March 15 is the Ides of March. Most famous as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BCE.

The Roman Senate turned on him. The plan was for the Senators to surround and knife him.

One of the Senators was Marcus Brutus.  Much younger than Caesar. Caesar had taken Brutus under his wing and guided him over the years. Brutus’ success was attributable to Caesar.

Brutus would never be expected to participate in the killing of Caesar. However, he did.

He was one of those plunging his knife into Caesar. Caesar saw Brutus as his dagger struck. He looked Brutus in the eye and asked, “Et tu, Brute?”

The question has survived the ages.

Tom Brady’s “unretirement” not as certain as it appeared a few days ago. Something strange going on. Brady is vacillating. Now there are questions as to whether he is returning to be traded to another team.

The sports world is anxious to know what is going on.

The bird flu epidemic is getting worse. Expanding throughout the U.S.

Wisconsin an example. Two and a half million egg laying chickens are being culled.

The Citizens’ Voice has come up with another right on observation: “If it is OK to control what is said in the classroom, why can’t we control what is said on T-shirts? The vulgar, disgusting words that are flaunted in our shops are truly embarrassing.”

Sicko Donald Trump spoke at a rally saturday night in Florence, South Carolina. He told his audience to be prepared to “lay down their very lives to defend the U.S. against the Critical Race Theory.”

Some recent Ukraine/Russia observations.

Disease is around the corner in the Ukraine. Especially in the larger cities where Putin has undertaken to shell apartment buildings and homes. Cities are literally being destroyed.

At the same time water and bathroom facilities are becoming increasingly non existent.

The rat population will rapidly increase. Cats are few, if any. A bubonic plague of sorts could be in the making.

The Russian young adults in the larger cities such as Moscow have been enjoying an excellent lifestyle. What happens when the sanctions begin to hit big time?

Cell phones won’t work. Electric power will be limited or gone completely. The night life enjoyed gone. They may not be able to work and receive pay checks.

I suspect the young adults will get out of control. They never supported the war.

Demonstrations will rapidly grow. Recall what they recently have been where they lost nothing yet. They were merely protesting a war with which they disagreed.

Confrontations with police and the military will occur.

What is Putin gong to do? Ship them all off to Siberia? Incarcerate a whole generation of Russian young?

A revolt perhaps?

The war itself interesting as to who is winning and where. The Ukrainian military is controlling ground fighting. The Russians air power.

The Ukraine will control everything once they get MIGS.

This morning’s headlines in many world newspapers are to the effect: Russia Invades Ukraine.

What? The Ukraine has already been invaded. Three weeks ago.

What the headline intends is to reflect the bombing and missile shelling of the larger cities with high rise apartment buildings and homes being destroyed. Putin placed special emphasis on dwellings the past few days so the people themselves would suffer.

His aerial attacks have resulted in a large number of deaths in a very short time. Mariupol suffered 2,500 deaths in the last 48 hours.

Those left alive do not have a roof over their heads, no electricity, no water, and no heat.

Putin should suffer similarly.

The morale of the Russian troops is getting worse. Poor training, insufficient food and water, etc. Don’t be surprised if they soon began surrendering in large numbers.

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One comment on “ET TU, BRUTE?

  1. “If it is OK to control what is said in the clazzroom, why can’t we control what is said on T-shirts?

    True, but it’s not about that – Republicans have ALWAYS been against education. It is because educated voters are NOT in their best interests. It is not about vulgar language, all’s you need to know about that is to listen to the language Trump uses at his rallys, where he is cheered for it! It is about controlling schools and what is being taught there.

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