It rained! Did it rain yesterday! Five inches of rain. Winds 45 mph.

After a manicure with Tammy, I decided to drive over to Don’s Place. Many of Don’s customers work in outdoor trades. It would be a no work day for them. They would be at Don’s. I sensed a fun afternoon ahead.

It was not to be. It was pouring. Don’s parking lot and every parking space for two blocks around were full. No way was I going to walk in the deluge coming down. I went home.

I stayed home the rest of the day and evening.

The rain was continuing and I knew the streets would be flooded. Some badly. I have an innate fear that someday my Volkswagen is going to float away on one of the flooded streets.

Key West has a relatively new storm sewer system. It gets rid of the flooded street water faster after the storm stops. During the storm however, it cannot handle the rain. It has to do with the fact that Key West is at sea level or just above.

I was correct about the street flooding. This morning’s Key West Citizen has pictures of it.

Alcohol and Key West. Key West is part of Monroe County. Monroe County extends the length of the Keys. The Citizen reported this morning a study done by the University of Washington. The study examined Florida’s 67 counties to determine which county had the highest level of local resident drinking. Note, local resident drinking. Monroe County won out. Or, perhaps lost.

The result does not surprise me. Down here it is the social thing to do.

George Washington was sworn in President this day in 1789. The first President of the new country. Technically speaking, he was not.

The thirteen colonies operated as the United States following the Revolution. The colonies were formally joined together in 1781 with the adoption of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles governed our country for eight years until the Constitution was adopted.

Under the Articles, the head of the government was the President. Formally known as the President of the United States in Congress Assembled. Congress elected the President at that time. Washington was the first President under the Constitution as we know it.

John Hanson of Maryland was the first President under the Articles. There were six more after him.

Copies of Letters by Washington show Washington referring to Hanson as President.

My KONK Life column Chimpanzees Are People Too was published this morning on my Key West Lou Facebook site. It is linked from KONK Life and available for reading.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. John Hanson of Maryland was the first President under the Articles. There were six more after him.
    end quote

    Actually 7 more, total of 8

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