The 99L tropical wave was supposed to dump rain and wind on Key West sunday. Nothing happened. Not one drop of rain.

Yesterday, an 80 percent chance of rain. Wind from the south. I thought also we would have rain. Not a drop.

Today, an 80 percent chance of rain. I give up. I don’t know. Neither do the weather professionals.

Did my podcast broadcast last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting. I covered happenings in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Indonesia, Russia and China. Plus, occurrences in four States. A fast moving half hour.

Revealing material. Some sad, some humorous.

A busy day ahead. An early business luncheon at Salute’s. I am looking forward to it. Salute’s has great mussels at lunch. Martin’s Happy Hour with Joseph from Hot Tin Roof. Then, Donna and Terri at Back Door.

No laying around today.

Anna, where are you?

Anna reports this week she is in three different villages hanging off the side of Mont Blanc. Traveling with friends. They presently are at her chalet in Courmayeur. Tomorrow, they cross the border into France. they will be visiting Chamonix and Megeve.

What a life!

Everywhere they go,   there will be chic chalets and cobbled medieval streets.

An historic morning! At 9:45, the first commercial flight between the U.S. and Cuba takes off. Fort Lauderdale to Santa Clara. Santa Clara in central Cuba. A Jet Blue flight. The last commercial flight was 50 years ago at the time of the Cuban missile crisis.

Trump knows how to get publicity. He lets little slip through his fingers in that regard.

This afternoon, he will be in Mexico City for a meeting with the Mexican President. Tonight, Trump is in Phoenix giving his much awaited immigration speech. I am curious what this version will be.

The Mexican President is as foxy as Trump. I wonder who comes out ahead. He could make Trump look bad. Not that Trump needs help.

Hillary was in California last night at a fund raiser. At Jimmy Buffetts’ home. Hillary and the Beatles’ Paul McCartney danced.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Louis, load up your carry on with all your meds and get on that 9 seater in Key West for a 40 minute flight to Habana. I did last October. It was worth a look.

  2. Keeping track of weather is easy, radar views are available on many sites.

    I guess I can no longer listen to or watch Buffett.

    Commercial flights from Key West to Cuba have been available for months for about $500.

  3. “I guess I can no longer listen to or watch Buffett.”

    I’m sure Jimmy will be very sad about this fact when he hears about it. Hey, he is taking the Lesser of Two Evils route as Trump, well where do I start other than OMG.

  4. OMG.
    end quote

    Thats OK. Maybe I’ll mention it next time we talk. Every time we have talked it was about aviation. I’ve never known him to be political or speak of it.

    At least I’ll be casting a real vote whether it means anything or not. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Trump as far as I’m concerned. Its at least a wasted vote. But, one has to take a stand on an issue some time. Yours is over a president, thats fine. I’ll simply make this one with my ears and eyes knowing full well it won’t make a dent in his wallet.

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