I waited till after Trump’s address to the Nation this morning re the 2 massacre type shootings which occurred over the weekend before writing. His address obviously important.

Reminded me of Shakespeare’s full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. One problem however. In addition to “nothing,” there was no “sound and fury.” Merely the President reading a speech that said most of the right things. Things that never will be followed during Trump’s administration.

Some brief observations.

The speech was to include gun control and immigration reform. Stupid to join the 2 together. Separate issues to be dealt with separately. My recollection is “immigration” was mentioned only once. At the beginning of the address. Trump will never cease attempting by any means to build the wall that Mexico was going to pay for.

Trump denounced racism, hatred and white supremacists. His words hollow. We all know he is a racist and bigot. He hates so many people. White supremacists…..the first time he has spoken negatively of them in any fashion.

All 3 will be gone from his mind within a week. Typical of Trump, what he said today will no longer count tomorrow.

It warmed my heart to hear him say he had “directed” this and that to be done. Generally new things. Most if not all have disappeared already. The man speaks with forked tongue.

I considered most of what Trump said to be typical Trump bullshit. He says one thing and does another.

Dare I be accused of criticizing without recommending, my solution is simple. Many things must be done at one time. No nickel diming. Ban outright certain guns, certain types of ammunition, initiate background checks.

Trump was aware he was treading dangerous ground this morning. Would his words stand up to questioning? Trump and his staff must have thought not. No questions were taken from the press.

Skipping to the shootings themselves, both embodied unusual circumstances.

The Dayton shooting found the culprit Donald Betts shooting and killing his 22 year old sister Megan Betts.

El Paso found a mother protecting her 2 month old baby and the father/husband trying to protect both. The parents died. The 2 month old survived.

The mother Jordan Anchondo was carrying her 2 month old son. She dropped on him to protect him. Being shot and killed in the process. Her son suffered some bone fractures as a result.

The husband Andre Anchondo dropped on both to protect them. He was shot and killed.

Sunday Trump was quoted as having said, “Hate has no place in our country and we’re going to take care of it.” What a joke! The man is deep with hatred.

Now to some Key West happenings.

I have been making smoothies for lunch this past week. Bought a new blender. Generally throw in a 15 gram protein drink, banana, a berry and some other fruit. Makes a couple of glasses. Delicious and satisfying.

What becomes dirty must be washed. I was washing out the blender yesterday noon to make a new smoothie. Filled the blender about 1/3 with water. Tossed in a few drops of some liquid dish washing soap. Turned on the blender.

Disasterville! I forgot to put the top on. Sudsy dishwater all over Louis, the cupboard, floor, toaster, etc. A mess!

I would like to blame it on old age. Not so. Simply a stupid mistake.

The Chart Room first last night. The last time I was at the Chart Room was the same night I was last out. Monday.

John bartending. About a dozen people, including Mary. An hour later, Louis and Mary.

Mary and I went over to La Trattoria for dinner. Tiffany bartending.

The USS Billings was commissioned saturday in Key West. An honor. Second such commissioning. The last the USS Spruance in 2011.

More than 1,500 people attending. Among them the Mayor of Billings, Montana, after whom the ship is named. His speech great and humorous. The Billings Mayor pointed out that 2,637.6 miles separated Billings and Key West. Yet we are one.

The humidity continues to be heavy. Don’t see anyone running. Inhaling while merely walking an effort. And this is only the beginning of August. The worst month September is yet to come.

Key West summers remind me of Utica winters. Exactly opposite, however. Utica located in upstate New York. Cold! Zero, 10, 20 below not uncommon. Inhale and your lungs freeze!

As much as I don’t like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, his wife recently was responsible for a good deed done Key West. His wife is Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation.

It was announced this past week that the Key West International Airport would be receiving from the federal government $9.3 million. To be used to rehabilitate a taxiway and taxiway lighting.

Thank you Secretary Chao!

We close with one of Key West’s most famous houses of ill repute. Mom’s Tea House.

Mom was active as a Madam in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The Naval base large. Sailors her primary customers. She operated 3 whore houses, each at a different time. Two in Key West, 1 on Stock Island.

The Navy got her closed down all 3 times. The Navy was anti sexual diseases and considered prostitution not consistent with the laws of God.

Mom’s third and last place of work was her establishment on Stock Island. The government finally closed that one down in 1953.

Wylk’s Bar was located on Maloney. Behind and off to the side of the bar was Mom’s Tea House. A white painted conch cottage. A huge front porch. The ladies sat on the porch dressed appropriately to induce business. As Wylk’s customers left the bar, they saw the ladies and walked over to enjoy what they were offering.

Enjoy your day!



  1. If there were three ISIS inspired attacks killing 32 Americans and injuring 54 more, across 3 states within the continental USA in a single week, can you even imagine the policy options we would be discussing right now?

  2. deafening silence from that freak who’s been posting here the past few weeks trying to claim it is the democrats who are the violent ones.

    • But only one side is spewing racial and religious bigotry on a regular basis….specifically, the leader of that side. Time for a change of leadership.

  3. Was not long ago that Trump was in El Paso giving one of his Hitler style rallies, where he (falsely) claimed that El Paso was one of the highest crime cities in Texas due to illegal Mexican immigrants. Now he wants to distance himself from anything (connection) to do with this shooter guy who drove 10 hours (OK, OK, Patrick, just 9 hours and 37 minutes) to get to El Paso expressly to shoot Mexicans!

    • Your reply post makes no sense and is just a mean swipe at him. Very much a poor tit for tat, that really isn’t very helpful. Childish even.

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