It happens. Unfrequently. An unexpected occurrence. Twice yesterday. Both in sports.

Professional golf and college basketball.

One of the outstanding golf events is The Players. Considered equal to a major.

A sport disaster yesterday.

The tournament being played at Sawgrass in Florida. The course professionally difficult to begin with. Yesterday, the worst.

The weather got involved. Heavy rains followed by wind gusts up to 40 mph. Not golf weather!

The tournament began thursday and was to end today Sunday. Twenty seven players are yet to begin their second round. It is hoped the tournament will end tomorrow night.

May not.

Big name players shot exceptionally poorly. The wind was master. Bruce Koepka did not break 80. Jordan Spieth shot 79. Xander Schauffele 78. Only 2 golfers shot well. Both shot 69s. Bubba Watson and Justin Thomas.

You don’t win tournaments with the high numbers. You might not even make the cut.

The 17th hole is an island. I cannot recall the number of balls that went in. The hole is something like a 135 yards. The first several golfers to hit on 17 watched their balls go swimming.

The wind will be less today. Gusts expected at 30 mph. Only 10 less than yesterday.

First prize is $3.4 million. No one even has a suspicion at this point who may win.

It is expected to be cold today at Sawgrass. Not surprising. At the moment, 61 degrees in Key West. Though a high of 74 expected.

Immortal Duke evidencing it bleeds like other teams.

Last week, Duke lost to North Carolina. Totally unexpected. Yesterday, Duke lost to Virginia Tech in the ACC tournament final. Totally unexpected, also.

What will the Big Tournament hold for the always exceptional Duke team?

A list appears on the internet today setting forth each state’s average gas price per gallon. Florida is $4.38.

Shocking! I expected more. Makes Key West’s average cost of $4.45 appear reasonable. The gluttonous oil companies have yet to weigh in.

Russia is relentless. Pushing the Ukraine unreasonably. If Russia’s tactics continue, it will force NATO into the battle. Mark my words.

In recent days, a base near the Polish border and a cancer hospital have been bombed or otherwise attacked. The base attack resulted in 35 dead and 134 injured.

Two and one half million refugees have fled the Ukraine.

Zelensky calls the attacks “a war of annihilation.”

Zelensky claims thousands of Russian prisoners of war have been captured.

Russia is bombing humanitarian vehicles traveling on the most recently agreed humanitaria routes. Needed goods destroyed, many persons killed. Putin always comes up with a reason to breach a humanitarian corridor.

Deutsche Bank said it was “working down” operations in the Ukraine.

The UN Disarmament Chief says there is no evidence of biological weapons in the Ukraine.

Water, food and electric power no longer available in certain Ukrainian communities.

Putin’s $700 million yacht 459 feet long sits in dry dock at an Italian seacoast town.

Twins Lenny and Moishe were born prematurely in the Ukraine. Americans. The parents American. The twins therefore Americans. The twins were moved in a rescue mission last week from Mariupol to Poland.

It is impossible to report the number of dead in the Ukraine because the bombing does not let up. Bodies are being buried in huge mass graves.

All this in a very few days!

Most Arabs are barbarians. Most definitely those of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis yesterday executed 81 persons in what has been described as the largest execution ever recorded. The government referred to those killed as “animals.”

The method of execution was not reported. Normally by beheading.

How can we enjoy this Sunday after all this bad news?













  1. Guess we should all be happy d’Trump is not still in power, otherwise we’d now be involved in Ukraine fighting FOR Russia, with General Flynn and his brother in charge, Manafort calling the shots and Cheney coming out of retirement insisting we had to do this because Ukraine has biological WMDs. And oh yeah, Secretary of State Rudy in some hotel in Minsk banging a local girl who told him she thought he was cute.

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