America has become a shooting gallery. Citizens shooting citizens. Who would have believed 50 years ago it could happen.

I am motivated to write re the gun issue this morning because of the El Paso and Dayton shootings which occurred in the past 24 hours.

Why has the U.S. become a maniacal society when it comes to citizens killing each other? The reasons many. Cause and effect unending.

I share my thoughts.

  • Gun manufacturers.
  • The NRA.
  • The Republican Party. Elected and party officials having neither the desire nor guts to stand up to gun manufacturers and the NRA. They have been bought body and soul.
  • Lobbyists. Those hired by gun manufacturers and the NRA. Powerful. Loaded with money. Threaten Republican legislators easily with…..If you don’t cooperate/dance to our tune, you will be primaried in the next election.
  • A conservative Supreme Court for many years. Even worse in coming years. Two bad decisions. The right to bear arms and corporations having the right to give unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns.
  • An NRA that has bought “experts” to tell the American people that the gun problem is primarily caused by persons having mental difficulties. Repeated so much over the years that many believe the lie today.
  • The rise of nationalism.
  • A President who stands with those who want to bear arms in a manner and degree not before seen in any President.

All contributing to the carnage.

When a person plays with dynamite, such person should be careful. Could blow up in one’s face.

I refer now to the tariff wars being experienced. The brain child of Donald Trump. A game that could quickly end in a world war.

One of China’s largest companies is Huawei. Employs 320,000 people.

Huawei big in i-phones and electronic equipment world wide.

Huawei needs Android updates for its phones. Out of business without. One of the tariff war’s fallouts is that Google is prohibited by the U.S. from doing business with China.

Trump and China President Xi discussed the matter several months ago while negotiating the tariff situation as a whole. To evidence the cooperative spirit of the U.S., Trump granted a temporary ban on the no Google sales to Huawei. A reprieve. The reprieve expires later this month.

Could literally put Huawei out of business. At the very least hurt it dramatically, along with China’s economy.

I read this morning a comment by Trump to the effect he does not care.

What will China’s next step be? Could very well be the start of World War III.

Turn things around. Suppose China took steps to hurt Amazon big time. Place Amazon in a position where it might have to go out of business. Note that Amazon employs 556.000.

The U.S. could not, would not, stand for it. So it may be with China.

Time is of the essence. The end of the month is around the corner.

Going to be interesting how this works out, if it does.

Henry David Thoreau. His time at Walden Pond. Most Americans read Walden in high school or college.

It was on this day in 1854 that Thoreau published Walden.

The book was a recounting of Thoreau’s time at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. He lived there 2 years and 2 months. Simply. In a home 10′ x 15′ which he built himself. He grew his food in his garden.

The home was located on a 62 acre pond.

Thoreau’s closest neighbor was Ralph Waldo Emerson who lived one mile away.

Thoreau’s intent was to explore mentally his views on nature, politics and philosophy.

The book’s first publishing was 5,000 volumes. Sold only 300 the first year. Took 5 years to sell the whole 5,000.

Today continues as it has for many years as a best seller. One reason being it is required reading in many American class rooms today.

We all know the story of Custer and the Sioux Indians when Custer and his 200 plus men were wiped out by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse led Sioux. The time the Indians won. There was a time 3 years earlier when Custer defeated the Sioux, however. At a time when the Sioux were led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.

It was August 4, 1873. Custer and the 7th Army were protecting a railroad survey party. A relatively easy task. No one bothered anyone. Neither soldiers nor Indians.

Custer was taking an afternoon nap. Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse for whatever reason attacked Custer’s camp. Custer woke and mounted an effective defense. The skirmish was brief. The Indians withdrew. Only 1 soldier and 1 Indian killed.

Three years later, the Battle of Little Big Horn. Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse on one side. Custer on the other.

We have learned several variations as to why Custer lost the battle. The true one little known.

Custer’s greatest fear was the Indians would turn and run before he could attack and defeat them as had occurred 3 years earlier. Custer wanted a victory over the Indians. So he rushed into the battle without proper reconnaissance. One item knowing the size of the Indian force. Thousands.

Custer and his 200 plus men were annihilated.

Key West loves dogs! Seems like every other household has a pet dog. Dogs permitted everywhere in Key West. All bars and most restaurants. Even super markets and retail stores.

There is a national organization called Better Citizens for Pets. Made up of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Marc Pet Care.

Recently, Key West received the group’s “Small City” award. A $10,000 grant. The purpose of the grant “to keep furrys off the streets and out of shelters by offering pet wellness services for free or at a reduced cost for income-qualified pet owners.”

Key West dog owners be proud!

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. The story about Custer and the Indians, sounds a little like us in Iraq, doesn’t it, or is that like us in Afghanistan?

  2. The following is true.

    Politicians that block safe legislation because of NRA $$$ have blood on their hands

    Trump must share blame for these events, hate speech from the Oval is not acceptable and some of his followers are not smart enough to know he is playing them while pandering for votes. Trump has used Hitler like tactics to stoke fear and anger. Send him to the curb in 2021…America is FAR better than that.

  3. There is another option for the China problem. They could stop stealing our technology and offer fair price exchange.

    It doesn’t have to be war or nothing.

  4. Stealing our technology? How naive are you?

    IBM sold them their personal/home computer division in 2005 and most of the IBMers involved went with that deal, teaching Lenvco, ALL about its computer technology. IBM made a lot of money on that deal and happy were happy to unload a problematic part of their business. 2 years later we were complaining how they stold our computer technology. NO, they bought it !

    American industry was more than willing to accept Chinese money for their technology. Make it for us cheaper – but don’t take what we teach you how to do and then do that on your own? Who’s kidding who?

    • Asian countries have traditionally NOT had copyright or intellectual property right laws. It is NOT their culture. Everybody knows that, just ask Rolex. In Asia the culture is that if you can make a better cup of tea for a cheaper price, using the same ingredients, it is considered good. EVERYBODY knows that. Complaining that they might steal your technology and produce something cheaper is naive at best and immature at worst. American companies know this going in, complaining later is called politics.

    • It doesn’t offend at all so I will stay and help make the changes that need to be made. Just like the changes made to the 1st Amendment….and if you think that isn’t true, go into a crowded theatre and yell FIRE! and see what happens. NO right is absolute…

    • Your reply about leaving if we don’t like how the 2nd amendment is currently being interpreted and applied is arrogant, mean spirited and divisive. It is also immature and morally ignorant. The kind of thing one says when you don’t have the intelligence to understand an issue or willingness to find a solution. Especially given horrific circumstances. In this instance, given your ‘reply’ moniker, it sounds more like what a “Proud Boy Patriot” might say to a Jew after hearing what happened at Auschwitz. Shame on you, Putz!

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