The last Volkswagen Beetle ran off the assembly line in Mexico yesterday. Volkswagen has been turning out its Beetles in Mexico for years.

Volkswagen has decided to stop making Beetles. Apparently the market no longer exists for the vehicle.

Sad though the occasion was, it was party time at the Mexican plant yesterday. Excellent food and drink. A confetti shower. A mariachi band playing and singing.

This is the second time Volkswagen has stopped producing the Beetle in recent years. Eleven years ago it said no more. Two years later Volkswagen began manufacturing them again.

That was 9 years ago. I bought one of the first manufactured. A 2010 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. It was not the run of the mill Beetle. It was a special model. Only 1500 were manufactured.

Over the years, I have learned that the first year of any car and the last make the vehicle extra special for sales purposes. Bring in top dollars. Sort of a windfall.

I purchased the convertible in anticipation of making a buck when I sold it. Volkswagen having stopped manufacturing makes the car worth even more.

Almost 10 years I have been driving the convertible. Only 44,000 miles on it. The car has only been some distance outside Key West on 2 occasions. In good shape. If I ever sell it, I’ll probably make the extra dollar.

The convertible my second Beetle. My first a 1969 Christmas present for my wife. Fire engine red. She came upon it Christmas morning in the drive way with a large bow around it.

She drove it for 10 years till it died. For real. She forgot to put oil in and the engine block split. Her next car a yellow Mercedes-Benz.

How the world turns!

The thing I recall most about the new Beetle purchased in 1969 was its cost. $1,900. Those days gone forever!

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports property values in Key West on the rise. I am not surprised. I believe they are the highest ever. More million dollar homes available at one time. Many priced in the several millions.

What goes up, must come down. No question. Inevitable.

I recall the 2008 crash. Home values dropped swiftly and dramatically. Some as much as 2/3’s.

Real estate values have risen 7.5 percent each of the past 2 years.

Keep in mind my admonition. What goes up, goes down. If anything, now is the time to sell. Not buy.

The Keys are in the middle of the turtle nesting season. Hatchings in the dark of every evening.

Many eggs will hatch. The problem is a very few will survive. One in 1,000 will survive to adulthood.

Barry ain’t Barry yet!

The Gulf storm soon to be a tropical storm. At that moment, the name will apply.

The storm is expected to grow to tropical intensity tomorrow morning. Then its name will officially be Barry.

Barry could also turn into a category 1 before it hits land.

Landfall is presently projected for Louisiana. Right up the Mississippi to New Orleans. If Barry turns a bit, it will hit hard the Mississippi shore line.

Landfall is expected sunday or early monday.

Irma was the Keys’ last hurricane. September 10, 2017. A day everyone in the Keys will remember.

Almost 2 years later, recovery work still not complete. Government long overdue with payments. FEMA slow as hell! Bureaucracy the problem.

It has been announced that FEMA will be paying $4 million for Irma cleanup work done almost 2 years ago. $3 million to Monroe County. One million to the State.

Both amounts to reimburse for debris removal.

Note that FEMA has “announced” the monies. I wonder how long it will take from this point to make the payments?

As indicated here and on my blog talk radio show, the Epstein probe will involve more than Jeffrey Epstein himself. Many prominent figures will be exposed.

The first names mentioned include Bill and Hillary Clinton. Does not mean actual involvement. Only means at this time they have been mentioned.

It is alleged that Epstein sent $3.5 million to a secret Swiss bank account in the name of the Clinton Foundation. The information based on a leak. The leak claimed to have been by  whistleblower.

Another interesting name. Prince Andrew. A teen girl claims she was forced to have sex with him on Epstein’s orgy island. She has so sworn in an affidavit. She also claims she saw President Clinton on the island. He has recently issued a statement that he was never there.

Disasters generally come a step at a time. Get worse with each step.

Car sales in India an example. Perhaps an example also of an impending world wide economic slow down.

India has been the 5th largest auto market in the world. Till this year. Sales have fallen off dramatically. Sales down 24 percent for June and 26 percent for May. The decline has been growing for over a year.

The decline has had ripple effects. Job losses and dealership closings the most obvious. Three hundred dealerships have closed already this year.

The car loan business has also been affected. Especially “shadow banks.” Shadow does not imply wrongdoing. Shadow banks are called such because they only make car loans. Do no other banking business. Shadow banking has been 40 percent of the auto financial market. No more. Down dramatically.

The “regular banks” are also taking a beating. They have been even before this problem. Regular banks over the years caused their own problems because of bad loans and banking scandals.

Do the drop of car sales in India and the end of the Volkswagen Beetle indicate a pending doom in the auto industry?

Trump has announced ICE raids will begin sunday. The raids to begin the deportation of “millions” of immigrants remaining illegally in the United States.

This is the third time Trump has announced a beginning date for the raids. Is he serious this time?

