Today it begins. Trump plans on spending the whole week selling his infrastructure plan to the American people.

Good luck! Typical Trump. Good for corporate America, bad for the American people.

Past Presidents for many years have avoided repairing and maintaining our highways and bridges. Trump says he is going to fix them. With few taxpayer dollars.

Trump is selling a $1 trillion overhaul. His plan is to make corporate America pay. Trump wants to sell American highways and bridges to corporate America. If he can’t sell, then lease long term. Like 30-50 years.

The corporations will do the needed work.

The system will improve roads and bridges. To the detriment of the American people.

Corporations are in business to make money. The plan is not a give away one.

Tolls will be charged. Even on roads not presently charging tolls. The tolls will increase periodically as the corporations desire to make more profit.

Blackstone is the corporation in line to benefit. Over $400 million contributed to Trump PACs in the last election. Blackstone has been getting ready for almost a year to do the job.

I have spent considerable time in recent years in northern Italy. Italy has a program similar to the one Trump will be trying to sell. The Italian highways and bridges are in perfect shape. Through out  Italy.

The Italian people are unhappy. Tolls charged everywhere. Even on roads never charged before. The tolls constantly increasing.

My Italian friends all look for back narrow roads to drive in order to escape the tolls. The back roads do not provide for a healthy drive. Narrow. Like 1 1/2 lanes.

It is chicken time while driving on one. Two cars approach each other. Each waits for the other to pull off the road onto the shoulder in order to pass. A last second thing. Heart in your throat time.

The Garden of Eden was a Hemingway novel not published during his lifetime. It was discovered after his death. Then published. Hemingway spent 15 years off and on writing the book.

The theme of the novel is threefold. The exploration of male and female relationships, evidences an interest in androgynous characters, and the reversal of gender roles.

For many years, the roof of the Bull and Whistle on Duval has had a clothing optional rooftop bar. Its name Garden of Eden. Its reputation hot. In my reality, not so. In my many years in Key West, I have only been on the roof top a half dozen times. The only nudity was the bar maids breasts. A disappointment. The lack of nudity, not the bar maid’s breasts.

I have always wondered if the roof top Garden of Eden is named after Hemingway’s novel. Sex played a significant part in the book. Sex is intimated at the roof top bar.

If so, Hemingway would be disappointed in the rooftop’s misnomer.

The bocce season is over. Playoffs were this weekend. I did not attend. Don’s Place did not make the playoffs. First time in years.

In 1927, what is described as the New Overseas Highway between Key West and Big Pine was opened to traffic. This date to be exact.

A 30 minute drive today. Wonder what it was then?

Today a sad one in American history. Robert Kennedy was assassinated this date in 1968. He had just won the California primary for President. He was leaving the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angles at the time of the shooting.

The year was a tempestuous time in American history. The anti-
Vietnam War movement was peaking. Martin Luther King had been assassinated. Johnson announced he would not run for a second full term. The country was in general unrest. Riots everywhere.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Perhaps Trump will take his cue from Johnson and say to the American people, “I shall not seek and I shall not accept the nomination of my party as your President.”

    Ummmm… we can only hope. Or perhaps he should follow Nixon’s example of 8 Aug ’74.

    Yes… hope does spring eternal.

  2. Louis… I want your permission to use your comments about Trumps plan for the roads in a post on my site and maybe on facebook. I am asking because I don’t want to simply link to your blog (although I will certainly credit you and provide the link) because I want to comment along with you.

    Email me to let me know.


  3. It is getting to the point that just watching Trump BS America is nauseating. I don’t how Trump and his minions do not tear a rotator cuff patting each other on the back for absolutely NOTHING! A massive group of yes men, racists, opportunists and worse.
    Handing America to the corporations on a silver platter is what he knows how to do, that and embarrass the hell out of the USA with every crude tweet. If he isn’t ramping up the privatization of prisons, air traffic control, etc. he is weaving the corporatists into the fabric of this nation. Congratulations again America, with substandard Trump you dropped the ball and it is game over!

  4. I gotta agree, selling off our assets because the Crookgress can’t do the job they are elected to do such as fix our roads with our taxes is stupid. Perhaps if we did not cut taxes again to give more money to the .001% the tax funds we need for infrastructure will be there.

    The irony is the Republicans all cry about not spending on things like Medicaid or disability (help regular people) and then promote spending things to give their patrons the rich a massive tax cut all while saying there is not enough money for infrastructure. BS! Why should we masses keep subsidizing the mega-yachts and Hampton’s mansions anymore?

    We have a major toll road in our part of the DC area. People hate it with a passion as it is VERY expensive and basically the state then gave-up on their job to have other “public” roads. The tolls keep going up as they have a monopoly and the local politicians are Republicans. Trust me, you do NOT want a toll road. I’d start looking for the back roads and dirt roads now.

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