Irma sticks with me. I am sure with all of us in the lower Keys.

Barry concerns me. I have been following it for several days. Tomorrow Barry makes landfall. Primarily, Louisiana. New Orleans right in the middle.

The experts say the levees will hold. Going to be close though. They can handle up to 20 feet of water. Barry is expected to rise to 19 feet. The comparison leaves no one comfortable.

Barry presently a hurricane. Category 1. Not expected to go higher. Still bad! Especially where flooding is a factor. No question there will be flooding. Many New Orleans streets began flooding 2 days ago from the heavy rains preceding Barry.

I have been up since 2 am. Couldn’t sleep. Comcast no help. TV not working. Computer down. Landline phone also. Till just after 9 this morning.

I hate Comcast! I should not be so heavy on them concerning this failure. After all, Comcast has provided excellent service the past 6 months. Six months without anything going down! Wow! Such a large company and its service record has been perfect all of six months!

Wonder of wonders!

Last night, my first some what normal evening since I was sick. I did the Chart Room and had a good time! Not drinking, of course.

The no booze is not easy. We do what we have to, however.

Tammy bartending. It was her birthday. Belated blog Happy Birthday! I wished you personally last night also.

Rich at the bar. Carrie the bartender at La Trattoria his wife. He was on his way out to meet her. She had a night off.

There was a boat captain at the other end of the bar. He had taken a couple out yesterday. The water rough.

The lady part of the couple was sunbathing nude. How nice! Till she got seasick. Then she was hanging over the back end of the boat.

I have been sea sick a few times. Death becomes your sole wish. The funny thing is once you are on shore, recovery comes quickly. Like in 10 minutes or less.

David came in. We chatted a while. Tammy joining in as much as she could.

David a beer drinker. A steady one. After a while, I hated him! He was getting happier with each bottle.

Tammy was in Colorado for the weekend. Morrison, Colorado. She went to visit a girl friend and attend a concert. The concert at the Red Rocks amphitheater.

The Avett brothers were performing. They had appeared at Key West’s new amphitheater a couple of months ago.

The amphitheater open air of course.

It rained. Heavy rain. To add to the discomfort, hailed also. Yup, Tammy got hailed on! Did not enjoy it.

She had to leave the amphitheater 3 times because of the rain and hail.

Fish will be fish. Not an old saying. I just made it up.

On this day in 1993, a female visitor from Tampa was on a rented houseboat. She was in the cabin. A barracuda suddenly leaped into the cabin.

She required 200 stitches.

People are losing faith in government. Except for Trump followers. They think Trump’s way of governing the end all!

Three examples from my perspective why the remaining American people are losing faith.

First, Trump himself. He is ruining the country. Placing us all in harm’s way.

Then there is the very recent federal court decision that found Trump was not violating the emolument clause of the Constitution. The decision basically determined a President can benefit financially from his private business without substantial checks and balances. At issue was the profit the Trump Hotel in Washington has been making.

Finally, engagements in Middle East waters that could spark World War III.

Many more examples. These three typical happenings.

Prepare yourself. I suspect Vice President Pence and a handful of Republican Senators are about to try making fools out of the American people.

They are flying to the border today. To inspect for themselves a detention center. Convinced the stories emanating from them re care being provided to adults and children are not correct.

Pence said they are going to counter “abuse claims.” He also said that the care being provided would “make the American people proud.”

What fools Pence thinks we are! It was announced he and his group will visit only one detention facility. I am sure it has been scrubbed clean and everything to be seen will portray the best available care.

Reminds me of the few times the Vietnamese permitted American reporters and the Red Cross to visit prisoner of war camps. Everything looked good for them also!

Pence is a religious fanatic. He worries me.

I shared an example a year or two ago. Pence was at a religious breakfast. He arrived first at his table. He sat. The second person to arrive was a woman. She sat.

Pence got up and walked away. He does not sit at a table alone with a woman not his wife.

Pancakes were part of the breakfast. Syrup containers on the table. The clear plastic bottle containing the syrup of a nude woman. He asked the waiter to remove it. He would not touch it. Later when Pence wanted syrup on his pancakes, he asked the waiter to pour it. Again he did not wish to touch the bottle.

The Middle East continues to warm up. I refer to what is occurring involving Iran. Happening in important international waterways. Those where huge tankers transfer oil.

The U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel on one side. Britain supporting the U.S. Iran supported by several Middle East countries. Iran being backed by Russia and China also.

How did we get into this predicament that could spark a world wide conflict? Many reasons. The most significant at this time is Trump throwing out the nuclear agreement with Iran and his imposing at will heavy onerous sanctions on Iran.

Manna from Heaven. How about money?

Yesterday on an Atlanta highway, an armored truck was traveling. A side door suddenly opened. Cash flew out! Loose bills!

About 15 cars pulled over to collect the cash and then drive off.

The police have issued a warning. Return the money or be arrested. Everything on video. Faces included. Plus license tag numbers.


A police officer said, “We hate to be the Grunch who stole Christmas…’s pretty reasonable to suspect the money belongs to someone else.”

It’s a tough life! Can’t win for losing!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou – If you are referring to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on the emoluments case, the case was dismissed for lack of standing. There was no decision by the court on whether Trump was violating the emoluments clause. Whether he is violating this Constitutional prohibition will have to wait for another day (and a better plaintiff).

  2. Near brawl at Trump press conference follows typical right wing behavior pattern common during Hitler’s rise to power.

  3. Schumer has been in Washington since 1981, Pelosi since 1987. Trump has been there for 2 years. Yet you want to blame Trump for all our problems.

    The worlds longest welfare line starts in Central America extending through Mexico and ends in our country. It started 20 or more years ago yet you want to blame Trump for it.

  4. Nonsense, If Lou brings up the fact that he drank a glazs of milk, shouldn’t allow Paddy to drop a controversial story about a cow in Canada, unless that cow had something to do with Lou’s drink. This isn’t his personal Facebook Page. He’s had a LONG history of just dropping ‘off topic grenades’ about any old thing he likes, just to start an argument, then complain, regardless if anyone answers his troll or not, that “nobody on this Liberal Blog will allow any controversy or difference of opinion.” It’s all about his need to be a Jerk, simply trying to start a fight. His ONLY purpose is to write just enough so that he can CRY like a little baby who doesn’t get her way. It is this kind of childish behavior that keeps anyone with any sense at all, from taking those on the right seriously.

  5. It looks one on the right not agreeing respectfully with the leftist comments and the lefties not being able to offer a good argument without attacking.

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