The raids were previously postponed because ICE and other immigration officials have told Trump they were neither ready nor prepared to handle the number of people involved, did not have sufficient detention quarters, not enough judges, etc.The first group to be collected will be 2,000. Covering 10 major cities. Babies and young children will be arrested also.

Two interesting considerations.

The law prohibits ICE from entering a home if the person(s) inside refuse(s) to open the door. The other involves the lack of proper warrants by ICE to make the arrests. It is claimed that ICE in the past has made visits and arrests without the benefit of a warrant signed by a judge. They flash warrants unsigned. Not permitted. The warrants must be signed.

Enjoy your day!



  1. First group of this new ICE immigrant round up to be 2,000 on a weekend, in 10 major cities, nationwide? That’s 200 per city!

    Sounds more like a publicity stunt (campaign related?) to me than anything serious.

    Think about it, every major city in this country will issue way more than that in traffic tickets alone. Hard to consider this any kind of serious crisis, isn’t it?

    Whose kidding who?

    • Why would you feel sorry..they come, they are hired, they work and they fill jobs most will never take. Even Reagan knew that.

  2. We all know people who came here the legal way and we all know people who came here illegally. Only the FOX news people are crazy focused on the small number of people now coming here illegally and distorting the reality of the majority of people (mostly Democrats) who are not against sorting out the problem. Republicans, particularly Republican politicians seem more interested in making this a political issue (stunt) than actually doing anything about it. They had two full years of total government control and did NOTHING, short of insisting on a wall, which any sane person knows isn’t the answer. No a days most of the problem is with immigrants wanting to come here LEGALLY, yet are being used as pawns for political gain (stunts). And the BSTS just want to blame Democrats for “wanting” illegals, which is not true. Democrats want real and FAIR solutions, not stunts.

      • Yeah, small number of people! If he’s going to do a NATIONWIDE sweep of illegal immigrants over an entire weekend and hope to get just 2000 people, I’d say that is a SMALL number of people. Trump entertains more people than that at Mar-a-Largo, practically every weekend. Besides, that sort of effort will cost millions$. You do the math Slick!

        • The 2000 you talk about already have court ordered deportation action against them which they, the illegals, have ignored. Its just a start, 2000 is a small number, there are many more to come. There is just so much money and personnel.

          • Maybe so, but your argument is about this being a MASZIVE problem, worthy of extreme measures. It is not, it is a political issue being milked and to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars. Responsible people are trying to do something about it, but Republicans are NOT, aside from the STUNTS to satisfy the base, that being you! Your effort seems to change the subject when the argument does NOT go YOUR way.

    • Maybe somebody would believe your crybaby nonsense about you having no problem with legal immigration, it’s the illegal problem where you get all wobbly. Maybe IF, IF you started to complain, even just a little, about how we’re treating PEOPLE, legal or otherwise ILLEGALLY. Your one sided approach to reality is a dead give away that you are simply uninterested in a solution, apart from your transparent partisan agenda and disruptive tactics.

      • Your arguments are really stable. The detainees are not treated as those like AOC would have us believe. Plus she is just one that voted down the increase in aid for them.

  3. Here’s how seriously President Trump’s takes his policy of “America First.” Three Trump businesses posted 144 openings for seasonal jobs from 2016 to 2017, but just one of those jobs went to an American worker, according to the US Department of Labor data. These three businesses, which includes Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, hired the foreign workers through the H-2B visa, a temporary visa for seasonal, non-agricultural work. Trump businesses have used the program since at least 2013. Sure he can claim they’re all “legal” but for someone who is so anti immigrants (they’re all criminals and rapist according to him) don’t you think he more than anyone else should at least make it look like he’s putting America first!

  4. Arrogant sob, thats your response! That will certainly convince everyone. But thats all you’re able to come up with.

  5. White wine ! Now thats a good one, ya got me. I like that. You needed to make mention of you drinking the wine in your limo’s though.

    • …..geese, you still don’t get it do you! We “lefties” drive VW buses, the limo thing has always been a Republican billionaire thing. You guys are soooo out of touch on just about everything. BTW, glad to hear you think this is all about you, a little self centered don’t you think?

  6. Talk about out of touch, never heard of Limo Liberals I guess. You’re being controlled by them. Liberals in VW buses is a long gone 60s and 70s thing, there are a few of them still floating around but now without the VWs. Chill out man.

  7. “Limo Liberals” is a FOX thing they tried back in the “Billionaires for Bush” days. Never caught on because BIG money is always aszociated with Republicans. Still is, although they keep trying to rebrand the Democrats as the “privileged” people. Awfully hard pill to swallow considering so many super rich Republicans in the limelight, like Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and so many more. Their base uses it, but they are so far from reality, it’s easy to see why they are quickly lead into believing and then repeating what ever their told. Pathetic really.

  8. Pathetic really. Yours is one of the most pathetic responses ever written. You just keep on believing your millionaire democrats with their walled in mansions.

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