Tuberville finally gave in! Nearly 10 months after blocking  a vote on 400 plus military promotions. Within hours, the Senate voted favorably on the 400 plus en blanc.

There was a deal. Apparently intended as a face saving one for Tuberville. The ban was lifted on all officers up to the 3-star level. The hold remains on those at the 4-star level. There are less than a dozen officers in that category.

Will the House vote favorably for the $64 billion Biden says Ukraine needs. Biden’s people are suggesting that any vote against supporting Ukraine is a vote supporting Putin.

Ketchup on steak. Shared with you yesterday a podcast indicating Trump uses ketchup on his steak. I received 3 calls yesterday from persons I know who advised they use ketchup on their steak. All affluent. Two women I have not seen since the 1980s and a gentleman friend I see frequently. I was surprised! Not one a Trump supporter. Merely enjoy ketchup on their steaks.

Today’s podcast goes back to the early COVID days in Trump’s Presidency.



Slavery was Constitutionally abolished this day in 1865.

A water tragedy which killed thousands on land. December 6, 1917 the explosive laden French cargo ship Mont Blanc collided with the Norwegian vessel Imo at the harbor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The bast which erupted devastated Halifax killing 2,000 people.

Steve and I did happy hour at The Grand yesterday. I enjoyed conch fritters. First time in years. Delicious!

Remember the Christmas Boat Parade is saturday evening. Begins at Schooner Wharf.

Make a reservation now to enjoy the event from a boat. More fun. Costs a few bucks. Well worth it, however. Generally good food, drink, music and company.

The fourth Republican Presidential debate is tonight. Down to 4 candidates. Only 2 I consider Presidential timber. Chris Christie and Nikki Haley.

Trump obviously still in the running. He has refused to debate. Smart move. He is well ahead. Why give anyone the opportunity to make mince meat out of him. However it is still a long time to nominations. Trump faces obstacles. The trials, a criminal conviction, what have you. 

Syracuse beat Cornell last night 81-70. Syracuse enjoyed a big second half in winning. Significant in Syracuse’s victory was the team made thirteen 3 pointers.

It’s Georgetown next for Syracuse. Saturday at 11:30 am. I will be watching from Jack Flats.

Tonight, Brady’s Irish Pub. Carola time and probably a good Italian meal.

Enjoy your day!

Addendum: Just returned from my morning Monkey smoothie fix at Date & Thyme. Cold outside! 70 degrees. Had to go back in for a sweatshirt. Checked weather report for today. A chilly Key West one. High 73, low 64. A cold night ahead!


    • I have said it before. Their special dishes are the best. Wednesday it is chicken parmesan. Friday, Polish pierogis. They were already sold out when I got there tonight. Settled for fish and chips. I intentionally refer to these two meals because I agree Brady’s does have great Italian and Polish dishes. Unusual!

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