A few days ago it was reported that a migrant father and his 2 year old daughter drowned while trying to swim the Rio Grande to U.S. shores. A photo of the two dominated the news. The 2 year old girl with her little arm draped over her father’s shoulders especially heart wrenching.

America cried out! We must do something about it!

Yesterday, a migrant mother and 2 year old girl tried to swim the Rio Grande to U.S. shores. One died. The mother made it. The 2 year old did not. They are searching for her body.

How many more migrant children and adults have to die before the situation is remedied? The American people seem more incensed this week following Congressional persons who were admitted to certain detention camps and viewed the miscarriages occurring, and then reported the abuses.

The furor increased. To what good? We are at a point where something has to be done. Courts and complaining go so far and require time.

I do not know the solution. I do know no more 2 year olds should die while attempting to cross the Rio Grande.

Tomorrow, America’s birthday!

Locally, the fireworks always outstanding.

For many years, a good place to watch from was the Casa Marina Beach. A huge event. Hundreds of people. A family event. The grounds and beach packed.

Rotary has been the primary sponsor over the years. This year Rotary has opted for a different party.

One for the rich and affluent. Whereas in prior years, a small donation got you in, tomorrow $250 per person. VIP seating of course, buffet and free drinks.

I am anxious to see what the profit factor is.

Even if significantly more, not the way to do it. Fireworks on the Fourth belonged to the people of Key West. Rich or poor, it made no difference. Everyone was happy. Smiley faces abounded.

This year, gone.

Out of respect for the Rotary, the event is a fund raiser for some charitable good. I never the less maintain it should not have been changed to the $250 a plate/seat deal.

Placing it all in perspective, if Lisa, her husband, and Robert and Ally went, it would be a $1,000 evening. How many Key West families can afford that number?

There is a picture of the First National Bank Building located at the corner of Duval and Front Streets on page 2 of the Citizen. The photo taken on this day in 1897 when the building was completed.

A magnificent structure. Brick. No longer a bank. A series of small tenant stores.

In 1897, the cost to construct the building $14,380.35. Millions today.

Ivanka was at the G-20 in Japan with her father. She was treated as Trump’s daughter and given the recognition a diplomat of long standing would have received.

Ivanka  did not belong at the meeting, no matter what excuse is given. Donald insulted himself, his daughter and the U.S. by having her participate.

No other nation had a son or daughter representative.

Trump’s knowledge of history amazing!

I watched him on FOX News several times yesterday. The discussion concerned the homeless. Trump commented in effect how terrible. Then said the problem was only 2 years old and he was considering looking into it.

Only 2 years old? Where has he been the past 20 years? They sleep on the sidewalks and on benches in the Washington government district and streets of New York. Must be Donald never walks nor looks out of a limo window.

He does not know.

I don’t have to tell you Trump has scheduled Washington’s July Fourth concert and fireworks for the Lincoln Memorial. The steps from which he will give a speech. He has made sure the whole world knows.

The event has been planned under the direct supervision of Trump. All kinds of military equipment make up the parade. For what ever reason, Trump wants the world to be aware how strong we are.

Jeff Greenfield had an excellent article in this mornings POLITICO re Trump and the event. I share certain quotations from the article.

“Trump has less sense of any President as to what it is all about…..The President’s intrusion into Independence Day is a hijacking.” The “President has upended many of the traditions of the celebration.”

There will be “tanks on the streets of Washington…..his plan is robbing people the wrong way…..what Trump is doing is wreathing himself in the most potent symbols of American history  delivering a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial…..looking across at a landscape of monuments – without any appreciation for the history that made that whole landscape possible.”

“He sees himself without any connection to the American story, any link to presidents past, other than his manifest superiority to any of them.”

Great white sharks. A number spotted off the coast of Cape Cod.

Cape Cod a normal spot for them in the summer. They seek cooler waters. The Cape’s waters are cool/cold as I can attest. Another reason this year. The weather has driven an overabundance of seals to the area. Good shark eating.

Many are spotted off the shore of Chatham. I spent many years vacationing during the summer in Chatham. The Chatham Bar Inn. Any of you who have visited Chatham are aware of it.

I recall one summer when we spent more time out of the water than in. Sharks were prevalent. The swimming guards were constantly yelling or blowing their whistles warning people to get out of the water.

They would know when. Not from an actual shark sighting. Rather the tiny fish that swam in large schools near the top of the water. A favorite shark lunch. The tiny fish created a large ripple blanket.

Quote for the day. By Frances Rabelais: “Everything comes in time to those who can wait.”

How very true!

There were few goals I did achieved timely. I would say this will happen in 3 months or 2 years or whatever. Then work towards the goal. Most came. All late, however. In the final analysis it made no difference.

A great American died yesterday. Lee Iacocca. Age 94.

Iacocca was an automobile industry legend as well as an American legend. Two notables. He helped Ford create the Mustang. A wow car! We all had one. The other occurred when he was CEO of Chrysler. Chrysler in terrible shape in the 1980’s. Going down the tubes. Iococca saved Chrysler with a massive loan from the government which Chrysler paid back.

May he rest in peace.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou went well last night. I hit on everything. Sex, female Viagra, Ivanka the homeless, Pavarotti, and China’s new radar system which negates our relatively new stealth planes big time.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. When Hank the Deuce finally called Lee into his office to fire him, Lee asked why. Hank said,”because I just don’t like you.” Never complain, never explain.

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