White supremacists and similar type groups continue to be on the move. Each act or contemplated act the worse yet.

The most recent plan diabolical from its inception. Kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer, try her, then execute her. Following which the group involved would move into Wisconsin and start a civil war.

The rebels the Wolverine Watchmen.

Fortunately, officials became aware and informants were able to infiltrate the group several months ago.

Thirteen have been charged with the plan. Six federal, seven state. They will be tried for treason.

These are Trump’s people. Trump has been on Witmer’s back for more than a year. They do not agree among other things how the coronavirus epidemic should be handled. Trump has spoken poorly of her.

Even following the arrests. Trump spoke of the group’s goodness and not a favorable word re Witmer. His attitude very negative. No words of happy the plan failed, etc.

Last year for the first time, federal officials warned that domestic terrorism is the worse danger facing the U.S. It’s members people who support Trump and in return are supported by Trump.

The U.S. must engage in a war against domestic terrorism. Its danger equivalent to the coronavirus epidemic. The only valid solution is to get Trump out of office. They’re his people. Mine is not a political cry. Rather, a practical one.

Biden must be elected. The House and Senate controlled by the Democrats.

Then we will be able to work to weaken and hopefully get rid of these hate groups. We will have neither a Trump or Barr to deal with.

Presently, we are like Hitler and his people in the mid and late 1930’s. If Trump is reelected, Trump will become Hitler and the U.S. Nazi Germany.

It’s up to you, me, the people…..everyone!

Trump is unhappy with many. Always has persons on his “hate list.”

Presently it is Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer for her handling of the Covid-19 crisis, Attorney General Barr because he refuses to arrest Biden and Clinton for purported wrongdoings in the 2016 election, Secretary of State Pompeo for his failure to release Clinton’s e-mails, and FBI Director Chris Wray who overall Trump has found not to be supportive.

Today has to be another bad one for Trump. He is sick, looks like he is going to lose the election, losing cases in the courts, his tax records getting out, very few things going his way.

Trump received 2 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. I am sure he had dreams of sugarplums dancing in his head.

The winner was announced this morning. It was not Trump.

An organization did. The World Food Programme, a U.N. entity. The organization has been providing food to 90 million people a year.

What has Trump done to equal such? Nothing even close.

The New England Medical Journal is probably the most respected medical publication in the world. Not political in any fashion. In fact, the last time it published anything of a political nature was back in 1812.

This week became the time to be politic again. The Journal wrote a blistering editorial about Trump’s failure in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Part of the editorial: “National leaders had the opportunity to limit the virus’ spread and prevent widespread illness, deaths, and lasting economic turmoil. Here in the United States, our leaders have failed that test. They have taken a crisis and turned it into a tragedy.”

When Trump was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night last year, the doctors who were to treat him were required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Two refused. They were not allowed to care for Trump.

Same thing with Trump’s Walter Reed hospitalization last week. Only doctors who signed non-disclosures were permitted to care for the President.

I have written increasingly over the past 2 years concerning what I viewed as an impending food shortage. Many mocked me.

It is here and is growing. Getting worse each day. More people in need of food assistance and less food available.

It is believed that over the next 12 months the shortage will increase faster and to a bigger extent.

The next 12 months will reveal that food banks will be short 8 million packages. Means 8 million will go hungry.

It is projected 1 out of 5 will be out of cash by election day. More Americans are slipping into poverty.

The surge for food at the food banks is unprecedented. The demand surge greater than ever and increasing by the day.

Food banks require among other things large donations. Donations have been drying up because of the U.S.’s growing economic problems.

Soon the U.S., the greatest nation on earth, will find 50 million of its citizens without sufficient food on a consistent basis. As the economy continues to crumble, the hunger crisis will escalate.

Unquestionably, troubled times ahead. How will the U.S. handle it?

Scarlet fever is returning.

How many have even heard of scarlet fever? It is a yesterday disease that was solved with anti-biotics. No vaccine available. However the anti-biotics worked efficiently.

Till now.

The scarlet fever virus is mutating. Its resurgence becoming obvious.

