Tom Brady has changed his mind. Took him 42 days to do it. He announced he is coming back from retirement and will play for the Buccaneers this season.

I respect the man. He has over succeeded. He is proud of his abilities as he should be. However, I think he may be pushing things too far.

Brady is 43. An age long after most professional football players have retired. He appears to be in good health. Has a lovely family. He should enjoy them and not the game he may already have played too long.

He may play one game too much and end up with a life threatening injury.

One thing that can be said for Putin is that he is consistent. One example is his respect for life. The lives of others.

He truly is one of the Four Men of the Apocalypse: Death.

Putin has already bombed 31 hospitals and health facilities. The media over the weekend reported he bombs apartment buildings for no other reason than to kill people.

Both having one purpose: To bomb opponents into submission.

In due course, he will get his.

“Bonehead Island” is a newspaper editorial page cartoon. The cartoon over the weekend was a contorted face of Florida Governor DeSantis.

It can be said with all accuracy that DeSAntis bans everything. The cartoon suggests his next step in the banning scenario will be: “I plan to ban any gay person!”

Not funny. Look at his track record. He would do such a thing and consider it proper.

There is an ancient saying that has come down through the ages…..Let the dead lie.

Ireland’s Catholic nuns have for centuries provided homes for unwed pregnant ladies. A large number of homes. Referred to as “Irish mother and baby homes.”

An official investigation was conducted into the long time rumor that many of the babies following delivery were killed. The investigation report was published in 2021. It revealed more than 9,000 babies had been killed and were buried on the grounds of the numerous religious run Irish mother and baby home grounds.

A prosecutor is looking into the situation. The prosecutor has asked the court for permission to allow exhumation of one of the sites where it has been determined the remains of 796 babies are buried. The site is St. Mary’s Home.

The prosecutor asks permission for the remains to be exhumed, DNA identification processes completed, following which the bodies would be reburied.

The whole thing bothers me. Let the dead lie. The babies have been violated enough. There is something sickening about the process sought. Those responsible will receive appropriate punishment when their time comes to be judged by the Almighty.

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  1. Anyone who is interested in the Church run homes for pregnant mothers, should find and watch the movie “Philomena.” It is a gut wrenching movie about the Magdalene Laundries and forced adoptions, you will NEVER forget.

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