A somewhat humorous podcast from the past. Involves Trump and how he enjoys his steak.



I enjoyed a Subway sandwich. Notice the past tense. One a week or every ten days. Stopped consuming them 3 years ago.

There was a national sale advertised on TV. Something like 2 for 1. I do not recall specifically what the deal was. Whatever, Subway Key West in the Sears Shopping Center refused to honor the deal. Even after I politely explained it to them.

Strange, I thought. I telephoned Subway national at several different numbers. Always a recorded voice at the other end. Left a detailed message of the problem each time. Not one call returned. The situation became a “cause” with me. I wrote several memos to the national. No response again.

Finally, gave up. If Subway did not care then I did not care doing business with them any further.

In August, Subway was sold. Turns out Subway’s “discounted deals” were not mandatory on franchises. Took 3 years for me to become aware.

The new owner has said he will “force” the franchises to sell “discounted sandwiches.”

Hooray for the good guys! I shall return to Subway as a customer when I see the new program being enforced.

Busy morning yesterday. An echo test at the hospital. Stopped on the way at Date & Thyme for my morning Monkey smoothie. A quickie since I was on the way to the hospital.

Met an interesting couple. The husband came over first and asked if I was Key West Lou. He introduced himself as Mike Webber from the UK. Then his charming wife, whose name I apologize for not being able to recall at the moment, came over with “I told you it was him.”

They have read the blog for years. 

I wanted to spend time with them. However, I was already close to being late for the echo test. Ergo had to make my apologies and run off.

The Webbers have visited Key West twice a year for years. Here till next wednesday. Would enjoy running into them again. They appear to be interesting people.

Philadelphia has a problem with what the City calls its annual huge Christmas tree. The City refuses to call it a Christmas tree. Refer to it as a “Holiday tree.”

Philadelphia’s elected Democrats are responsible. The City of Brotherly Love seems to be alone in the rebranding.

What Philadelphia continues doing is political correctness carried too far.

It was the Thai bar at 5 yesterday. Met with Steve, Cindy and Ellen. The ladies had spent the day on the boat and in the water.

A couple of drinks and food, together with excellent conversation, made for a good happy hour.

Tonight, The Grand at 4.

Syracuse plays Cornell at 8. I was going to watch the game at Jack Flats. However discovered this morning I may be able to get it free on Tubo. I’ll give it a shot from home.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, the Democrat political correctness is only going to get worse. There is a democrat run city that has told its city workers to avoid green and red colors around their work areas during the holidays so as to not trigger anyone. Lou, the solution is easy…Vote the correct way!!

    • Even if that was true, it sure beats banning books, access to health emergencies, or organized attempts at overthrowing just and fair elections. All republican actions in many cities across America.

      Yes, Vote the correct way!! and ignore ignorant and hateful TROLLS who are will do anything to keep YOU and YOUR vote from counting.

  2. Hey Lou, please name one book that has been banned in Florida. It is FAKE news to suggest books have been banned in Florida by Desantis There are books that have been deemed to be not age appropriate and have been removed from certain libraries. Many of these books can’t even be read from in public forums due to their near inappropriate content. Name one book the Florida Governor has banned from the state! Chester, I’m sure you will comment about, but will not mention a single banned book!

    • I named as many books as you did cities that you have said told its city workers to avoid green and red colors around their work areas during the holidays so as to not trigger anyone. Besides I never said anything specific about banning just in Florida. Although here is a list of roughly 300 books that were banned from school libraries in Florida, last year.

      https:// w w w.

      Apparently you don’t read and don’t really have ANY understanding of what you are talking about “In EYE”Oh, and to comply with your request “Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaption” by (Ari Folman)

  3. In EYW is not the brightest troll to ever post on Lou’s blog. Just a few days ago he posted a manipulative bit about hunters up north who had an incident free hunting season, while most American citizens were using unregulated guns to commit suicide. As if that should somehow justify our gun laws as they currently are?

    All the time forgetting that hunters everywhere are a highly regulated group (permits, bag limits, hunting seasons, territory limits, etc. etc.) and that they, as a group, are not particularly prone to commit suicide while hunting, awaiting to do that after they get home with illegal weapons.

    Clear and logical thinking thinking does not seem to be the tool blessed to right wing trolls!

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