Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

I spent most of yesterday preparing for the show. Topics include Pope Francis continuing to upset the Vatican old guard, the President of France saying no to the new trade pact over GMOs, a return to Chernobyl 28 years later, the U.S. dropping birth rate since 2007, Wall Street trying to put taxpayers on the hook for bad derivative trades, China buying up Detroit properties, and more.

The show tonight at 9 my time. Please join me. I guarantee you will enjoy the comments, even though you may not agree with some.

I was up early yesterday morning. Visited Dr. Lefferts to get my latest blood test results. She noted a possible kidney problem on the last one. The new test showed the kidney to be normal. Fortunately. At my age, I am always concerned.

I have to vent. Price of prescription drugs again. I had to pick up a 30 day supply of the blood thinner prescribed for me. $121. And I have one of the best AARP supplemental drug programs!

There is no generic. The blood thinner came out in 2009.

It is the donut again. You who are over 65 will especially understand. I have been in the donut since June. I telephoned the insurance company last month. They said I could get out of the donut if I paid $4,000 odd dollars.

The drug companies and insurance companies continue to rip us off. Neither Obamacare nor anything else helps. The drug companies have continued to receive basically a free ride under Obama.

The weather up north has started going bad again. A northeaster coming in. Wind and snow. Whenever it is cold up north, we feel it in Key West. The high today maybe 70. Tonight, 59. Cold! Comparable weather the next two days.

My diet is working. Seven weeks in two days. Nineteen pounds. I am proud of myself!

The diet is my own. I may publish a book when I have concluded. The Key West Diet.

Mark Howell is a Key West author of note. He has an interesting article on Tennessee Williams in this morning’s KONK Life E-News Blast.

One of the special things about living in Key West is the people who lived and worked here. Especially, authors. Tennessee Williams’ home of 40 years is on Duncan street. Friends now own it. They restored the house. It is magnificent in a quiet sort of way. Lisa lives 1 1/2 blocks down the street. Every time I drive past the house, I get a thrill. The same for when I drive past Hemingway’s home on Whitehead.

The women of Saudi Arabia may be able to vote for the first time next year. They started complaining big time in 2011. Even drove cars in defiance of the regime as part of the protest. The King gave in re the vote. They still are not allowed to drive cars however.

The vote is more than symbolic than anything else. They can only vote in local elections for local officials.

Most of the religious hierarchy are opposed to the vote. King Abdullah could have given them the right in 2012. However, he opted to grab a few more years to placate those against his decision. I would not be surprised if next year comes and for some reason the right to vote is delayed again.

I close today’s thoughts with Vera Schiff. Vera is in her 80s. Originally from Pennsylvania, she has lived in Key West as a snow bird forever. She is sweet and top shelf. Throws a great party. She is known as the Auntie Mame of Key West. She also contributes quietly and unselfishly to a multitude of charities.

It was announced this week that Vera is going to receive the Unsung Hero Award. A Key West big deal! She is much deserving.

Enjoy your day!


  1. >The drug companies and insurance companies continue to rip us off.

    You’re pointing at the wrong villain. It’s the Gooferment that allows Crony Capitalists to be protected from a true free market. AND, its FDA has several negative effects: (1) it raises the cost of getting a drug “approved”; (2) it adds decades to getting a drug to market; (3) it regularly denies approvals because it’s politically safer; and (4) it ignores that there are natural remedies and lifestyle changes that are more effective than drugs — but no one makes a profit on those.

    >Neither Obamacare nor anything else helps.

    Obamacare was written by the insurance companies. You expect that to change anything?

    Medicare was camel’s nose of getting the Gooferment into healthcare.

    And, it’s been more and more intrusive ever since.

    We need Separation of Medicine and State!

    >The drug companies have continued to receive basically a free ride under Obama.

    Not just a free ride. They’ve actually INCREASED their political influence to Society’s detriment.

  2. Healthcare, its access and costs including access to prescription drugs has gone up. It had too, its obama and his care for control over the American public. This was known by anyone willing to read long before the vote.

    • Truly “free” markets in America are long gone. Everything from oil and energy to health care and technology is now controlled by a few oligarchies (corporate or otherwise) who buy power in Congress and peddle misinformation via the media to fool the masses.

      I just read we are even selling-out some Arizona public land to Rio Tinto mining, a foreign-owned corporation, so they can get at some copper to export out of the USA. That land belonged to the US taxpayer but the royalties are based on 100 year old law the bought Congress won’t update. Now we even export our own minerals most likely to China, all in the name of greed.

      We are idiots. And we keep voting the idiots into office year in and out.

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