Many topics this morning. Too many to organize. Therefore Morning Stew Time! You get ’em in the order they appear in my notes.

Two updated hurricane notices. Nothing of consequence to report re the Keys. With one admonition, however. Indications the same as they were in 1992. Merely a few storms. True. However one was Andrew. A category 5. Wiped out Homestead.

Never know!

Trump is going to El Paso wednesday. Dayton not determined yet. Many El Paso residents are advising the President should stay away. Especially Democrats.

Trump did not attend John McCain’s church service. He was not wanted. What will he do re El Paso? I feel he must show up. Even if they throw rotten tomatoes at him.

Ronald Reagan one of our great Presidents. A tough guy. He recognized he was President and exercised his decisions based on that.

It was 1981. Air controllers were federal employees. Thirteen thousand went on strike August 3. Negotiations had failed. The Air Controllers were not happy with the pay raise offer and the response to their request for shorter hours.

Seven thousand flights had to be cancelled. The nation and its airways were in chaos.

Reagan did not screw around. He immediately told the air controllers the strike was illegal, they had 48 hours to get back to work. If not, they would be fired with no opportunity to ever recover their jobs.

On August 5, Reagan carried out his threat. He began firing 11,359 air controllers.

Reagan’s action in firing that huge number was the beginning of the end for labor unions across the country. Everyone began standing up to them. Over the years, labor unions diminished in power and effect.

Reagan was responsible.

Trump and his Republican cohorts are laying the blame on horrific videos among other things re the 2 shootings this past weekend.

Such videos bear no responsibility. Trump and NRA bullshit. Research debunks the theory. One expert said, ” The data on bananas causing suicide is about as conclusive.”

Republicans refuse to give up on the propaganda supplied them by the NRA. Especially at the present time. U.S. Senators cow tow to the NRA. Afraid of the NRA’s power.

The Gun Violence Archive indicates there have been more mass shootings this year to date than any previous one. Mass shootings defined as at least 4 deaths, excluding the shooter.

Mitch McConnell continues his downward trend. He loses respect daily from all corners. Including some of his Republican supporters. He bears responsibility for El Paso and Dayton almost as much as Trump. He has refused to move any House passed bills reforming gun control to the Senate floor for a vote. His right as Majority Leader. Not correct as a human being.

“Moscow Mitch” McConnell pulled another beauty this past weekend.

A photo surfaced on social media. The photo appeared soon after the El Paso shootings. Actually, the same day.

The photo was of Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. The new young Democratic firebrand. The photo contained a large cut out of Ocasio-Cortez.

The Congresswoman was surrounded by a number of young men. They were wearing tee shirts labeled “Team Mitch Shirts.” The photo showed them choking her. It was also reported there were other photos showing them groping and kissing the cut out. The Congresswoman had criticized McConnell following the El Paso shooting for sitting on the gun reform bill for 5 months. It is suspected the photo was deliberately released because of that.

Neither McConnell nor any of his staff rejected or spoke against the photo.

The choking, etc. of the cut out was not enough. A further campaign item came out the same day. A tweet.

McConnell bears the nick name Grim Reaper also. A self imposed one. He is proud of it.

A Kentucky Catholic fundraising event the Fancy farm Picnic had a replica of a cemetery erected at the site of the fundraiser. A Tombstone like one.

The tombstones were labeled. One for Amy McGrath, his Democratic opponent in the 2020 Senatorial race. Another for Judge Merrick Garland, the Obama Supreme Court nominee who McConnell refused to submit for approval to a Senate Committee for more than a year.  Another was labeled Socialism, another Green New Deal.

Apparently McConnell enjoys running tombstone photos. Over 600 during his career. His favorite is of tombstones labeled Health Care, Campaign Finance Reform, Coal Miners, and Middle Class.

Disgusting! A U.S. Senator. He should be ashamed.

The Philippines are in the midst of a dengue epidemic. Dengue the Mosquito borne disease capable of causing death. In the first 6 months of this year, more than 146,000 new cases. A 98 percent increase from the same period last year. Six hundred twenty two have died.

Key West and the lower Florida Keys would be similarly afflicted each year were it not for the attention paid the problem. The lower Keys have an elected Mosquito Control Board. Helicopters, trucks, etc. Spray frequently. Examine the area around every home looking for pools of water that could breed mosquitoes.

One of the reasons for the increase in the Philippines has to do with the new dengue vaccination. Dengvaxis. Many parents opposed it. Feared their children would die. Their children not vaccinated. Many came down with dengue fever.

Statistics deny the vaccination problem. In 2016-17, 800,000 were vaccinated. Only 14 children died. No proof ever developed that the vaccination caused the 14 deaths.

The market dropped yesterday. Thank you, Donald Trump. Will rise a bit today. Yesterday dropped 767 points. The fall due to Trump’s announcement he was going to increase tariffs on China and China’s response. China’s response was to devalue the yuan. Such negates for China at the impact of the 25 percent tariff increase.

Never forget Trump’s words during the campaign: I like tariff wars!…..I understand tariff wars!…..I win tariff wars!

Trump has a ton of money already for the 2020 campaign. Big business is filling his coiffures.

Trump uses Facebook frequently to post ads. Since January, he has posted ads with the word “invasion” more than 2,000 times. Since March, the word “immigration” to the tune of $1.25 million.

Trump rarely knows what he is doing. He announced he is hitting Venezuela and its government officials with a full embargo.

A joke!

Trump must realize Russia and China are covering Vcnezuela’s ass.

