent opportunity to solve a soon to be coronavirus problem. A shortage of hospital beds.

California closed down hotels and motels a couple of weeks ago. Governor Newsom’s order provided the closed facilities could be used as hospitals. California has already begun doing so.

The Keys should do it. All of Florida, if necessary. We only have 2-3 hospitals in all the Keys.

This Navy hospital ship idea Trump has come up with does not provide immediate help. He wants one off the coast of California and the other New York. It has been reported it will take at least one month for the vessels to arrive.

I called a friend this morning to see how things were going. I was not aware the museums had been shut down. I caught him at the Unemployment Office. He was doing the necessary paper work.

No Hemingway House or Little White House for a while.

May Johnson. Key West’s 1896 19 year old school teacher. Her diary for this date found in bold letters at the end: NO LETTER DISAPPOINTED.

Miguel out of town?

Enjoy your day!


  1. This situation and Trump’s supposed popularity simply prove that many people are idiots, the herd is way too large for its own good and Darwin was right. Unfortunately, everyone must suffer fools but perhaps one day most of us will realize the world has changed.

  2. Trump is far more dangerous than this virus he downplayed for too long. Trump is unfit – in the better America of yesterday- he would have been booed off the 2016 stage and shunned. His rise speaks volumes to how flawed and misguided we are as a nation. He is the catalyst to a political experiment gone awry. Such an aberration must never happen again.

    • Well, I don’t know about that, we did elect Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan, in what some people might want to call a time of “better America.”

      • I do and always have. I would prefer my vote count in full without the effectively being usurped by the EC. How refreshing it would be for a candidate to cross the finish line and not come in second. I’m sure you will also feel one day.

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