Seventy seven minutes. The time spent by Trump yesterday being interviewed by the press.

A free wheeling interview.

Comments are many. I will limit mine to one: Overload. The President looked as if the job was getting to him. Tired. Slow. His responses not as they once were.

The specifics you can get from the media.

One thing concerns me at the moment. Those who supported Trump in the election still support him. After all that has been seen his first month in office.

I hope they will not complain if a catastrophe befalls us.

Lori for a haircut yesterday morning. I went to bed after doing the blog. Slept through my appointment. Lori took me later in the day.

Her new salon is filling out. Pics on the wall, plants on the floor.

Anna brought me home made pierogies. Always delicious!

My cooking of them has always left something to be desired. They stick to the pan, break up, etc. Anna told me how to do it.

Bring the water to a boil before placing the pierogies in. They will sink to the bottom. Stir constantly to prevent them from sticking to the pan. Stir until the pierogies float.

I stirred, they floated and none broke up.

Melted some butter. Poured it over the pierogies. Then a touch of salt and pepper. Voila! A gourmet treat!

The Chart Room last night. Chatted with David and John.

A young lady sitting to my right. I figured early 20s. Turned out to be 26. Thin. Lovely. Great skin.

A different generation. Tattoos. All over. A small diamond on her left cheek bone.

Her name Panda. Showed me her right hand. Starting with the thumb, PANDA spelled out. One letter to each appendage.

Her life not easy. She thinks she has her life finally in order. Attending college. A psychology major. Wants to help people who might be screwed up as she once was.

Lives in Fort Pierce. First time in Key West. Fun for a few days.

I wish her well.

A fellow whose name turned out to be Bill came over and asked if I was Key West Lou. He was excited. Did my heart good. He has been reading me for 10 years.

Bill is from Sarasota. His son is getting married this weekend in Key West. At the Hemingway House. Catered by La Trattoria. The reception a guaranteed winner.

Bill is a home builder. Unique. He builds homes in  the Caribbean. Starting price $12 million.

I hope we run into each other again before he leaves town. An interesting person. I would like to get to know him better. Time was limited last night. He had a slew of wedding guests with him.

Did you ever have a desire for a certain food? Of course. We all occasionally do. Mine for a couple of days was a big greasy cheeseburger.

I stopped at 5 Guys on the way home. Not greasy, but good!

I was home in bed before nine o’clock. Watched a 1932 Myrna Loy movie.

On this day in 1972, Dustin Hoffman and his family spent the weekend in Key West. At David Wolkowsky’s Pier House Motel. Today, the gigantic and elaborate Pier House Resort. Big trees from little acorns grow.

Syracuse/Georgia Tech sunday at 6:30. Syracuse needs to win. The NCAA tournament is slipping away. They are talking about Syracuse being one of the four bubble teams having to play their way in.

Russia has a spy ship 30 miles off the Connecticut coast. Opposite Groton, a submarine base.

Many getting excited. Don’t understand why. Russian ships have been in international waters off the U.S. for years. Once beyond the 12 mile limit, waters are international.

We do the same thing to them off their coast line.

No reason for excitement/concern.

Go Live with Key West Lou on Facebook doing well. In two weeks, the volume of viewers has increased 40 percent.

Take a look. See me. I talk about anything and everything several times a day. Short comments. One to five minutes.

I ask one favor. If you watch, press SHARE so all your followers will have the show made available to them. I am obviously trying to increase my viewer followers.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “TRUMP OVERLOAD

  1. “Comments are many. I will limit mine to one: Overload. The President looked as if the job was getting to him. Tired. Slow. His responses not as they once were.”

    Trump has only been in office a month, he has 47 more to go. Better pace himself.

  2. Thank you Lou. Panda here beautifully put I am glad I found your blog. I Have came to the conclusion I will probably stay in the keys. Don’t have much to go home to fy. Pierce to anymore this beautiful town has just brought me right in.

  3. Louis, you call it ‘overload’. I call it the best, most exciting, energetic presser that I have ever listed to. I want more just like this one. More, more. More of the great President Trump making our country great again after the past 8 years of….well, you know what it was. I’m so glad those 8 years are over and don’t want them ever to repeat.

    • Great again Diana? You mean more of the same of Republican corruption we have endured that past 75 odd years. He cannot even appear to deal logically with his buddy Putin’s “fishing boat” off the coast.

  4. 1. 5 Guys burgers are so damn good, you can almost feel your heartbeat slowing with every bite, all good things in moderation.

    2. I had high hopes that after the very disturbing presidential run-off we would have a leader who would settle into the business of running a nation. I can’t think of one person I’ve debated that did not feel enough is enough and welcomed the calm we though would follow.
    No chance of that, Trump is front and center every minute of every day with so much nonsensical and dangerous banter and little more.
    He should be charged with disturbing the peace and impeached on that alone.
    Thanks to him I hope the next President elected will be mute and have no fingers with which to tweet.

  5. If Mr Trump fails as a president then of course people will complain, as they should. But he needs to be given a chance.
    The last administration failed but many still think he was a good president, so there is now a precedent for a low bar.

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