Trump is beginning to make me sick. He talked of cleaning the swamp. He is the swamp. Dirty! Everyone he comes in contact with gets dirty.

The man has to go. Either by way of impeachment or defeat at the polls. Our country will not survive if he is reelected. We will have become the Trump’s United States.

The Biden attacks. First Ukraine. Now China. His attacks on Biden and son sickening. Revolting.

John 8:7 reads, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” Simply stated, do not criticize others when you personally are not perfect.

Then there is “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” Not Biblical in origin. A proverb.

Its meaning is that one should not criticize others, because everyone has faults of one kind or another.

The source of the proverb is multi-faceted. Historians give credit to Geoffrey Chaucer, George Herbert, an article in the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Benjamin Franklin.

Trump has embarked on a scorched earth approach. Leave none standing.

He calls Democrats “maniacs.” The pot calling the kettle black.

Joe Biden is a man of integrity. Slime has never attached to him. His life one of public service.

The proof of the pudding are his income tax returns. Biden is the poorest man in Congress. After so many years!

Check the financial records of his peers. They go into Congress poor and come out millionaires. Cannot be said of Biden.

It has constantly been reported Trump has had few if any personal friends over the years. Who would want to be friends with a person such as he?

The world of New York business and society have ignored Trump over the years. Fearful. Aware. They saw how he handled things. The Trump of today remains the Trump of yesterday. A leopard does not change his spots.

There is a saying which aptly fits the scenario: “He who goes to bed with a dog, wakes up with fleas.” A sound warning. Be cautious of those whose company you keep.

Biden has many friends. Trump has few to none.

Politics has become a sick profession. One of the reasons our candidates have checkered backgrounds is that people of character do not want to enter a public service that places them next to people like Trump.

An exception is Elizabeth Warren. Do not think I have made my choice. I still do not know who I support as the Democratic candidate. My early choice was Biden. Now I wonder if he is too old. My being 84 affects my judgment. I am not who I was.

Warren was accused of involvement in a sex scandal this past week. Claimed she was a cougar. An older woman who who used escort services to supply her with younger men.

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman held a press conference. With them was a a 25 year old former Marine who claimed he was one of her frequent escorts.

There was a sign at the press conference: Elizabeth Warren Cougar. Those running the press conference had announced beforehand, “The charges will shock the conscience of the nation.”

The sign was correct. Warren was a cougar. Still is. Forever will be. She attended Houston University. Houston’s pet mascot is a cougar.

Wohl was involved in a similar false accusation regarding Mueller. Towards the end of Mueller’s work, he was responsible for making false sex accusations regarding Mueller.

My yesterday pleasant. Ran some errands around noon. Napped a couple of hours in the afternoon.

The Chart Room around 6. Tammy bartending. A personality!

Business continues to be slow. There were 3 people in the Chart Room besides me. A woman from North Carolina and a couple from Saratoga, N.Y.

Chatted an hour and then left. Not really hungry. Too early to go home. Not drinking screws up my evenings.

I stopped at the VFW on the Boulevard. A year at least since I wa last there. I recalled the VFW’s grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious! I enjoyed another last night.

Chatted with the bartender. Got a bit of a beer education. Spent some time talking with 2 veterans seated near me.

On this day in 2002, the Coral Isle Bar on Stock Island closed. A dive. Remembered to this day because of a sign on the building: Free Beer Tomorrow!

The day never came.

I have been growing a beard. Fourth week. Moustache and chin have body. Hair on side of face taking a long time to grow out.

I am happy with it thus far. I hate shaving. A beard requires a trim once a week. A shave every day.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Many on the political right are suggesting that removing Trump by way of impeachment is not the right way to proceed, that it should be done by way of the people, in a free and fair election. However, the will of the people in the last election was NOT in favor of Trump, and he still got in (the presidency) anyhow. Those on the right suggesting we should do that again are being clever and disingenuous by trying to change the narrative to something they believe will favor them. Trump is likely to win any and every actual election that is not fair and honest and we can see that he is already in FULL cheating mode. It looks like he will cheat in the voting process again and in the impeachment process too. The only thing can do into not loose our resolve and to overwhelm him on all fronts. We must not give up, the future of our country depends on it.

    • America,the World is watching, our reputation is on thin ice and 2020 is – fix or sink. Make America Grown-up Again!

    • We have very little to go on when it comes to impeachment. The only one in modern times (Clinton) did not end well for the Republicans, who suffered a backlash from voters in the subsequent midterm elections. They had expected to gain 30 seats in the House. Instead, they lost 5 seats and their Speaker (Gingrich) was forced to resign. The Dems are treading on dangerous political ground here.

      • True THAT was, but I think this is completely different. The crime here is clear and obvious. The crime in the Clinton case was far less so and one that seemed manufactured.

        Besides, this congress MUST due diligence, we as a nation cannot look the other way in the face of blatant wrongdoing and misuse of power.

      • The Dems are treading on dangerous political ground here.

        Politics be damned, after all isn’t that what attracted so many to Trump.
        The HOUSE is doing the right thing – the job they are paid to do- frankly they shouldn’t have waited this long.

  2. Jacob Wohl

    Swindler, liar, securities cheat, con man apprentice. If that is the future of the GOP – it is as good as DOA

      • Yeah, “trumped up” smear actions. Perhaps there will be a sympathy backlash that trump supporters should be worried about?

      • Whistleblower 2 on the horizon? That will not be good for nay-sayers. Time to wake up America, Trump is a big zero for America- even without this post Mueller development.

  3. Wrong, Lou. For their last day of business, the Coral Isle bar changed that famous sign to read “Free Beer Today”.
    Inside they had coolers full of any kind of beer you could want, all for free. I was there, the place was packed. This gorgeous gal wrote her phone number on my tee shirt and I lost it.

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