Rats in the White House. Not what you expect. However, interesting.

There was an early morning press conference yesterday. The reporters were seated in the press room waiting.

Peter Alexander is known to most of us. An NBC and MSNBC reporter.

Suddenly a mouse fell onto Peter’s lap from the ceiling.

Panic ensued. Some running to get out of the room. Others trying to catch the mouse.

The mouse won. He found the door out. The last anyone saw of him he was running down a long hallway.

A rat/mouse expert I am not. Looked to see if a small mouse could possibly be a rat. Yes. Turns out there are several species of rat. One is small like a mouse.

Whatever, I give the White House a gold star for cleanliness and assume it was merely a mouse. A mouse who inadvertently found his way in and was now looking for a way out.

To those of you who tuned into my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night, as you found out there was no show. Irritated me!

There was a technical glitch at the studio’s end. When I tried to connect at 5 minutes to 9, things were not right. I was blocked.

Called Sloan. God’s gift to me. Within minutes, she had ascertained the problem. Ergo, I had a night off. Sorry. Not my fault however.

The reason for the irritation is that it takes about 4 hours for me to prepare for the one half hour show. If no show, the 4 hours are wasted. The material will be dated and of no value next week.

I became exercise conscious again yesterday. I am in and out of exercise. Mostly out.

It was lunch time. I was driving by the White Street Pier. Decided to stop and walk the Pier. The outside perimeter.

Took me 15 minutes. I walked slowly. It had been some time.

The water was moving. Tide high. At certain spots, it was coming over and onto the Pier. Pleasant to look at. Had to move my ass each time.

A slight bit of news. A Key West man was arrested for sending $87,000 to Nigeria. Part of a money laundering scheme.

No further details available this morning.

Key Westers are good people all! It is one month post Dorian hitting the Bahamas. A category 5. Did a number on Key West’s sister city Green Turtle Cay. Beside 4 days of hurricane wind, the Cay was deluged in a 20 foot surge.

Key Westers ae good and generous people.  Absolutely no question. I have seen them respond many times to someone else’s disaster.

Immediately following Dorian, a group of Key Westers formed a group to help. Called themselves Key West Cares.

Here is what Key West Cares has accomplished in one month. Fifty three thousand pounds of supplies shipped via charter cargo planes. Things like power generators, food, water, and clothing. The cost of the flights underwritten by Key West citizens and businesses.

The Star of the Sea Mission sent a shipment of food to the kitchen providing hot meals on Green Turtle Cay. The Conch Republic Navy has been collecting bicycles to be sent.

Kids on Big Pine (1st to 5th grade) raised more than $2,500 with 3 lemonade stand events. A group of local women founded heartpack.org. Purpose to send Bahamian children backpacks filled with educational materials, emergency supplies, and care kits with notes of love and support.

The City  of Key West sent 2 decommissioned fire trucks. A benefit at the Key West Theater raised $18,000. A Billy Currington concert $25,000.

Good people all!

How many recall drive-in theaters? A big deal back when.

It was announced on this day in 1952 that construction would soon begin on a drive-in theater which was to be located on Stock Island.

Drive-ins were part of our lives back when.

When courting, boys and girls would take Dad’s car and go to the drive-in to see a movie. Never saw much. The whole purpose was to have a place to park and neck.

Drive-ins continued to be an integral part of our lives as we got older. My wife and I would take the children, pillows and blankets and go to the drive-in. The kids were small. They slept on the back seat. Mom and Dad watched the movies. It was the only way we could get out.

Some businesses are naturals! Think of the Dairy Queen on United. It has been there for 68 years. On this day in 1951, the Key West Planning Board approved a zoning change for the Dairy Queen to be built on United.

The Dairy Queen continues to be one of the most popular places on the island.

There is a second whistleblower. Another whistleblower complaint. Claims “inappropriate” steps taken to influence an audit of Trump and Pence’s tax returns. Apparently the law requires a President’s tax returns to be audited.

The charge involves “inappropriate efforts to influence.”

Trump’s nature is reflected by his actions. A mean, heartless man. Has to do with the wall.

Trump has suggested to staff several ways of keeping the “aliens” out.

One was a water filled trench stocked with snakes or alligators. He was serious. Even had cost estimates worked out.

Another was the electrification of the wall. Burn ’em! The top of the wall to be lined with spikes that would pierce human flesh.

How about soldiers shooting any migrants who threw stones at border guards. Told no. Illegal.

His alternative, just shoot them in the legs. Still illegal.

Key West normal. We do not subject people to snakes, electrification or shootings.

Enjoy your day!

12 comments on “RATS IN THE WHITE HOUSE

  1. I’m afraid it’s a little late for that. He’s surrounded himself with others just like him. They’re everywhere now. They OWN the justice department, they OWN the courts and are a majority even at the supreme court. They OWN the US Senate.ICE has become totally rat infested,looks like the military might be too. K street is rat alley,so is Wall street.

    Don’t bother, you can’t vote us out, you can’t get rid of us!

  2. Are you saying that after two failed attempts at a run for the White House HRC is planning on third try. But first she has to squire up Libya and the bathroom servers and the trust fund and the “lost” e-mails.
    Just a though Joe.

    • Hey Sandy Feet, if that’s who you really are, why is it that when you really don’t have anything useful to say on a subject, but still want to show Lou just how much a friend and admirer of his you really are and the rest of his readers just how much of an intellectually bankrupt dick you really are, you troll his site with factual nonsense about Hillary Clinton that is of no relevance or interest to anyone but yourself. You may think you are being cute, but you really just end up looking like a total jerk. Something that seems increasingly common from those who disagree with anything useful on this blog.

    • Yes, I think she would.

      But then, that would not be smart. The right wing has tied themselves up into such knots over her, almost all of which is for crazy false reasons that she could never really govern. I for one would say (regrettably) it wouldn’t be best for this country. We are basically a nation of hate. Best we just put that aside and move on.

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