Americans know Abraham Lincoln. From school days, readings, movies, and other sources. Donald, you are no Abraham Lincoln. Far from him on the Presidential spectrum. Lincoln is considered the U.S.’s best President. History will rank Trump as the worst. Last on any listing of best Presidents.

The President is a demagogue. A fancy term for a rabble-rouser. A leader who gains popularity in a democracy by exploiting prejudice and ignorance to arouse the common people against elites, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.

Lincoln the opposite. Therein lies the reason why Trump should not have moved the annual Fourth of July celebration from Capital grounds to the Lincoln Memorial. He should not even be speaking. Few Presidents have. Most watch the event on television at the Presidential residence.

The Fourth of July event has traditionally been one for the people. Their celebration of America’s most important day. All attending equal and there to enjoy, not politicize.

Many articles this past week indicating the celebration should be as it was. Not as Trump has remade it. A few, very few, supporting his plan.

Opinion writer Greg Sargent wrote in this morning’s Washington Post a lengthy column titled: Trump’s Highlighting of the Fourth of July Just Got a Bit Uglier. His thoughts parallel mine. He portrays them better. Ergo, I set forth excerpts from his column.

Trump “hijacking the Fourth of July…..Trump’s Fourth of July tank dream is about personality, not patriotism…..Trump has transformed the celebration into a campaign event…..the event a takeover…..The naked audacity of usurpation…..whole story Trump told about American decline is false…..his lies about immigration is producing a horrific humanitarian catastrophe.”

There is “… doubt that Trump envisions this Fourth of July speech – delivered amid a show of military might – as a display of his own imagined role in restoring U.S. greatness. Trump “has in practice produced…..circuses bluster toward foreign elites and destructive trade wars with no end…..a genuine embrace of strongman authoritarian nationalism…..a real abandonment of the ideals of liberal democracy.”

Trump…..”absolved the Saudi royal family of any role in the dismembering of Jamal Khashoggi…..Trump does not know why he hates liberal democracy – only that he senses it is incompatible with the value he places on domination and hierarchy…..Trump has not given much thought to the Declaration of Independence.”

Some incidental observations re this day of national importance.

The Trump inspired Lincoln Memorial event will cost in the area of $100 million. Where will the money come from to pay for it? Trump already “borrowed” $2.5 million from the Park Service. The U.S. still owes the City of Washington D.C. $7 million for inauguration expenses.

Millions being spent to satisfy a Trump whim. It does not appear proper to spend all that money when…..a portion could be used to buy toothbrushes, blankets, diapers, etc. for the immigrant children caged on the border. If Trump can borrow or incur debt for his folly, then he should be able to act in a similar fashion to help the children.

The tanks in the parade have not been used in 60 years. Not since the end of World War II.

Not all the family will be at the event. Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr, and his girl friend, will be in the Hamptons partying.

Today is normally spent with family and friends, cook outs, parades, and parties. I am confident they will continue. The American people will enjoy the day and then at 9 this evening sit down to watch TV to see what Trump has arranged. For the American people or himself?

Enjoy your holiday!


  1. I keep hearing about the lack of toothbrushes for the children. Usually at the top of the list of things lacking.

    I can think of many things they may be in need of, but anyone who has raised a child, is aware of the fact that first-world kids in this country won’t brush their teeth unless forced. Many times, the kids just wet the brush if parents are not standing over them. These third-world kids (who have probably never seen a toothbrush) are not on the border crying about not having one.

    The media would serve a better purpose by talking about the other things they are lacking. It makes the crisis sound phony….are they also lacking minivans, car seats and ipads and See-N-Say toys?

    • What they need are more bridges, so they can cross over in safety and in large numbers. Get rid of the damn border.

      • Kind of a metaphor, don’t you think? It’s a basic need and something very simple and easy to have provided. I think the American people get this. They simply aren’t being cared for in a most basic way.

        You are either over thinking it or a wise a** trying to make an unnecessary point!

  2. Trump’s July 4th extravaganza in Washington D.C. is nothing more than a thinly veiled campaign rally on public property funded with taxpayer dollars. A stunt we the people cannot afford and shouldn’t be charged for, in the first place.

      • Tanks rolled for Bush 1 and Naval ships fired the big guns as they sailed past Clinton. Seemed appropriate as often as Clinton liked to fire his gun.

    • That’s a remarkably lame attempt to try and cover for our corrupt president Trump, when you realize that those numbers would have been different if not for about half of those who hated president Lincoln were traitors who had quit what was America and started a war against what was left of the country where Lincoln was president.

      • The same can be said for what is happening today. The southern democrats of the 19th century and the democrats of today. Maybe another civil war is at hand.

  3. Lou, do you think that the rainstorms in Washington DC during Trumps rally was God’s way of telling Trump he was wrong to do what he was doing?

    • No, just observing God’s vengeance in a similar way that many of the religious right leaders have in the past when something like this happens that THEY don’t like, yet ignore when it so obviously happens to someone they choose to protect. It’s an effort to illustrate the hypocrisy and absurdity of that religious leadership. Thanks for responding, without which I couldn’t have explained my comment in detail (not that it wasn’t obvious). Besides your response makes the whole issue seem even more hypocritical and foolish.

      • I see where twitter was awash with rain/god comments too. And some from some pretty prominent people. Comeuppance deserved if you ask me!

    • I would say YOU would be wrong. Why would it be OK for Falwell, Robertson and others to make similar remarks when it suits them and not for Mary to draw attention is the same way? You should probably keep your mouth shut and keep from looking like a jerk in the obvious face of total hypocrisy.

  4. Well yes, typical of what an awful lot of people are thinking, including Lou, apparently. You just can’t accept what goes around doth come around. Nor do you have ANY good sense of self awareness.

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