The blind can see. Impossible. Inconceivable. Yet it is happening.

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FSU got screwed! Simply stated. No other way. FSU went 13-0 and won the ACC title. Instead of being ranked in the top 4 teams at season’s end undefeated, it was dropped to #5. Replaced by 2 teams who each had lost 1 game.

The snub an historic one. FSU the first undefeated Power Five Conference Champion to be left out of the playoff since 2014 when the present system was initiated. 

Texas and Alabama, each a one time looser, made the coveted Playoff Four instead.

Something stinks. The stench overwhelming. What has happened does not make sense. I fear money is influencing college football too much. Perhaps a step too far. The truth will out.

Syracuse’s bowl opponent has been announced. Syracuse will play South Florida in the Boca Raton Bowl December 21. Both teams 6-6.

Bowls for teams with 6 wins an example of money’s influence in the game. No college with 6 wins and 6 losses should enjoy a bowl invitation.

Grandson Robert published an article yesterday in Nole Gameday re the reaction of FSU fans and players to FSU’s first Conference Championship since 2014.

New House Speaker Johnson has what might be described as a tainted background which disqualifies him for the position. A position that places him second in line to Presidential succession.

He continues to believe the 2020 election was stolen. He was a key architect in the effort to steal the 2020 election. He supports banning abortion completely nationwide. After Roe v. Wade was struck down, he said his position was that all abortion providers should be sentenced to “hard labor.” He continues to be opposed to same sex marriage.

His “experience” for the Speaker position is his strength within the religious right.

His background prior to politics steeped in MAGA type activities. He worked 8 years as a senior attorney and national spokesperson for the Alliance Defending Freedom. The organization described by the New York Times as the “largest legal force of the religious right.”

He tends to “stretch” matters. He blames abortion for school shootings.  He blames mass shootings on the teaching of evolution. He blames Social Security and Medicare cuts on abortion.

Johnson not the man to hold the responsible position he holds.

Trump’s “lawsuit sickness” extends to another person who was close to him while President and continues to be close today. Stephen Miller has become a “lawsuit machine” unto himself.

Miller heads America First Legal. A right wing advocacy group. He has initiated a significant number of frivolous lawsuits that one legal expert called “fraudulent.” His claim further adds that Miller’s lawsuits’ primary purpose is to raise money from gullible conservatives.

When is the judicial system going to wise up and sanction people like Trump and Miller for bringing  numerous lawsuits with little or no merit?

The Key West New Years Eve Red Shoe Drop will continue. Sushi retired after 25 years. His successor has been identified. Christopher Peterson. He will drop in the Red Shoe at midnight at the Bourbon Street Pub. 

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2 comments on “THE BLIND CAN SEE

  1. Maybe FSU wasn’t snubbed (as you say) but rather punished. Punished for the political sins of it’s corrupt state politics that the national football leagues just don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with (re Disney problems).

  2. Hey Lou, the bowl committee got it right. I have paid for an FSU education and yes, I would have liked to see the Seminoles in the playoffs. The committees job is to put in the 4 best teams, not the 4 teams with the best records. Being realistic, FSU with its current QB would most likely be 14 point underdogs against Michigan.

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