Scarlet fever may each epidemic proportions as it did years ago. One of the worst times in the U.S. was the first half of the twentieth century. It was the leading cause of death among children. Children from 5-15.

I have a somewhat clear recollection of when I had scarlet fever. I was 4-5 years old. We lived in a 3 story 6 apartment house. I was taken to the hospital. The charity one. Not that I knew such at the time.

I recall 2 things distinctly.

When the ambulance people were taking me out of the building, there was a sign by the front door. I cannot recall its exact wording. What it said in effect was the building was quarantined, DANGER!, no one could enter.

That’s the way it was in the late 1930’s.

The other distinct recollection was my parents could not visit me in the hospital. They stood on the lawn outside waving and trying to talk with me. I was inside on the other side of the window. Waving at them and laughing.  I did not understand what was going on.

Another doctor visit yesterday. Afterwards, I drove down Duval. It was noon time.

Not many people again. Appeared to be all tourists. No mask wearing. A couple more stores closed. The windows reflecting a stark emptiness.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Apparently there are lots of militias out there plotting to kidnap governors, shoot guns and blow stuff up. It sounds like fun, so I’m going to start one here on Lou’s blog. We can call it The Underground Redneck Python Posse (URPP). New members should have full bushy beards, be at least 50 pounds overweight, and have completed sixth grade. It would be cool if someone had a fake military semi-auto rifle, because most of us would only have deer rifles and hand-me-down shotguns. Our first meeting will be at a secret Burger King location, which I will reveal to you when I receive your $100 registration fee. This is Top Secret sh*t so don’t tell anybody from the F.B.I.

    • Serge is a persistent troll and pest on this blog, who many think is Sandy and probably others, too. He too posts a lot of disinformation crap and as such, like Sandy is thought to be Russian hackers. They both (same guy) troll for fun and to start arguments.

      • Oops. Sorry, I missed the sign on the door when I came in. You know, the one that says any attempt at levity on this blog will be met with with grim. stern, stony-faced disapproval. It could bring down a plague of slimy frogs, acne or zombies upon us all. I dunno, it might even be worse than a loud fart in church. My bad.

        • What, you believe you are above debate and opposing criticism?

          Yes, your bad – even without factoring in your horrible history on this blog.

          • Exactly on cue. See what I mean? Now are you the humorless grim and stern one? Or are you the humorless stony-faced one.? Hard to tell one from another.

            • Woe is you, phony snowflake?

              Please give us a few minutes to find a tiny violin before you post another excuse to post more Bull Sh*t.

                • It is what it is, if that’s not YOUR cup of tea, find some other blog you prefer. This is not your personal blog and no one here is forcing you to read it or forcing you to stay. It is also not yours to try and change.

                  • Serge pushes his humor a little too hard. But he has a point. This blog tends to be dark and completely without humor or pleasantries. Why is that? Other blogs that include a lot of political commentary, “Political Bullpen”, for instance, often have threads that are pretty darn funny. Are our comments here so important that they must be delivered solemnly like commandments from God? No. It’s a blog. Nobody cares what we think.

                    So now you will tell me that if I don’t like it here I can leave. And I will in a few minutes. I come here to check on Lou’s news of the keys. Then I’m off to other friendlier places.

                    • Who are you trying to kid. Serge pushes his humor (if YOU want to call it that) way beyond “hard.” He has been a troll and a pest on this blog for a long time now, and has contrubited racist rants, false information and dishonest pandering, that goes way beyond his childish “humor.” Now he wants to gaslight and pretend to be a ‘likable’ guy with just ‘pretend’ humor just doesn’t cut it.

                      Sergey has burned his bridges and has ZERO credibility here. If he doesn’t like this blog because of Lou’s style or the attitude his reply post bring, then he (you?) should buss off and take his crybaby crap elsewhere.

    • I’m not sure that accurate, Racism has been a serious problem and caused a lot of terrible things, long before Trump was even born.

      Trump is a more serious immediate problem and some one who is using racism as a weapon, but I think racism will be around long after Trump has gone

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