Redoing South Roosevelt Boulevard on the stove top. Things heating up.

The Florida Department of Transportation wants to redo the Boulevard. One item, reducing from 4 lanes to 2. Ridiculous!

I fear the City Commission might support the move.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

A public meeting was held last night at Sheraton Suites. Called a Workshop. To hear from the citizens what they thought. Standing room only. Except for state and some local officials, most attending were opposed to doing anything. Bullshit was up front. The state and local officials saying the intent was to merely tweak the Boulevard.

The attempt is based on a 1999 study. Updated 2014 to pay more attention to bicycle riders.

The age of the study bugs me. Seventeen years to get to this the last step. A very unpopular one. An attempt to foist an unneeded plan upon us.

Another idiotic consideration is that a center turn lane is required. No one is going to turn towards the ocean side. Nothing there but sand and water. The other side does not have enough construction to warrant a center lane. The entire Boulevard does not have sufficient traffic to require one.

My fear is that eventually the 4-2 lanes thing is going to become a fait accompli. Nothing like a public servant with allocated monies to see that the dollars are spent. Regardless of need.

Did my podcast show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Enjoyed doing it. Russian hacking and robots/artificial intelligence two items discussed.

Rex Tillerson is Trump’s designee to be Secretary of State. I got into him a bit. Not as to his qualifications. As to his hypocrisy. Texas hypocrisy.

Tillerson is CEO of ExxonMobile. World’s biggest oil and gas company. Fifteenth richest corporation in the world.

Fracking produces gas. ExxonMobile is the largest natural gas producer in the U.S. Tillerson obviously a major supporter of fracking.

Tillerson and wife live in Bartonville, Texas. On an 83 acre horse farm worth $5 million.

Tillerson is opposed to anything having to do with fracking near his home.

A fracking company wanted to erect a 160 foot water tower near the properties of Tillerson and his affluent neighbors. Tillerson and his wife joined in bringing a lawsuit to stop construction of the water tower around February 2014. Prior thereto, Tillerson appeared at a public hearing and said the water tower would ruin the view from his outdoor patio.

When the media picked up that Tillerson and his wife were involved in an anti-fracking lawsuit, the news spread. Two months later in April 2014, Tillerson and his wife withdrew from the lawsuit.

Tillerson’s position interesting. Fracking ok anywhere, except near his home.

Self-serving and hypocritical.

Lighted Boat Parade tonight. Finally. High winds cancelled the parade saturday night.

Christmas and Larry Smith go hand in hand. Every Yuletide Season, Larry does a Christmas show. This year saturday night at The Studios of Key West. 8pm. Called Christmas with Larry. A jazz Christmas show.

I have not missed one of Larry’s Christmas shows for I don’t recall how many years. That long. I will be there. You should. The show is worth seeing.

Today, a sad one in the history of the United States.  Several years ago, 20 first graders and 6 school employees were shot to death by a gun wielding nut at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

If anything should have changed attitudes re gun control, the 20 little ones killed should have. For shame! It did not and has not.

We are a screwed up country.

Enjoy your day!




9 comments on “TWEAK NOTHING

  1. A guy who can’t work his smartphone or figure out how to setup a YouTube channel opining on the future of sentient robots and pervasive artificial intelligence–that must’ve been riveting.

  2. I agree regarding Sandy Hook. If any event should have changed attitudes about the arming of trained school staff members, this event was it.

    One armed and well trained school staff member could have stopped that lunatic and saved lives.

  3. “Tillerson is opposed to anything having to do with fracking near his home.”

    These rich people are always hypocrites. It is all about fracking and oil and the economy until it is near their estates, than it is all about green space, open space and view-sheds. They only want the trailer trash to suffer as who cares, right?

  4. Sandy Hook. A tragedy for sure and should have not happened. It wasn’t any guns fault, it was the parents and kids fault and I think society as it is today.

  5. Tom on December 15, 2016 at 9:32 am said:

    I think Patrick meant that it was the fault of the shooter (kid) and the shooter’s parent(s). Which I agree.
    end quote

    Yep. That kid and his parent should be put down. I didn’t say children I said kid, but, I guess I need to explain things ‘more better’.

  6. This is a little exercise I engage in with those opposed to keeping children in school safe.

    I start with these questions…

    1) Do you want to ban all guns in this country?

    2) If yes, how will you do this?
    (There are over 300 million guns that we know about, probably many more).

    3) How are you going to confiscate them all?

    4) If you don’t want to ban all guns in this country, how will you keep criminals from getting a gun?

    Now that you have addressed the previous questions, a few more questions…

    5) Do you admit that to shoot children in a school is a crime?

    6) If so, then do you acknowledge that someone who shoots children with a gun is a criminal?

    If a child shooter is a criminal, go back to Question 4.

    7) What can stop a criminal who is shooting children?

    8) Is it possible that a trained school staff member, with a gun, can stop a criminal with a gun?

    9) How many children can be saved by a trained and armed school staff member?

    10) How many children can be saved if there are NO trained and armed school staff members in the school?

    11) How long does it take to exchange a magazine in a semi-automatic weapon? (the answer is less than 2 seconds)

    12) How long does it take for an armed policeman, not on campus, to respond to an active shooter?(the answer is TOO LONG)

    13) If a trained and armed school staff member is not acceptable, how many dead school children are acceptable?

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