The primary thought running through my mind last night was why was I watching the Vice-Presidential debate.

The debate changed nothing. Pence and Harris both unimpressive.

Pence was his usual self. Did his job Always supportive of Trump. Never spoke ill of him. His performance so lacking that a fly got more attention.

Pence has a bad problem. He lies. He was consistent with past speeches in that regard last night.

Harris bothered me. My thoughts centered on whether she was Presidential timber. She was great in her preprepared responses. Hesitant otherwise.

Harris reminded me of a sports team that made it to the championship game for the first time. Like the Super Bowl or Final Four. A team has to have been there before in order to win. This was Harris’ first time. Seasoning required.

Rather than throw the baby out with the wash water, lets try something else first. Give the moderator a button to press that cuts the speaker off if the speaker speaks beyond his or her time. Debates for the highest offices in the land should not be a free for all.

Trump received some anti-body treatment while in the hospital. I believe it is called Regeneron. Still in its testing stage.

Trump considers it a miracle drug. Made him feel great. Says it might be good to give to the American people and at no cost.

Yesterday’s MIT Technology Review reported the drug was tested using fetal cells originally derived from an abortion.

What would God say? The Trump administration has consistently said fetal cells from any source should not be used for testing or as a part of a drug. If Regeneron is approved, will Right to Lifers permit its use in their bodies?

Sound way out? Think of all the stupid cases that have gone to the Supreme Court on abortion/birth control issues equally far out.

Regeneron’s final product will not utilize fetal cells in its testing or preparation. In its place will be cells from some hamster organ.

Amy Coney Barrett will be approved for the Supreme Court. It would take an apocalyptic event to prevent it.

I have written several times as to my opposition. It is based primarily on her religious background.

Recently, she is being palmed off as a Roman Catholic. Perhaps she is. Yesterday and for most of her adult life she has not. She and her husband have been members of People of Praise. A charismatic group who have beliefs way out. Like a wife must be subservient to the husband in all things. Seems her group interprets the Bible as Scalia interpreted the Constitution. To the letter.

She has said in the past that abortion is “barbaric.” It is believed she will vote for its repeal. She is anti-Obamacare. She is and/or will be against everything that has been fought for and decided favorably for the American people in the past 60 years.

I mention this religious thing again today because of Senator Durbin. He said on TV yesterday that religion would be off limits in questioning Barrett. Wrong!!! In this instance it is her religious foundation and beliefs that are crucial in deciding what “fairness” means to her while sitting on the Supreme Court.

Suppose she was a member of some Satanic group? Ok to question her on her religious beliefs then?

The woman is going to spend 30-40 years on the Court. She should be questioned on anything and everything that might affect her judgment.

Trump claims he is transparent. As transparent as a brick wall!

Will we ever be told when Trump was last tested negative?

In fact, his whole medical scenario re his recent hospitalization should be an open book.

I consider Stephen Miller the Joseph Goebbels of the Trump administration. Goebbels was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. He even looks like Goebbels.

Miller sits at the right hand of God. His office next to Trump’s. Trump relies on his thoughts. Miller writes most of Trump’s speeches.

It was announced he has been infected with coronavirus.

Trump keeps telling us the economy is good. If so, why are so many corporations announcing big number furloughs?

The most recent Regal Cinema. Closing all U.S. theaters thursday. The move affects 40,000 employees.

Trump has been twice nominated recently for the Nobel Peace Prize. I am not certain if the nominations were for this year or next.

Friday, this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced. I will be shocked if it is Trump.

The vaccine! The vaccine! The vaccine!

Even Pence last night said with confidence we would have a vaccine this year. He even used the word “soon.” Said with an aura of confidence.

Trump has done even better. I can recall several months ago when it was next year. That moved down to next month, next week, days, and now “momentarily.”

Would Trump lie to the American people by announcing and pushing a vaccine or other drug allegedly to cure coronavirus so he can be reelected?


Helen Reddy recently died at age 78. Her recording of I Am Woman became a feminist anthem.

Trump lost his credibility almost as soon as he took office in 2016. Doctors have generally been considered credible forever.

Today, not those attending Trump for Covid-19. They refuse to provide Trump’s recent medical records.

Amazing how Trump contaminates everyone he comes in contact with! And I do not mean solely coronavirus wise.

Another doctor visit at noon.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Several times in the past week Lou has mentioned his opposition to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. He admits his opposition is primarily due to Barrett’s religious background. It seems to me that Lou is very close to advocating a religious test for SCOTUS nominees. If the nominee is a member of a mainstream religion (Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.) he/she is acceptable. Anyone connected to a smaller religious group or charismatic organization need not apply.

    The Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment guarantee our freedom of religion. Jefferson expanded on that to create what we now refer to as the separation of church and state. It seems clear to me that the founding fathers intended that a person’s religion should neither promote nor prevent that person from holding public office.