Trump claims he has imposed the embargo to get Maduro out of office. For humanitarian reasons. The humanitarian reasons do not fly. Trump wants Venezuela’s oil, as do Russia and China. That is what it is all about!

It is not only U.S. cities that are having a public toilet problem. Homeless are defecating and urinating big time on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Now, London. The problem has become an international one. London has posted signs: “Welcome to London. Do not shit in the street.”

National Farmers Market Week is upon us. August 4-10.

Key West has a new Farmers Market at the Truman Waterfront. Every thursday 10-2.

A national celebration will be held this thursday at Key West’s new Farmers Market.

On this day in 1945, an American bomber dropped the first atomic bomb ever. On Hiroshima. It was 8:16 in the morning. Eighty thousand killed immediately or almost immediately. Thirty five thousand injured. Another 60,000 would be dead by the end of the year as a result of fall out.

The U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki 3 days later.

Many have criticized Truman for his decision. I do not. The 2 bombs dropped on Japan were evidence to the world that a bomb of such magnitude was now available and could wipe out cities and nations.

Even though many nations have nuclear capability today, they are reluctant to use such knowing that retaliation of the same sort would be swift. Destruction beyond even that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Neither side would win.

Electric lights or gas lights? That was the choice facing John Horr in 1892. Horr was the Collector of Customs at the new Custom House erected in Key West.

Horr opted for electric lights. He feared odors from the gas lights could cost loss of life.

An extensive Morning Stew today. Hope you found it informative.

Tonight my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. Lots of good stuff to talk about this week. Listen to me rant and rave.

Enjoy your day!




31 comments on “MORNING STEW #16

  1. You have to admit, Trump has Balls, either that or he is blind stupid.

    Not only did he (falsely) accuse El Paso of having the highest crime rate of anywhere in Texas, directly accusing illegal immigrants of causing that. Basically encouraging somebody to do something about that. He did that in El Paso at one of his rallies. An event for which he has not yet paid El Paso what he owes them for that rally. That’s over 500K he owes them that he has NOT paid. Now he’s going to go back there and expect to what, apologize for being a dick?

  2. Trump says he knows little about white supremacist groups. And so just what in the hell is he doing all day long?

    • Why would we need “people who know something about guns” to write any new gun laws? Seems to me that people are the problem, not the guns. the NRA and even our President say this is a mental health issue, so let’s get mental help experts to write any new laws.

  3. Reagan a great President?
    Bigot, anti-labor, pro-corp and wealthy, God invoking… there is a reason he is the patron saint of the GOP. Enough said.

    • I think there are several other well deserved but non flattering adjectives that could also be attached to Ronald Reagan. But he does remain the Right wing, wacko’s and others, absolutely best example of forced sainthood ever. It was with Ronald Reagan that Republican demagoguery became the norm and divisiveness became the political tool of choice.

      Hope you have your waders on! Sh*t’s gonna flow!

  4. I used to enjoy coming to this site until everything became political. I get it, you don’t like Trump, neither do I. If you spend a mere 20 minutes a day hating on Trump, in 8 years, the two terms he will get, you will have allowed him to live rent free in your head for over 40 days. You are getting up there, do you want to spend a significant percentage of your time left on this earth wringing your hands and allowing Donaldus Rex to live in your head rent free? Sad.

    • I’ve been coming to this site for Many many years and it has ALWAYS been political, at least to some extent. Now days much more, but then these are more desperate time, given the political crisis in this country.

      Saying nothing is what allowed the Holocaust in Germany, we just had 3 major domestic terrorists attacks in this country, two of which were political hate based. Doing NOTHING is what allows for this, Doing nothing will allow hate to fester and grow. Doing nothing is exactly what haters hope for, they’ll then win.

      If you don’t enjoy this site anymore, then why come here? Lou is right in voicing his opinions about what he clearly sees as a crisis. Feel free to sit quietly by while your government erodes to the point where you have no freedoms left. This has nothing to do about not liking Trump, this has everything to do with stopping what he is doing.

      • get some help patrick your obsession with personal delusions is getting out of control and you are probably only one temper tantrum from psychotic disorder trust me

    • Really (cough) Mr. Watson? I think you might feel a lot more uncomfortable if you got the news that your wife and children were shot at the local Wegmans by some freak who was just trying to kill a few immigrant Mexicans or some dirty Jews, but missed and got your family instead. Maybe then you’ll wish that someone would have done something about this growing problem, or at least spoken up, so that it wouldn’t have happened to YOU! Don’t think that could happen to you, think again, it’s happening all over the country now. If you don’t spend a mere 20 minutes a day working on this problem with Trump – you might not have any “rent free” (there’s that phrase again, Patrick, you, and only you, can’t seem to NOT use that can you?) space left in your head to worry about!

      • OMG, Patrick busted again. It was Patrick, who has been posting wacko right wing rants on Lou’s post since at least 2009, long before anyone, including Lou, was doing anything political, who now posts, under a different name, not his own about how he doesn’t like Lou’s blog because there’s too many political posts? Wow Patrick, that’s pretty cheeky, even for you!

      • I have known Patrick for many years. He has always been a bully and has always had problems with telling the truth. How he has been able to keep his day job is a mystery to all of us and if Lou was not the gentlemen he is and cared to comment, I am sure he would say that he has lost more readers over the years from Patrick’s comments than from any other reasons. Readers beware, Patrick will never stop posting his nonsense on Lou’s column, he’s one of those people too dumb to know he’s a fool.

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