Busy day yesterday. I was running behind in preparation for my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Became necessary to miss the anti-gravity treadmill.

The day was spent researching and organizing tonight’s show. Interesting topics. The $1.3 billion Powerball Jackpot. That kind of money worthy of comment. My thoughts re Trump and the Muslim woman at the South Carolina rally, meat we eat no longer required to be labeled as to country of origin (Thank you, Congress), number of US bombs dropped on Muslims in 2015 together with numbers as to who hit, sunday’s no pants subway ride. and more.

The show is at 9 my time. A quick hard hitting half hour. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Dinner at Roostica. Got the only empty seat in the house. At the bar. The place packed. It was obvious why. Snowbirds! They are back in droves. Could tell by the conversations around me. Happy campers all!

The football game one of the best ever! Two great teams! Alabama and Clemson met head on. Alabama winning 45-40. It was a pleasure watching from the comfort of my bed.

Mike Shield’s son passed on several months ago. He was cremated.  His ashes slowly cast into the ocean at the Simonton Pier sunday. By one of the visiting Tibetan monks.  A warm spiritual disposition.

I am going to complain. I want to attend an event at The Studios of Key West. The opera A Thousand Splendid Suns. Thursday at 5. Went to buy two tickets on The Studios’ website. Tickets not available via the internet elsewhere.

The experience a disaster. The website itself is too long and too complicated. Forget that. My complaint is specifically directed to ticket ordering. Everything is required short of college grades. Too much info and too much time involved. Again, I just wanted two tickets.

I finally paid for two via my Visa card. There is still a problem. One of the many questions asked the name of the attendees. Not marked with an asterisk requiring the names be provided. I left it blank. No one’s business. Too much information as the saying goes.

My computer receipt does not list two tickets in my name. It did have two blank spaces labeled attendees. I have this uncomfortable feeling I may have paid but there will be no record of it.

Cold and rainy this morning. Typical January.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I aways fill in the names. Have you ever met my friends red123 and blue456?

    Seriously, computer security is a joke. While the industry has problems, the ordinary Users are disasters! I know many people who have the SAME password for everything. Argh!

    LASTPASS is a free website to manage passwords and allows you to generate random strings. So now my friends are inhiondricantunc and dsedenthergumpap!

    Don’t forget to use it for the “in case you forget your password” questions. In some cases, my mother’s maiden name is dsedenthergumpap and in others it’s inhiondricantunc.

    In all seriousness, get LIFELOCK and stop worrying. Your information is collected and hacked by all sorts of bad guys including the NSA. So why worry? Be happy!

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