An unusual occurrence last night. My blog talk radio show only went 15 minutes. Normally, a half hour show.

The company I operate the blog through keeps me advised time wise what is happening. End of the show especially. I receive a 60 second warning and then a 30 second one. I hear them. You do not.

Last night, I heard the 60-30 second warnings at the end of 15 instead of 30 minutes. Nothing I could do but sign off. I swiftly explained to my audience what was happening.

Only the second time this has occurred. The last time no one could tell me why. Sloan will check it out and see if there is a reason this time.

You might think I could use the unused material next week. Does not work that way. Material has to be fresh. most reportable events stale after a week.

During the past Presidential race, Trump assured the American people he would clean up the Washington swamp. He has failed to do so. If anything, the swamp is in worse condition. I would describe it at this time as a cesspool. Maybe even a toilet.

There is a saying that quality rises to the surface. So it does also with goodness. Goodness will overcome the pollutant which has become our national government and is best represented by Trump himself.

Occurrences everywhere. If you do not see them, you are blind. Abuses of all kinds. To children and women. Evangelicals having sold their souls to politics. A President whose greatest claim on the road to the Presidency was his success with women. A President who paid 2 women significant monies prior to his election to keep their mouths shut re his extra-marital activities.

Republicans for over a 100 years were the protectors of Christian values. Now fearful of offending the President, they quietly accept his malfeasances. The abuses heaped upon immigrant children. A President who shows no respect for anyone or group other than himself. A man who is delivering the U.S. into anarchy. The newest scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein could prove to be the biggest of all time. It will touch many. Perhaps even the White House.

So many things. The preceding a mere handful.

I hope the U.S. will survive. Goodness and character return. It is difficult for me to believe that 250 years of democratic government can be torn down by one man in 2 1/2 years.

Let us hope not.

Three times a year Mel Fisher Treasures sponsors a treasure search. The most recent one a search for emeralds.

Mel Fisher’s boat the Magruder still in service. The crew this time took interested persons to the underwater Emerald Island. It sits near the portion of the discovered Atocha.

Several Mel Fisher staff members join in the search.

A winner this year! Another Jean Thornton!

Megan McDowell is the public relations and marketing manager for Mel Fisher. She saw what appeared to be an emerald sitting among some rocks. She swam over and took it.

Turns out the emerald is relatively large. Like 2 carats. High quality. Value to be determined by experts.

Megan has a winner!

Lobster Mini Season will soon be upon us. Two days. July 24 and 25. Strictly for sport fisherman. Commercial boaters not permitted. The regular season runs from August 6 to March 31.

Fun time!

Recall all the boats going out in Shark to capture the denizen of the deep. That is how it is during the 2 day mini season. Hundreds of boats. Thousands of fishermen.

Barry not yet Barry. Close, however.

I mentioned yesterday that a tropical storm was brewing in the Gulf. Might turn into a hurricane. If it made tropical storm, the government would name it Barry.

The storm is still forming. Not yet at tropical level. Expected to be there tomorrow. So I will refer to it as Barry from this point forward.

Heavy rains, flooding and strong winds expected. Barry will hit somewhere along the Louisiana coast. If not, Mississippi. Could be the Mississippi and Florida’s Panhandle. Could be all three. Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

Nothing certain yet.

Rain will begin wednesday morning and continue through saturday. Much too much rain expected. Ten to twenty inches.

Barry hitting Florida’s Panhandle will be an additional hit for the area. It got beat up with Irma and Michael. Not recovered as yet. Only minimally.

On this date in 1821, the American flag was raised for the first time at St. Augustine and the Spanish flag lowered. The event marked the end of Spanish rule in Florida.

A bit of humor and an environmental disaster.

Jim Beam is killing tens of thousands of fish. Alcohol! Even marine life can suffer therefrom.

The fish did not become drunk, however.

Jim Beam has a facility for the making of its product in Versailles, Kentucky. Part of it is a large warehouse. Forty five thousand barrels stored in the warehouse.

A fire occurred. The 45,000 barrels were displaced and their contents flowed into a nearby river. The fish were contaminated by the alcohol. Not made drunk. Did not die from alcohol poisoning. Affected otherwise.

The fish cannot breathe due to the sugar in the alcohol. The sugar creates a microbe feeding frenzy in the water which reduces the water’s oxygen level and suffocates the fish.

The recent Jim Beam event not the first such. In 2000, a fire occurred at a nearby Old Turkey warehouse. Seventeen thousand barrels involved. Ten of thousands fish  killed.

Enjoy your day!



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    • Thanks for the Troll, but as long as you are opportunistically stepping in it, may I point out that Clinton sure seems like a MINOR player in the extra-marital activities arena, compared to our current president, Donal Trump. At least Clinton didn’t keep marring his extra-marital conquests, then trade them in when they got wrinkly. Nor did he constantly brag publicly about it, or get caught illegally paying off his hooker conquests with campaign contributions. Then there’s 24-4, and on and on and on.

      Some of you BSTS’ are just into trolling no mater how bad it reflects on your own stupidity!

    • Probably not the smartest move for Trump’s Florida Doral Golf Club to be hosting “Miami’s hottest strippers” later this week for a golf tournament thrown by an area strip club, where attendees will be able to choose a stripper to be their “caddy girl” for the day.

  1. Oh, we can’t have any kind of controversy here. How dare anyone attempt that. # walkaway has one more member.

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