    Barrett’s upcoming confirmation hearings are certain to be combative. If she is rejected, I hope it will for some reason other than a newly created religious test.

    • A religious test should please conservative if they are truly seeking a textualist. One day their fear will come true, Muslims on the court.

  2. Once again we have John Galt’s Libertarian (if people would just act responsibly) interpretation of things.

    I wonder how Republicans would act if the Democrats put up John Jones (if he had lived) for a SCOTUS seat? or maybe Charles Manson (before the murders), or maybe an extreme Muslim?

    Religion is a way of life for some people and as such often contrary to other people’s way of life. No JG, it can’t be ignored, because people (actual people) can NOT ignore it, regardless of how “nice” that seems to be.

    Reality JG, Reality!

    • Actually, there has always been a clause in Article VI of the Constitution that bans a religious test for any applicant for government office at the national or state level. But there are no indications that anyone in the Senate either knows of the ban and/or intends to abide by it. If Barrett‘s confirmation hinges on her religion it will be because of those who ignore the law and the Constitution, and instead shout Reality, Reality, Reality!

      • You are NOT suppose to FU*K somebody elses wife either genius, and yet lots of people do it. Even our most important religious leaders and many, many of the legislators who will be making the decision on ANY and All SCOTUS candidates.

        What is wrong with you? People make judgements on their feelings all the time, the law be damned. The world is NOT what you Libertarian think it is or want it to be. Take your head out of the sand.

        Trump himself discriminates openly directly on the basis of religion, yet I have never heard you even ONCE hold him to task. Why is that JG

        • Dagny, the most honest part of Your response is “…the law be damned”. That says a lot about who you are. But you are not alone. The country is becoming overrun with you.

          • The laws in this country can only be damned when people like you sit around and pontificate, while Rome burns.

            Talk all you want, here on Lou’s blog, or with your do nothing Libertarian, about how things SHOULD be, but can NEVER be because your idea of utopia just doesn’t work, instead of accepting REALITY and helping that out.

            My advise to you and your friends is reject that aloof political Valium (Libertarianism) and start helping society govern properly.

  3. Last night Kamala Harris praised China over America multiple times, contradicted her own statements, and basically guaranteed her and Joe Biden’s plans to pack the court if they’re elected.

    Dodd-Frank Act provides banks legal provisions to confiscate YOUR retirement savings to protect themselves during the next financial crisis.

    call your broker or banker before you vote

    Good-by KW

    • Sandy, who uses several different names posting on this blog is a pest who admits to coming here just to start fights with outrageous statements. Some people believe he is really a Russian disinformation blog, others say no, Russia isn’t THAT stupid. Who cares?

  4. If any of our actual progressive friends here care to lean about a real platform of change, Please check out Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. I’m not saying vote Green Party, but please at least look them up. They are what we really need. I got one am sick for settling for middling Democrats. If we do t send a message we will continue to get The same “democrat” candidates

    Have you had enough?

  5. Not true, we have several good progressive Democrats in public office. We could do better with this and should, voting Green is a waste of time and counter productive. If you don’t think that’s true, tell me who were the Green Party candidates last time (with out looking that up) and exactly how they influenced the world in these last four years. We are a two party system and diverting votes does nothing but diminish any chances of being in power instead of Republicans.

    Having said that, please encourage any Republicans you know who cannot vote for a Democrat to please vote Libertarian to send Republicans a message

      • But you can NOT do the right thing, if you are NOT in power.

        That is the point. Furthermore, you can screw things up sometimes, if you try. Ralph Nadar is an example of that,

  6. So Trump’s goons plotted to kidnap a State Governor and got caught.
    I wonder if he will pardon these “fine people”?

    • Russian disinformation hacks are making this Sandy jerk look like the ultimate fool. More worried for the Red Chinese than he is about the serious problems right here in America.

      Why is anyone trying to bring attention to the fact that America has no business complaining about someone else imprisoning people they’re having a problem with while themselves running mazzive concentration camps for Mexican immigrants, whose only crime is attempting immigration.

      • Forget “comrade” Sandy and his dezinformatsiya crew. They are just trying to draw attention away from Pence’s very bad debate and Trumps other topical troubles with trivial crap.

        They’re just laughing at us.

        • Yes Red China is laughing at us. Their movie chain is still open while our chain is closing. Did Biden say he would remove Trumps Tariff’s ( Tax) if he wins on the first day–NO

          Were is the answer to stuffing the court?
          Joe is like Nancy–I will tell when I get elected. You fool. We bough Oboma Dr. lie what can I keep.

  7. exactly what is Joe’s new plan for the 18 new covert cases in KW. Other than Trumps’. More masks, more testing and more BS. Nancy does not want to help us out with $ just bail out the Big cities like NYC

    • Hey Sandy – haven’t heard from you in awhile, why don’t you drop by for lunch one day soon. Try one of our salads, we have Russian dressing now too.

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