Trump’s Fourth of July is yesterday’s news. I have some observations/comments. However, there is an item more important to address first.

Sanctuary. The historical right of a person pursued by law to take refuge in a house of worship. Generally, at or near the altar.

The issue becomes important at the moment because of Trump’s announcement several days ago that he was sending ICE out to arrest immigrants illegally here. Those already determined to have gained access illegally, but failed to show up for deportation.

A bit of history.

Sanctuary goes back to Greek and Roman times. Temples and acres of land surrounding them were places of sanctuary. Then came Jesus and Christian Churches. Followed in modern times by synagogues. All offering a place of refuge and safety. A place sacred. Free from police intrusion.

The area within was that near the altar. Although not etched in stone. Certain churches recognize anywhere within the church building.

Yesterday, sanctuary was legally recognized. Today, not.

Which creates problems.

Envision police charging down the aisle of a church with guns drawn (all police types draw guns these days) to arrest an individual on God’s altar. The media and most religious institutions would be unending in their criticism. Not a popular way to do things.

Today, many illegal aliens are seeking the protection of the church. They believe sanctuary protects them. The churches believe it, also.

A church not the place for such a confrontation.  Police might be best served by stopping at the door to a church.

Trump may have created a scenario where such will not occur. Ice and other governmental officials will probably enter places of sanctuary and make arrests.

Recall Trump recently announcing that in a few days he was going to arrest “2 million.” Shortly the number was described as “millions.” Then “1 million.” Lastly, “2,000.”

They will be coming after the 2,000 soon. Church doors will be violated. Churches will be violated. Altars will be violated. The immigrant violated. Perhaps even the clergy protecting them.

Don’t say no. Not churches. If Trump can take children from their parents, place them in cages, deprive them of basic necessities, why not?

Sometimes the President’s head is up his ass. Illegals have no money. Yet he recently declared he would be imposing a law already on the books that illegals can be fined for avoiding deportation. High daily numbers. Some already owe in excess of $300,000 and $500,000. Demand letter have been sent.

Tell me where these people are going to get that kind of money. A stupid act to scare/to force the immigrants into leaving the U.S. “voluntarily.” People without money could care less. If they don’t have anything, fine them a million dollars. It makes no difference.

Eventually, the courts will be involved. I am not sure they can do anything since sanctuary is no longer recognized as legal. However there may be other grounds justifying those charged to remain in the U.S. to another day.

Time will tell.

Now for Trump’s Fourth of July.

A political move. A change in how we approach the Fourth. Good feeling was absent. Respect for the military was. Not necessarily what the Fourth is about, however.

My comments will be brief. Hitting a few spots. The media has already made everyone aware of how the event transpired.

Once again, Trump proved he was no student of history. He said the 1775 Continental Army “manned the air” and “took over the airports.”

There were no planes or airports till the early 1900’s. The Wright brothers did not invent the airplane till the very early 1900’s.

The other error concerned Fort McHenry. Trump said that the 1775 Continental Army, “under the rockets red glare” enjoyed victory. Fort McHenry and the wording involved occurred during the War of 1812 and not the Revolutionary War.

The trappings those of a political rally.

Trump and his event were periodically rained upon. A sign from above that he was not doing the right thing?

I got to the show late. Just as Trump was reviewing each branch of the military and announcing the limited planes flying over. Military might did not move me. I know we are strong. We all do. That which I saw left me empty.

Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have a dream speech” close to the spot from which Trump was talking. Yesterday, I wrote Trump insulted Lincoln by his use of the Memorial. Today, I join King’s memory with having been insulted.

I was impressed with the crowd. Thought there would be empty pockets. The crowd ran from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Memorial. The reflecting pool in the middle. No empty spots. A significant gathering.

I read this morning that Trump was concerned there would be empty seats. He had aides “scramble” to distribute tickets and mobilize people to attend. Those mobilized included military members, Republicans, campaign donors,and other significant bigwigs.

It worked! There were no empty seats.

I missed the usual music. The sons sung were patriotic. There are more however. Repeated each year. Moving. Absent this year.

An interesting piece of Key West history. One that suggests history does repeat itself.

On July 5, 1976, the United States was celebrating its bicentennial. Two hundred years a nation. Parades held throughout the U.S.

Key West had its parade. With admiration, Key west has a parade for everything. Wonderful!

The fire trucks were part of the Key West parade. As the parade was starting, a fire broke out at 11 Eaton street. The fire trucks had to pull out of the parade to do their duty.

The Centennial Celebration was 100 years earlier. On July 5, 1876. Fire trucks in the parade. A fire broke out and the fire trucks had to leave.

On this day in 1946, the bikini was first introduced to the public. An immediate hit. Two pieces. A bra top consisting of 2 inverted triangles of cloth connected by a string. The bottom scant without being revealing. Thirty inches of fabric.

Historically, the U.S. did not go to even a 2 piece bathing suit till world war II. A bra and panty. The panty portion sufficiently high so as to block a woman’s belly button.

The reason why suddenly a 2 piecer was that the U.S. was at war and material had to be conserved for the war effort.

Today, a woman’s bathing suit even less. A thong patch in front with a string hiding between butt cheeks. The top as little as possible. Just enough to cover the aureoles and nipples.

Again Virginia Slims correct. Women have come a long way!

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “SANCTUARY

  1. Traditional Sanctuary is just one problem. NPR today did a lengthy story on how ICE is using unsigned warrants during raids and other instances. These are apparently official documents not yet properly executed and signed by a Judge. According to the reporting this is widespread and not something just being done in one local area. The bad news is, most of the people effected are already deported and unable to contest any illegal seizure. We live in very scary times that government agencies would knowingly do such a thing.

  2. So, when asked how he could have screwed up so badly during his speech, Trump said: “the rain knocked out the Teleprompter, but I knew the speech very well, so I was able to do it without a Teleprompter.”

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