Trump shamed himself yesterday. Though not for the first time. His mad man ranting and raving during the press conference with the President of Finland reflected a person who at this time is definitely incapable of leading.

I am pleased that the Democrats are finally performing in an efficient manner. The Mueller time was wasted time. A disappointment to us all.

The Republicans have yet to speak. Though their silence says much. Silence better than their previous comments in support of the President.

The next step is for the Republicans to step up and express themselves.

We are talking about saving the Constitution. More important than who is going to win the next election.

The Anglo-Irish statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke wrote in a letter to another statesman, “All evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

Let Democrats and Republicans work together at the proper time to eliminate Trump from the Presidency.

Bernie Sanders a good man. Whether you agree with his philosophy is immaterial. He has always been a fighter for good.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we have to pack it in. Age and/or illness the cause.

Sanders was rushed to the hospital yesterday. Required 2 stents. Fifty years ago, he would have been dead.

I am familiar with stents, though fortunate not to have required one yet. Many I know have. Some 2 or 3 times.

Stents a great modern discovery. Removes the blockage and prepares the body to return to work or the golf course in a few days.

I do not believe Sanders should return to the campaign. His age has caught up with him. Seventy eight. The campaign still has more than a year to go assuming he gets the nomination. The strain heavy. Another attack could kill him.

His place for the next few years should be as a Presidential adviser or Cabinet official. If he is even smarter, sitting on an island beach somewhere explaining to his wife the mistakes the next President will be making.

Whatever, I wish him well.

Key West orchids are among the most beautiful in the world. They grow anywhere and everywhere in the keys.

When I bought my first Key West home, I relandscaped the entire property. Many new palm trees. The landscaper implanted on the trunks orchids which continued to grow every year. Beauty in every direction.

This friday October 4 beginning at 6 pm, the annual Orchids in Paradise event will be held. At the lovely Curry Mansion. Orchids of exceptional beauty will be auctioned.

Nature’s beauty is everywhere. Not just in Key West.

It is Autumn up north. In my hometown Utica, in the Adirondack Mountains next door. The trees are changing color. It is anticipated this weekend will be the peak. The colors the most glorious.

It is interesting why and from where the colors come. I recall reading once it is because the leaves are dying. A seasonal thing.

Key West is not the only community with traffic problems. A worldwide problem.

New York has begun dealing with one of its traffic problems. The famous 14th Street. One of New York’s busiest east-west arteries.

Beginning today, 14th street is closed, with certain exceptions, to vehicular traffic. No cars. Only buses, trucks, and emergency vehicles. From 6 am to 10 pm.

Other cities have already successfully designated one way streets at certain times to ease a traffic problem. Toronto, Paris, and Barcelona.

Does the concept provide Key West with some relief?

It was announced monday that the U.S. is in a manufacturing slump. The worst in 10 years.

The cause obvious. Experts blame the U.S./China tariff war. Another thank you Donald scheme that failed. The trade war is causing a manufacturing recession not just in the U.S. It is global.

Manufacturing not the only area suffering.

The stock market has been down badly the past 2 days. Roughly 500 points each day. Car sales took a dive in September.

It was predicted yesterday small dairy farmers will be a thing of the past soon. Small dairy farmers like mom and pop stores. Small dairy herds. More than the tariff war however, the small dairy farms are being killed by the bigger corporate farms. The two cannot compete.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is a beauty. He wants to be President. Makes no bones about it. Sees himself running in 2024.

I doubt it. All I see him running for is the hills. He is a little Trump. His participation and lack of truth in the present Ukraine problem is doing him no good. He is a liar same as his boss.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Human civilization is well into a state of upheaval. Everybody knows the reasons why but nobody will do anything about it because of free will, stupidity and laziness.

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